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  1. Both teams were poor, really not got much positive to say on the game. The sending off was rubbish but it was the correct decision, Fotheringham was through and Smith just barged into him, it would have only been a booking elsewhere on the pitch but since Fotheringham was through in a last man position the referee had no option but to give the foul and sending Smith off.
  2. Will change mind say he's going on bus and not turn up for said bus, then blame the bus for driving past him.
  3. Don't see why clubs out with the Premiership are doing this, what is the bloody point of it?
  4. Thats probably true, wonder if he will be heading to Peterhead
  5. What the f**k you on about now? If it is about Coult, then you don't have a clue!
  6. Looking forward to this game, should be an interesting tie both sides seem to be playing well. We have started to find some form and think we could push Peterhead more and maybe come away with at least a share of the points. Not much I would change really in our side except bring in Scott Shepard for the suspended Lewis Coult. Just hope we have a good mannered but entertaining game.
  7. Gordon Smith has been one of those players who plays great but sometimes can find himself out of the game quite easily. He fits into that category of you want to release him but then does something great to have you doubt that, like before the game yesterday I would have been happy to see him go but then he goes and scores with a good attacking run.
  8. He wasn't a gem, think he had some very dodgy moments. Overall the game was good and think we done very well and over the 90 minutes were the better side. God it feels good to win think I forgot what it was like there.
  9. I'm not discussing this issue here, you are free to PM me or go over to Rave On! and mention it there.
  10. When the bus arrived at the Islamic Centre there was no one waiting for the bus. Maybe you need to take a wee note of the contact details ect as if some one was contacted at the time we would have come back to get you.
  11. How can't you get the Supporters Bus? Surely you can get into Stirling to one of the pick up points.
  12. Looking forward to this game despite our form or lack of it. Football is a weird business and think if we put our minds to it and the players start to show they want to be part of the squad we could come away with a point. Never been to Station Park before.
  13. Not got much to say about the incident other than I hope it is dealt with appropriately think its more friendly word and advise next time things will be more serious (if there is a next time). Also feel that a complaint should be lodged about Peterhead players/officials entering the stand no need for that they should have been more professional and went down the tunnel and then raised their issue not go for a stand up argument/altercation in the stand.
  14. Well done to Hurlford today they were the better team, think they were unlucky to lose a goal. We certainly didn't deserve the draw. I just hope our new manager gets things sorted out over the next few days, to be fair to him next week is a big ask for a win given the rubbish he will inherit, our squad needs a good shake and players need to have it made clear to them if they are rubbish they will be out the squad. Time to start looking at the youth teams and bringing a few into the squad. We were lucky to get the draw, well done to Darren Smith and Ross Forsyth for their work think they done well given that they didn't have much time to sort things out.
  15. Decided I will be there, like I said before, £12 is a bit much, but in fairness it isn't too bad compared to what we pay, yeah its a basic ground but there are worse grounds in the league.
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