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  1. What’s taking so long, blatant punch [emoji38]
  2. I’m struggling to give a shit, we lost the main one and the team has gone to great lengths to f**k up what should and could have been a great season. Reasonably safe barring another arse collapse all that’s left is a mild chance at winning the top 6 cup, meh...
  3. This team is jokes [emoji23]
  4. Rearrange the game on a real pitch, just make livi the home team
  5. How’s he managed to hit that post [emoji23]
  6. Why is firminho putting the ball out there FFS
  7. Chelsea and Man Utd are at the same level as Sheffield United FFS [emoji38]
  8. Because an unfit, uninterested mulumbu would still have more creativity than our entire team put together
  9. I’m not saying its perfect but that’s the defence I’ve seen for VAR. I only think VAR should be used to eradicate cheating and (the literal definition of clear and obvious) errors such as ones which only require one viewing to see it was wrong or just bin it altogether
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