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  1. What a great response to a young player we are trying to sign…………….we’ll look at Baccus, who came to our club as a relative unknown and left a World Cup International, that is the platform St Mirren can offer, now if you can just sign here
  2. Robbo signs players that are hungry, if The Rangers players are hungry, it’s only because Morelos ate the buffet.
  3. David Farrell said in his book, you get to the biggest club you can, so when the decline happens you get better clubs on the way down. Makes sense for Managers too.
  4. Hopefully you delete this when you sober up. There is no need for your drunken abuse Iain. As for Ethan being 21, he has played almost 90 1st team games for St Mirren, unless we are going to be the pinnacle of his career he needs to kick on.
  5. With players pulling out of the WC, I hope Baccus isn’t holding back in games to make sure he is available. As for Ethan He seems to do this, great form then disappears for weeks. He will need to find consistency if he is going to push on.
  6. The whole midfield has been poor but OHara was probably the best of a bad bunch for me, with Ethan being anonymous.
  7. Thommo was just different class. I started supporting Saints in 86, so he is probably the best striker I have ever seen for us.
  8. No complaints on the penalty, clear hand ball.
  9. Hibs are definitely the better side so far, we look good on the break but Hibs should be 1 up based on chances.
  10. One man and a scaffolding pole went to mow some neds......
  11. Aaaaaanyway Probably going to be a tight game, going for 1-1. Stevie Archibald double.
  12. Curtis got closed down by 2 Utd players and just danced his way through them and away with the ball. It is ridiculous how much better he is under Robbo.
  13. I saw someone in the home end picking his nose so I was waiting on VAR getting involved
  14. That would never be given at Ibrox or Parkhead to disallow a home goal, so all we have with VAR is the same poor refereeing amplified.
  15. It goes all the way back to the build up but watching it about a dozen times it was really soft, Baccus brushed the lads face with no intent and he drops like a sniper got him. I just hope the lad does his Christmas shopping online as he would be crushed in a crowd if he falls down for that.
  16. I assume we overspent with Gogic and Robbo is forcing him out.
  17. Sadly, a 10 game ban won’t change his upbringing or his views however a Celtic fan taking the moral high ground…………OH
  18. Dunne doesn’t seem to do average games, he’s either brilliant or brutal.
  19. Sorry to hear that Bud, hope your breakfast is better
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