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  1. Me neither, it’s just a shame that at 22, a player is chasing cash rather than developing his craft and then making real money. The 4 months he went without a wage last year would have cost him far more than the difference he was holding out for. Nothing personal against the lad, it’s just a shame they are so poorly advised.
  2. I think everywhere he goes will be for the money, he needs to change his representation as he held out last summer for more money and eventually signed for us in November. Now he is doing the same, at 22 the boy needs to see the big picture, he needs to sign a 2 year deal to allow him to become established in a team and concentrate on his craft. If he does that, it won’t be a couple of hundred quid extra he will be chasing, it will be in the thousands.
  3. Great move for the lad, really nice location on the coast, closer to Germany and no doubt more money with a cheaper cost of living. Like CS says, hopefully we created a good relationship with his agent and he can send some others our way.
  4. 3rd Proclaimer, got sent off half an hour into his debut with us and managed another 15 or so appearances. Most Saints fans weren’t fussed but I thought there was a decent player in there, just a bit rash in tackles. Hope the lad does well for Killie.
  5. I don’t think an enforcer and an anchor midfielder are the same thing. None of the players you mentioned would intimidate opposition players. I want someone who can put the boot in and make the opposing player think twice about taking a second touch because he knows what’s coming. Not an idiot who gets sent off all the time but someone who is skilled in the dark arts 👍🏻
  6. I wonder if it’s the boy from Raith as a JDH replacement?
  7. Jim Goodwin generally starts planning recruitment months in advance, so the players he has brought in will for the most part be his first choices. I'm sure we have lost out on a few but he had very specific areas he wanted to strengthen so while they may not work out, they certainly won't be like some of the random signings we've seen before.
  8. Now he is here……….time for silver linings………at times last season we really needed an out ball and someone who could hold the ball up……..so welcome Curtis, hope you do Well 😛
  9. Total waste of a wage and nothing more than a squad player. I honestly don’t know what Jim is thinking, for a manager to complain about the strikers lack of goals and sign Curtis Main is beyond ironic.
  10. Saw a bunch of posts and thought we had signed someone………..
  11. Hope his mate from Bolton taught him how to ride a bike……….
  12. I’m sure one of them will offer a fetching range of cardigans.
  13. I liked the third home top at first but now it looks like a cross on the front 🤔 So home 4 and away 1 👍🏻
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