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  1. From 2020. Also once you get to Seattle’s stadium for example it is $40-50 for parking and $14-18 for a beer.
  2. Makes sense that guys who couldn’t get a game don’t like the manager. Some players use getting dropped as motivation to get their head down and work hard to get back in the team……….others sulk and stink out the place with their attitude, guess it defines who really makes it as a player.
  3. You've got to love Muttley. Probably the best trolling of Dundee so far.
  4. I remember going to ER to see his debut and being really excited about his signing......... till he took his first touch.
  5. Complete lack of cliches and lazy assessments, just not Sportscene material.
  6. That is the reason Martin Foyle has been brought in as he has really good knowledge and contacts in that market.
  7. Probably depends on his severance payments from Hibs, if he is only paid until he gets a new job then I can see him waiting them out, if not then Dundee would be a good fit as he needs to rebuild his reputation. Either way best of luck next season.
  8. He looks like one of those players you see in a veteran game and you think bloody hell, he’s let himself go since he stopped playing.
  9. Just circling back to see if the directions were ok?
  10. McCarthy looks a shadow of the player he was, if he is looking to move from Saints performances like this won’t do him any favours.
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