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  1. yes i am familiar with this guy to, i think his name is Willie or something. really not right in the head, he's about 30 as well
  2. somebody get ma elephant gun. here is what i think. he is only getting in about her cause he has a bad reputation with the birds in his town, he was probably a sexual deviant at school, rubbing his knob up and down lassies tights and that, so his reputation means no decent girl will touch him, just look at that smile, the pervert is looking out of him. and his eyes are as dark as a witches soul, which tells me he also sniffs bike seats.
  3. aye open it, but it will be worth a shit load of money if it was only a couple of casks which was exclusively bottled for the crew. a collector would bite his hand off for it. he could get it valued if he wanted to.
  4. while we are on the subject of expensive whisky. i was in the whisky shop in glasgow earlier on in the year and was shooting the breeze talking to the guy that works there and he told me that they sourced and sold 2 bottles of malt to a customer, didn't say where. the price of the two bottles combined was round about 25 grand. a security company were delivering it to the address. mental eh, most folk are struggling at the moment with money and someone is spending that on drink, oh well if you can afford it....
  5. indeed you are right cammy me old son, there is a delivery charge, i forgot to say that, i think i have never been above a fiver for delivery, i only ever get the dear stuff if i am getting some for my birthday or some special occasion, the wife gives me £100 for my birthdays so that tends to go on whisky. for the 30th last year she got me a bottle of Glenlivet 21yo archive, it was a bit dearer but i'm worth it yeh the whisky's you mention are all the types that i would buy, never tried the 23yo highland park right enough. but i generally like highland park anyway so i'll just presume that i like it in any case
  6. i buy whisky from the whisky exchange, i find them on of the better priced internet retailers, they have a really good range. as a matter of fact i bought this http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-16348.aspx only a couple of weeks ago from them. quick delivery too i forgot i created this thread, to busy talking pish in other threads i suppose. anyway has anyone tried the arran malt? i have never tried arran whisky but was thinking about getting a couple of bottles, in the main they are reasonably priced. was looking for something different http://www.arranwhisky.com/ShopHome/ a wee link to their website for anyone interested
  7. wow, i believe the middle thing is a great example of what is known in the trade as "the third gender" a rare find in the UK indeed. its eye brows are very tidy though
  8. agreed, this guy is the only guy how says it how it is, he has no agenda, he is far enough away from the scottish media bubble that he need not tow the party line. a very dangerous journo for the established order up here and will out anybody seen as being sympathetic to them. the sfa, spl and whoever else who are looking to get an easy ride pushing the newco in should be worried, as you say the backlash will be huge, i won't be surprised if he wakes up one morning with a horses head in his bed.
  9. watched the C4 report with alex thompson there, brilliant, it just shows how good journalism in regards to this situation can be when you don't make deals with the devil, i was waiting for chick and his weegie media pals coming into the background with the torches and pitchforks for a good'ol lynching one criticism from me is that he gets one point wrong. there will be no such thing as a shinny new rangers, the old adage that "you can't polish a turd" is so apt in this situation that it aint real. i want my fucking £20 back rangers you robbing b*****ds!!!!!. and so does my wife and weans
  10. Dalmore, 1995 distillery managers vintage. absolutely stunning.
  11. oh well not much change from last night then another announcement on the preffered bidder tomorrow, by that they mean next Monday then
  12. today not seen any news, looked at any papers etc etc. as i can't be fucked going through this thread from where i left it last would some kind soul please fill me in on the latest developments. has the big hoose became the wee bungalow yet. 140 characters or less please
  13. just read that chick young blog, it's never about anything other than the Old Firm with the media in this country is it. when these fuckers die so does the Old Firm which has been a noose round the rest of our necks for the best part of 100 years. i for one will be raising a glass, so hurry up Rangers, i'm parched
  14. is that a guy or a gal, what a peculiar looking thing. this has to be the oddest looking human being i have ever seen.
  15. went to log on there and they have kicked me out before my first post, never even got past the front door, they must be edgy. guess its back to being a killie fan.
  16. i joined the enemy that is Rangers Media within the last couple of days, i won't give my user name for fear that the sympathizer on here will surely turn me over to Ze People. don't know how to play it yet, agent Engels(pie and bovril underground gers resistance movement) has begun ops. this message will self destruct in 5 seconds. (i know, way to much time on my hands)
  17. class, they are watching us and we are watching them. voyeurs, the lot of us! hello to everyone on RM, get it roon the lot o' you
  18. i like the cut of your jib newbie, anyone who likes a clean toilet is a good guy in my eyes. buttocks your right flush them, pick up the stinking b*****d by the end of the thumb and forefinger , and drop it's filthy rotten carcass down the bog and flush it away, the way you would a dead goldfish.
  19. no what would be perfect. if all these clowns are boycotting these companies and one of their players was seen loading his vauxhall full of Tesco shopping, which included a crate of Carling. and he was wearing adidas sportswear. and preceded to drive said Vauxhall into a McDonalds drive thru for din dins.
  20. i think we are at a point now where the tension is so great that the scum element will do and believe what they like, a government intervention will not diffuse this situation, i dread to think what is going to happen when they die. if the SFA didn't have a grudge against them before they sure as f**k will have one now. the gutter press should be interesting tomorrow
  21. threats eh, can't say im surprised, it was only a matter of time before the mask slipped and some of them cracked. this is getting nasty. we have went from the defiant we don't do walking away rhetoric which was their dignified attempt to stand by their club to outright intimidation, threatening individuals that are only doing their jobs. their manager has played a big part in initiating these threats. this disgusting bunch have been whipped into a frenzy by the weggie media, giving column space to hately and goram etc, who are pedaling some amount of shite which is being hoovered up by their followers, talks of war (ffs its fitba) and going down the sympathetic "its all the SFA's fault, they are killing the club" route just to sell papers. don't get me started on the pish that has come out the radio. they need putting out their misery, and fast before someone gets hurt or worse.
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