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  1. He's been off form recently. Daniel Scally deserved his start after scoring at Kelty last week and looking lively.
  2. Gutless shower of shite, only one team wanted to win that today, and it wasnae us. First time in a long time I've left a game at half time. Well done Stenny, thoroughly deserved.
  3. Scoreline definitely flattered us, we were ponderous for long spells on Saturday, and it needed the subs to inject a bit of life into things. Helps when the opposition aren't any better, mind. However, it's churlish in the extreme to overly criticise a 4-0 win, they don't come around very often for us. Good bit of confidence to take to our bogey ground next week.
  4. Last seven meetings between the sides at Forthbank... Stirling wins - 0 Draw - 2 Forfar wins - 5 Aye I know, it's a meaningless stat, but quite remarkable when you consider we used to gub Forfar on a regular basis before this. I'm leaning towards a draw on this one, purely because our home form is so gubbins. Would take a very scrappy win though.
  5. Good wee player, think he'll do well at this level. Good signing, hopefully.
  6. Been there, done that, dinnae want to ever do it again
  7. I'm gutted at this. On yesterday's evidence, Summers offered a lot more to the LB role than what McNiff has shown, albeit McNiff has done ok there so far. I'd rather see him at CB. But it is what it is, always the risk of this with part time players. At least we'll be spared of the managers horrendous pronounciation of his christian name though
  8. Having been a keeper myself when I was (much) younger, those were the types of shots I hated facing for two reasons. 1. They are fucking awkward and 2. It looks like you've made an arse of it to everyone else. On this example, Marshall's positioning could possibly have been better, and yes, more often than not, he would save that type of shot, but they are a pain in the arse to deal with, trust me. There's no excusing the third goal however. That's 100% shitebaggery.
  9. You created more chances against them than we did a few weeks ago, going by those highlights. Bit harsh to blame the keeper for the second one, these kind of low pacy shots are a nightmare for keepers, particularly when they bounce right before going in, but the third goal was very poor goalkeeping.
  10. Wish I'd put a tenner on it Not too much to say about that game, we were murder in the first half, but clearly the better side in the 2nd. Lost our customary daft goal at home, but in the end we created enough chances to have won the game more comfortably. Sean Heaver has probably blown his chance of getting a start anytime soon with two howling misses late on. A great advert for not having summer football, I much prefer watching the players tear about at 100mph in the pishing rain, rather than roasting hot weather and fucking drinks breaks. 'Mon the winter.
  11. What's everyone's thoughts on this one? On paper, should be a comfortable home win, but we just don't do comfortable home wins anymore, so I'd expect there to be tons of frustration on show, but hopefully we can come away with aw the points. We'll also probably see first hand evidence of why we let go the wrong keeper over the summer. And I'm sure one of the other million ex-Beanos in the Rovers side will want to prove a point. It's all set up for a Div Wilson howitzer from a free kick followed by a Cammy Binnie penalty save. 2-1 to us then, but only just.
  12. Not that I know of. Alan had a son, also called Alan, who was a tennis player.
  13. Much, much better today. We look a totally different side when Jack Leitch is playing. No failures in the side, a solid team performance against an admittely poor (or at best, lacking in confidence) Stranraer side. I hope Dale Carrick gets a goal soon though, you can see it's starting to affect him a bit, hopefully he can nick one or two against Rovers next week.
  14. Worryingly, it's been a long time since any of our forward players actually scored a goal. And that was a free kick from Dylan Mackin up at Inverness. In our last 5 matches, we have scored six goals, three from defenders, two from midfielders, and one own goal. Dale Carrick has looked reasonably good but hasn't had a sniff of goal. This needs to change as we canny rely on Martin McNiff being our top goalscorer AND being promoted. Get it sorted. Looking forward to going today, not been to Stranraer in about 6 years now. Do they still have the corrupt stewards who 'let you in' for a fiver?
  15. What you have to remember is the game before the Annan game was against the overwhelming league favourites, and for the Annan game, we were without Paul McLean, Marc Laird and Jack Leitch, three key players. Add to this that Andy Ryan hasn't really been replaced (Carrick looks more a creator than a finisher to me), and you can see why we've struggled. Far too early to get the knives out for the manager. 33 games to go, if we get key players back fit, and maybe make another signing or two (chairman said money from Ryan sale WILL go towards at least one new player), then we should be fine to make the playoffs. We're never catching Kelty. That said, he's already made some concerning team selections, both in personnel and tactics, and that definitely needs to improve.
  16. You know what real 'Lolz' is? Having one point out of six against us and our B team
  17. Dreadful stuff from the Albion again in an important home game. Easiest win Kelty will have all year. They even gave us a goal to make it look like half a contest. Aye, we missed Jack Leitch and Dylan Mackin today, but there was little gameplan in evidence. No idea why the manager persisted with Bikey up top and Carrick on the wing rather than the other way around. Flanagan was decent until they brought that hair bear No.16 on at LB who absolutely destroyed him any time he tried to attack. Oh, and Kurtis Roberts is absolutely fucking shite. All in all, gutted. How many times are we going to totally bottle important home games? Manager has to take a hard look at himself tonight.
  18. Biggest home game of the season, and the club have decided to split season ticket holders/pay at the gate customers into opposite stands tomorrow so our support will be split up. That's me getting the excuses in early.
  19. It was Marc Laird who 'slalomed' into the box and crossed it for the goal. Was his worst performance so far for us, although still decent.
  20. I feel like a Celtic fan watching Craig Gordon tonight reading that sentence. We got rid of the wrong keeper this summer.
  21. Jamie Mills was absolutely terrible for us. Came from Rangers I think. Whatever possessed a top club to think he had anything resembling footballing ability is beyond me.
  22. Not the greatest display from us, but over the last couple of seasons, these are games we would have drawn or lost, so was delighted to get the win. Thought we defended really well for the most part, particularly near the end when Stenny were throwing everything at us. Referee was a bawbag (welcome back to Scottish football), and can understand Mackin's frustration at the end when the ref gave a corner when it was a clear goal kick. Stupid red card, however, he's an experienced player, should know better. Best players on the day for us were McNiff, McGregor (colossus), Leitch, and Grant when he came on. Overall, a great three points to start the season. If Stenny fans are feeling down about the result, console yourselves that you're not Raith Rovers fans tonight...
  23. Heard the Station has gone right downhill of late. There will be a few Albion fans in the Warriors Club (as was) before the game.
  24. What an effort to finish 2nd in this group, and also one short of one of the best runners up. Bodes well for the season ahead.
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