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  1. [quote name='Haters Gonna Hate' timestamp='1337599612' post='6258343' :lol: :lol: is the boy on the right doing OK after his stroke? edit to add- the guy second from the right is the oldest looking young guy i've ever seen. there was an urban legend when i was young that if a llama spat on your face it would age you faster. this is what i think has happened to this guy, grogged on by a llama, the dirty beast
  2. is this anything to do with that picture. http://local.stv.tv/coatbridge/news/100446-police-launch-investigation-into-nightclub-incident/ level 2 here i come.
  3. I would go for Dalmore, their 12 year old. it is quite a smooth whisky, not peaty, which can put alot of people of whisky. you will get that for about £40. if unsure. go in to a shop which specialises in whisky (Robert Graham's, the whisky shop etc) and ask for some advice, i always do this and it inevitably leads to me leaving the shop half cut due to free tastings.
  4. Some Hibs fans talking of jacking it in, i'm not surprised to hear them come out with that. football is an emotional business, they have just had their baws felt by their deadly rivals in the biggest game between the two teams that there will probably ever be, and what's worse is, there is no hiding place for them, they have to live in that city while Hearts are doing the peacock strut through Edinburgh. i think that Hibs fans saying they are giving up is just the emotion of the day getting to them, they will be back next season just like the rest of us would. the plus point here is that it can't get any worse than this for them, the only way is up surely?
  5. don't think we will see many Hibs fans on here for a while, 5-1, i can see Hearts getting a couple more
  6. these Hibs players are a disgrace, the biggest Edinburgh derby ever and they don't turn up. i know how it feels when your team gets pumped in a final, but to get pumped by your greatest rivals in one must be the worst feeling you can get supporting your team
  7. in tonight's champions league final will Ashley Cole be described as the English Kujabi
  8. 2-0, f**k a duck. i wouldn't want to be a Hibs fan, i fancy a massacre now. Hibs are so bad
  9. 1-0 hearts edit to add- was just typing i could see hibs winning 1-0 then that happened.
  10. look at his pal on the left, patiently waiting his turn,
  11. here are pics of women from club bounce that i would pump in a heartbeat. nothing wrong with any of them but for everyone of these three there are hundreds of these but this image is perhaps the best from their flickr, and one which has probably made me impotent, uuuggghhh!!!!
  12. f**k, that is disgusting. what kind of sick b*****d does that to a baby. nothing in the world is more precious than a child and to see that happening to one makes me feel physically ill. we don't tend to leave our kids with anyone other than immediate family when we go out, if they are not available we don't go out.
  13. a pie and bovril consortium for rangers, no thanks i will however be setting up a club of my own just up the road. it is a reaction to the negativity and persecution that exists in pie and bovril to the likes of me. and my club will help the poor of pie and bovril so long as they are the right type. i think we will be in the market for a club to be our deadly enemy,well publicly anyway but behind the scenes we can conspire to dominate the game up here. how you ask? well its easy we exploit the prejudices that exist in Scotland, we divide the great unwashed down the middle. those who like Pepsi and those who like Coke could work, two soft drink that are similar but we market the difference. by peddling soft drinks as the source of our main difference to a bunch of fuckwits that really should know better we can make a fortune, these idiots will hoover up anything to do with our clubs, the majority of these fans will be from the lowest sections of society and lack the ability to even question what we are doing. but we can shaft them at every turn. i can't think of any plan that would be better and i'm surprised it's never been done before, so what you think Pie and Bovril consortium fancy my club and your new one ruining Scottish society with this ingenious plan
  14. see if they three listened to their mums they wouldn't look like that, this is a classic case of pulling a face then the wind changes. they have been walking about like that since hurricane bawbag. no wonder the other two are laughing at them, it is clear they listen to their mum's.
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