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  1. i think that it is down to preference to be honest, the experts are probably right but i don't like ice or water in whisky.
  2. that's the spirit, get into it. have a couple i like mine neat.
  3. quite right everyone will have different pallets too so that will impact on taste someone mention Ardbeg, you can buy a 4 and a half litre of the 10 yo iv'e put a picture of this goliath here, size of it!!!!
  4. i think alot of distilleries are going through a stage where they are trying to appeal to a broader market, i think that is alright so long as they don't tinker to much with it. i mentioned before that i tried the Dalomre Cigar malt, it was something different and i would love a bottle of it and sit there smoking a huge cigar while drinking it. i'd look the part
  5. Laphroaig is alright, i never have my whisky anything other than straight, water and ice take away from the experience imo i think that the marketed one are just the most accessible, in pubs/supermarkets etc. but your right there are some gems to be found. especially from the independent distilleries, i had a bottle of 12yo Inchmurrin from the loch lomond distillery in the house not that long ago and i would recommend that to anyone. your lucky that you have one of the best whisky regions on your doorstep, so it would be a travesty if pubs round your way didn't take advantage of that. living in the central belt there is only a couple of pubs that i would say were decent whisky pubs and both those are in Glasgow.
  6. Robbie's dram in Ayr is a fine shop, been a while since iv'e been in though. Highland Park is a good whisky, have you seen the highland park thor, it is the first of a range of special editions dedicated to norse gods. i don't know what it will taste like, i think its a 16yo but the presentation of the case is fantastic. have you tried the Dalmore Cigar malt, iv'e never tasted a malt quite like it, very different to anything iv'e ever tried. and they do the rivers collection now too, they are meant to be good.
  7. working in a distillery would be a great job, iv'e only tried the 12 year old Glendronach once and it was a couple of years ago so don't remember to much about it TBH finding unexpected bottles in a cupboard would be nice, nothing like that ever happens to me, as a day to day, the balvenie is a good choice, it is always quite easy to come across, i think most supermarkets sell it which is handy, nothing worse if your regular bottle is only available through a specialist or online
  8. that is a great deal, airports are always good for whisky. i think the Glenrothes select reserve is nice, don't think it has an age on it. i like having a bottle for a special occasion, but i find that i declare more occasions special just so i can get out the special stuff
  9. yeah Chivas 18 and their royal Salute are the best of the blends i think. although they are quite dear for a blend they are well worth it IMO, very nice. i like Speyside whisky. my favorite being the Glenlivet, i got a bottle of their 21yo archive for my 30th last year. absolutely stunning whisky. i see you like the Glenfarclas 12yo too, i think that is a nice whisky also, iv'e never tried Cragganmore, but all the others i have, you are a man of taste the pub i like for the range of whisky they stock is the ben Nevis in the west end of Glasgow, for all that it is a big city, Glasgow is short on decent pubs that specialize in whisky.
  10. apologies if this has been covered before but do any pie and bovrilites enjoy a wee dram. i am a bit of a whisky lover and thought that we could share our whisky experiences with a thread.Favorite whisky region, your favorite drams, best whisky shop, best whisky pub etc etc. i'll get the ball rolling, the wife got me a bottle of Dalmore distillery managers exclusive 1995 vintage from the whisky shop in Buchanan Galleries yesterday, haven't opened it yet. anyone tried this, i'm told it's a whisky shop exclusive. anyway my regular dram is Caol ila 12 yo, it is a very nice whisky and aint a bad price.
  11. right at this minute i am listening to Tom Vek, leisure Seizure. not a bad wee record.
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