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  1. The Haligtree areas are absolutely brutal for this. Even after you've beaten the first boss of that area, the next section is ridiculous.
  2. I've just reached the capital city, Leyendell, for the first time earlier tonight. That area alone looks about the size of some other full games!
  3. About 50 hours into Elden Ring at the moment, it's staggering how massive this game is. First real 10/10 game I've played in a long time.
  4. Can't see anything other than a win for Cowders tonight, we've totally thrown the towel in. I'll actually be surprised if we can field a full team tonight, such is the build up of injures and suspensions. 2-0 to the Fifers.
  5. It's baffling, that's for sure. The players are decent but their form has all fallen off a cliff at the same time, epitmosed by the alarming decline of Jack Leitch, a player who looked far too good for this league when he first arrived, who now looks an average Lowland League player at best. Injurie/Covid and suspensions have also hit us hard, but the January window was a disaster. We lost Dylan Bikey, Sean Heaver and Daniel Scally and didn't replace any of them. Mason Hancock looks a good loan signing, as does Dylan Paterson, but apart from that haddie Dunsmore we recently accquired, there's been no other business and key areas haven't been strengthened. Dale Carrick, a 15-goal scorer in the league above last season has lost all his confidence. Dylan Mackin is a big coo who seemingly hates the fans, but is still the clubs top scorer with an earth shattering 5 goals. It's hard to judge the new manager. He was appointed without being allowed to bring in his own backroom team, and as much as this has definitely hamstrung him, I'm really not convinced with him as a boss so far. The close season, IF we manage to stay in the league will be huge. The Rangers money means we have a very healthy bank balance, and could potentially build a squad capable of challenging for the league. There won't be a moneybags team in the league next season a la Cove, QP, or Kelty, so it's wide open. TL:DR - We're a fucking shambles.
  6. Even our pitch was good at the start of the season (one of the best grass pitches in the lower leagues in fact), but just like the players, it's become an awful shadow of itself*. Not to mention the sad decline of the board of directors. I think a Kelty witch put a curse on the club when we drew there in October. I've never seen such a downfall from every area of the club in such a short time. *Not helped by having Stirling Uni play there too, admittedly.
  7. Utter rubbish from us again. Somehow Darren Young has made us worse than we were in the final weeks of the Rutkiewicz reign. Absolutely no cutting edge up front, a creative free midfield, and utter bombscares at full back. Pass marks today for Currie in goal (although I thought he could have tried harder at the goal), McGeachie at centre half, and Kieron Moore looked lively when he came on. The rest were honking, particularly the two full backs. Whoever thought an out of favour defender from the bottom team of the league above was the order of the day needs their head looked at. The only saving grace in the atrocious debut from Aaron Dunsmore was he wasn't (quite) as bad as James Creaney at left back, who put in the most gutless incompetent display I've seen from an Albion player in over 40 years of watching the team. A total clearout needed in the summer. And not just the players. That also extends to the management and the board. The entire club a needs reset from top to bottom. If we lose to Cowden on Tuesday, they'd be as well relegating us to the Lowland League now. This is currently the lowest I've felt as an Albion man in my entire history of supporting them. Good luck to Stenny for the rest of the season, you're lucky you have players that whilst not the most technically gifted at least give a f**k about the job they're doing.
  8. C'mon man, even by your standards you've had a bit of a 'mare here.
  9. I'm undecided what's been the best bit here, the Ally Pally crowd in tears, or Neilly's complete meltdown.
  10. I enjoyed both semi finals more than this. There's just something missing from this match so far, although it could end up a classic if it goes all the way. Wright looks shattered, kudos for him hanging in there.
  11. Wayne Mardle says hello.
  12. If this was a final between Callan Rydz and Ricky Evans, it would have been finished at half 8!
  13. Good to get a victory at last, the first points we've picked up since Martin McNiff got injured. Sometimes you dont realise how important a player is until he's not there anymore. McNiff was great at organising the defence and chipped in with the odd goal, hopefully he's back sooner than later. Flanagan's goal was great, and the celebrations were a mixture of relief and excitement. I'd forgotten what it was like to be winning a game. In terms of the 'young team', I like the atmosphere they create at games, however they do overstep the mark on occasion, and running onto the pitch was a terrible idea. Exuberance of youth, I expect, maybe I'm just jealous Big game on Saturday at home to Kelty who will be hurting after that pasting by Annan. Have to say, behind the goals at Stenny under the lights with a biggish crowd is one of my favourite experiences in this division, harks back to the olden days when football wasn't played at sterile grounds ( I include our own in this).
  14. Lets not forget not improving said shite League 2 club in three years at the helm. I would be staggered if Morton appointed him.
  15. From the outside, it appears KR's man management skills are something he needs to improve on. We have one of the best midfielders in the league in Jack Leitch, yet he has been rank rotten for weeks now, and the manager's response was to play him in an unfamiliar position. His man management of Sean Heaver was also appalling. It certainly looked like the players downed tools in the last couple of weeks, particularly in the 2nd half at Cowdenbeath. A likeable character, came across well in interviews, but am I sad to see him go? No. However, the board need to get the right man in. No more rookie 'yes' men. We need someone, even if just the short term, who knows this division and knows what it takes to get out of it. The likes of Gus McPherson, Darren Young, and even our old mucker, Allan Moore would be good choices. Heard Andy Graham's name mentioned, and while I'd love to see the legend back at the club, he's not what's required right now.
  16. Rumour is that Kevin Rutkewicz, who has just resigned as our boss, is on his way to Greenock. If true, you have my deepest sympathies.
  17. He's been off form recently. Daniel Scally deserved his start after scoring at Kelty last week and looking lively.
  18. Gutless shower of shite, only one team wanted to win that today, and it wasnae us. First time in a long time I've left a game at half time. Well done Stenny, thoroughly deserved.
  19. Scoreline definitely flattered us, we were ponderous for long spells on Saturday, and it needed the subs to inject a bit of life into things. Helps when the opposition aren't any better, mind. However, it's churlish in the extreme to overly criticise a 4-0 win, they don't come around very often for us. Good bit of confidence to take to our bogey ground next week.
  20. Last seven meetings between the sides at Forthbank... Stirling wins - 0 Draw - 2 Forfar wins - 5 Aye I know, it's a meaningless stat, but quite remarkable when you consider we used to gub Forfar on a regular basis before this. I'm leaning towards a draw on this one, purely because our home form is so gubbins. Would take a very scrappy win though.
  21. Good wee player, think he'll do well at this level. Good signing, hopefully.
  22. Been there, done that, dinnae want to ever do it again
  23. I'm gutted at this. On yesterday's evidence, Summers offered a lot more to the LB role than what McNiff has shown, albeit McNiff has done ok there so far. I'd rather see him at CB. But it is what it is, always the risk of this with part time players. At least we'll be spared of the managers horrendous pronounciation of his christian name though
  24. Having been a keeper myself when I was (much) younger, those were the types of shots I hated facing for two reasons. 1. They are fucking awkward and 2. It looks like you've made an arse of it to everyone else. On this example, Marshall's positioning could possibly have been better, and yes, more often than not, he would save that type of shot, but they are a pain in the arse to deal with, trust me. There's no excusing the third goal however. That's 100% shitebaggery.
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