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  1. Quite incredible interview from bellerin, talk about deluded
  2. Cracking header, why are they checking VAR [emoji38]
  3. That’s where VAR works right, absolutely shocking the linesman never saw that
  4. Well done on not reading anything I wrote. Any other team in the league would have beaten us tonight, but congratulations on the point
  5. Doesn't surprise me TBF, he's had good practice of doing that with the St Johnstone team. Zing.
  6. A decent side if you look at the league, maybe. That performance was one of a league 1 outfit tonight, pretty worrying for st johnstone that even against an absolutely woeful effort from killie they struggled to even create a half chance. And if you can't defend with 4 back while the ball is being shelled 80 yards to a solitary 5ft striker you'd be as well giving up
  7. Err ok, I'm not being bitter, a point isn't the end of the world, we're cruising to a top 6 finish. I know St Johnstone are struggling and a point is a good result all things considered, but how anybody can watch a game like and have any positive thought is pretty staggering. You would have faced more of a challenge against a junior mob, both teams were absolutely embarrassing. They'll genuinely struggle to get 30 seconds for sportscene.
  8. It really says a lot about St Johnstone that you’re able to take any positives from that game, genuinely can’t think of a worse game of football
  9. See when an arsenal player is the first in the fucking box, how do they get the advantage from it? The folk in charge of football are absolutely killing it.
  10. I think the back in your box thing is in regards to Hibs fans who were gloating at 2-0 and thought they were cruising to a victory only for their team to shit the bed again, not killie getting a point, HTH. Also 5th-6th is 1 not 2, F - must do better
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