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  1. 4-0 Aberdeen with Jimbo asking JG about the 2 chances Saints blasted over the bar and how we just need that little bit of luck before finishing the interview with some patronizing pish about how great the fans are.
  2. 1st overhead kick, 2nd put in the top corner giving the keeper no chance, got to say........they looked brilliant to me [emoji106]
  3. Thought Swanson looked overweight and May looked a shadow of the player he was. Saintees looked like it was only a matter of time till they scored though vbut after we went 1 up the just collapsed. Easy to see why we are both at that end of the table tbh, 2 poor sides separated by 2 brilliant finishes.
  4. Ironic that Sunderland fires a manager with a better record then Ole at MU [emoji23]
  5. Honest to Christ, you’ve had more comebacks than Rocky. New name same pish!
  6. I’ll judge the strikers when they get some service. High balls to Junior, poor crosses into the box that any decent central defender loves etc. The team are not giving the strikers anything to work with, we are hard to beat and hold really good shape but until we start creating chances for the strikers we will remain St Mirren nil.............that is not something we can blame the strikers for.
  7. What exactly are we doing in training, playing fecking pool is my guess because it certainly isn’t finishing? That is not good enough against 10 men, I get Accies are hard to beat but we had plenty of chances and never looked like taking any of them.
  8. It’s hard to find the words to describe just how awful this game has been. This would get football banned.
  9. Just wait till they settle in...... then the push for the title will be on [emoji108]
  10. Really pleased to see Stewart making a good career for himself in the Premier, just a shame Stubbs couldn't spot a player.
  11. Yeah but you need to be level or behind 2 players to be onside. Generally because the keeper is always one of them people only count the defender.
  12. Yeah he did and he was offside, which given it was going in anyway.........
  13. No stay...........if we don't sign Kirky tomorrow we'll need someone to blame Poz.
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