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  1. i'll take pleasure in seeing you FAIRLY stamped oot o Europe
  2. Too much of it going on, it has now become an accepted part of the game, to quote that champion of cheats Andy Walker, your only asking the question of the referee, time it was stamped out
  3. Was hoping Killie would get the Euro spot today until I saw that cheating diving scumbag conning the idiot Collum into a penalty, hate cheats, now I wish you pitch disintegration, Clarke departing and relegation
  4. Interesting to see what the bookies odds would be on a home penalty when we visit Divers Inc. on 13th Dec, possibly 2 pens if Thomson or Collum
  5. Sidesplitter of the week is Ronnie Delia and "Broony" moaning about a Utd player going down easily, followed by serial dive cheat Stokes saying he should be censured for his carry on Do they actually watch the antics of guys like John Guidetti ? or is it only us ' Non sellick folk ' that see the real picture. Try thinking of the injustices
  6. According to the radio, Thistle and Saints were unlucky and it was you mob who were the strugglers
  7. Hello people , Sleeperman joins the throng

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