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  1. you would need to make sure it wasn't to obvious that you were just there for shits and gigs, but i'm sure that most of them could be manipulated in some way. that forum doesn't need much of a spark to set the whole thing off.
  2. i think we should all try and have a go at infiltrating RM, we could try the old divide and conquer tactic, play them off against each other. "here BillyBear i heard that Loyalist1690 is going about saying he's pumped yur bird". and "here lads a seen Redhand Rab oan Sunday comin oot the pope shoap, he's wan o' them" that sort of thing
  3. im board so here are a few quotes, seen as we are going down the philosophy route Jean Jacques Rousseau- "Rangers ur dirty cheating c***s, get them tae f**k" John Stuart Mill- "lets all do the bouncy when Rangers die" Confucius- "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, roon yae" John Rawls- " yoos no deed yit"
  4. just had a look through that survey, i can imagine vauxhall, adidas and carling will be shitting their pants at the prospect of a rangers fans boycott. you would struggle to make this stuff up if you were not a Rangers fan. quality, everyday throws us wee gems like this. don't know how i will fill my life when they are gone and one of the questions about attending cup matches doesn't give a yes option for attending matches outwith ibrox, i call shenanigans
  5. how many of the protesters will get lifted at their demo, we should open a book. i had a look at the sun this morning( i know, i know. i made sure i washed my hands afterwards) and after reading what that clown Andy Goram was saying, fat Sally's comments and just the general feel of what the fans are thinking about boycotts etc. it can now be confirmed that this shower believe they have a sense of entitlement. most of the shite that they come out with is not really about saving their club, it is an attempt by them to ensure that any sanction is light enough that they can get back quickly to dominate football here, a very large section of their support only follow Rangers for the glory. the SFA with these sanctions have taken the prospects of glory away for a few years at least. so what will an Ayrshire/Lanarkshire/Aberdeenshire/highland/Borders etc etc Rangers fan do when their lives become empty and "ra people" become just people. rangers fans, unable to take the rough with the smooth
  6. the BBC are notoriously bad for bias, im sure they have been reported to ofcom on various occasions in regards to other matters, outwith football of course. but i agree with what you are saying about the review, they need to undertake a mass cull and start again, they have shown no impartiality throughout this whole saga. chick young should be the first shot out of a big canon over the clyde.
  7. this thread is massive now, i'm told that if we lay all the posts out next to each other they would circumnavigate the world three times, is this true? how big do we reckon the "rangers liquidated" thread can go.
  8. Christ, every time i follow a link on here to rangers media i am astounded, these clowns actually believe that Scottish football owes them something. i can't wait to see what they propose when rangers are liquidated. lets hope half of them are so upset they decide to boycott life itself
  9. very good. anyway you forgot to post a picture up of Ayr United winning the........ oh sorry i forgot!!!
  10. wrong cup my man, that is the Ayrshire cup and is the season after we won the Scottish. seriously any self respecting killie fan would know this. but here is the real deal right here
  11. what about fans of the team that will be relegated this season, hibs/dunfermline. how will you guys feel if rangers go out the game, your club are relegated and a new rangers are fast tracked straight back in. i'd be livid.
  12. i don't know if rangers are getting special treatment, i suspect that most people would say they were getting exactly what they are due, i say this with absolutely no malice. there are hundreds of companies that go to the wall every year and are not afforded the luxury of reforming under a near identical name, with the same staff and the same premises that the previous company had. what make rangers so special. what about the debt that is owed to a trail of clubs that spans the continent, who do you think should service that? the newco or should it be written off?
  13. so you believe that a newco should not be hit with sanctions of a financial nature. you say that if transfer embargoes etc were implemented the game would be over, do you mean for you or scottish football? in the bit about you putting thousands in to the scottish game,and the economy each year. so do most people who follow football full time, but that does not mean that the team they support should be given special treatment because someone volunteers to spend their money on a hobby, does it?
  14. this is genuinely scary, i bet that thousands of them hoover shit like this up, society will pay a heavy price if rangers go under. a war??? FFS
  15. i'd be interested to hear if Rangers fans believe that these proposals are adequate, would you support a New club straight off the bat, would you feel embarrassed that the new club bypassed all the other clubs in the 2nd,3rd and 4th tier of Scottish football for a place in the top league? or do you believe that a b*****dized Rangers in what ever form deserves and is due a place at the top?
  16. yeah, sorry your right. with my point on the OF i was looking to say that i think if it were also Celtic in this position then i think the SPL would bend over backwards to accommodate them too. but your right it is unfair to lump Celtic into this argument.
  17. i haven't bothered looking through this but i presume most of us are talking about the proposals that the SPL are looking to introduce regarding clubs that go under. so here is my two bob's worth these new proposals are designed in an attempt to be as lenient as possible on any newco rangers, if any other club outwith the OF were in this mess these new rules wouldn't even be proposed, we would simply be told " liquidation is it? don't let the door hit your arse on the way under" this league is a sham, if these proposals are voted in the league is sending a message to every other member that they can get into a tonne of debt and when they can't or won't pay, can wrap up the football club and come straight back as a newco with same squad, same stadium and same status. we keep getting told by the weegie media that to lose rangers will destroy our game, i think a newco rangers being let straight into the top tier will signal the death of our game in a way that pumping them out could never. and i also wonder why we would all continue to watch football in this country knowing full well that the league is there only to protect the interests of the OF
  18. not sure if it classifies as a "gig" but i'm taking the wife to Cirque du Soleil- Algeria at the SECC next Sunday. anyone been to Cirque du Soleil before, i'm told that it is amazing. it best be at £50 a ticket
  19. in work last week i made a coffee and before i could wash the spoon the chief exec comes in and starts washing up her lunch dishes, she tuts at the mess and all the other dishes that were left so she starts washing everything. now i'm standing there with this spoon, looking like a fanny because i didn't want to put it down as it would look like i wanted her to wash it. and at the same time she has noticed my presence in the kitchen and if i stand any longer she will want to know what i'm doing. this was a social situation that i felt really uncomfortable in as i'd never been in it before and although it seems like nothing i did not know how to handle it.
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