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  1. That's why peps the best in the world? Because his oil blood money can scrape a win against a league 2 side😆
  2. I'm genuinely so confused, the commentators acted like nothing happened either. Chris sutton thought villa were claiming for handball. What the actual f**k?
  3. Since when are you allowed to come back from an offside and Rob the ball off someone? 🥴 Genuinely can't believe they're not making a big deal about that. Shocking decision
  4. The state of guardiola 😂 absolute fraud, whens he ever done anything truely special with a football team?
  5. Didn't stop the ref watching about 5 replays of him being nowhere near touched because he couldn't just admit he made an arse of it
  6. Ref still didn't get it right, no yellow card? What a joke match officials are
  7. Have they changed how VAR is being used, that is never 'clear & obvious' when you compare it to some of the other absolutely ludicrous decisions they've not overturned
  8. Imagine being a Killie and Scotland fan. Now imagine the things you'd let stevie clarke do to you
  9. I plan to get it in the near future. I worked my way through the remastered games recently which was great fun. Although Slippery Climb and Stormy Ascent will haunt my nightmares for years to come. Some of the new levels put them to shame, this one is really tough. It's so much better than the n'sane trilogy too
  10. Seems to be getting severely overlooked, got it today and it's absolutely fantastic, looks incredible too
  11. What’s taking so long, blatant punch [emoji38]
  12. I’m struggling to give a shit, we lost the main one and the team has gone to great lengths to f**k up what should and could have been a great season. Reasonably safe barring another arse collapse all that’s left is a mild chance at winning the top 6 cup, meh...
  13. This team is jokes [emoji23]
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