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  1. Ferguson is a class act and is still learning the game . I think he suffered a wee bit this year with all the chopping and changing in midfeild
  2. Is the other player from broxburn been announced yet
  3. More pressure on the committee to get there thinking caps on to raise money for the manager
  4. What players have not signed on for nxt season cant be many alot of them signed a few months back
  5. Morgan is very good player and very pleased he has agreed to sign on
  6. Not the way to win it but well done to the manager coaches players and committee for there hard work ~ Now the hard work starts for the committee to get there thinking caps on and think of ways to get funds in
  7. Big Dave is doing a q and a on red tv tonight e mail the question in and see what response you get
  8. Heard a few done walking away today long before the full time some supporters you lot
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