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  1. i would say 1-3 are good. i have never tasted number 4, my favourite out of that little lot is 18yo Glenlivet.
  2. photo taken at the yokel world banjo championships 2012 dads, mum, brothers, sister, aunt, uncles and lovers all in the same photo
  3. i think we should stop the party for a second and raise our glasses to them that has made all this possible, Sir David Murray and Craig White here's to you fellas, chin chin
  4. vacant position we are currently recruiting for the position of "Ra people". applications are welcome from fans of every Scottish league football club for this once in a generation opportunity to be Ra People of Scottish football. you will be well educated to the level of bigot (or similar). have a keen interest in Northern Irish Unionism. hating Catholics for no reason whatsoever would be an advantage for this role but not essential as brainwashing full training will be provided. Primary school levels of oral and written skill are essential for this position. some travel is available with this opportunity, we expect that you as Ra People will embarrass the rest of Scottish football on your business abroad. full training classes are provided to the lucky candidate, classes like- sectarian singing 101, fight the polis, wreck the joint- the science of Manchester and how to insult your hosts are offered to provide the tools for success. hours- this is not just a job, this is a lifestyle, you will be committed to 90 mins per week between late July and May, the vast majority of Ra People will not need to attend any game whatsoever, the couch is as good as the stadium pay- all employees are broo'd right up, (don't tell anyone but we also offer side contracts a wee brucie bonus for you) uniform will be provided
  5. i am meant to be working from home today, but i want to be proper involved in this LOLfest so i phoned the boss and said i'm having IT problems. let the laughter commence
  6. the time of reckoning is upon them, it won't be long now. get the factor 50 on Rangers cause it can get very warm in hell
  7. No, no effin way Paco old bean, you can't just come on this thread, hit us with that wee teaser then go. get the pic up and declare which bird you pulled. get it telt
  8. never tasted a whisky as consistently good through out their age range like Glenrothes, i tried the 1985 a couple of years ago in the Ben Nevis in Glasgow. the best of the lot in my opinion, £80 from the whisky exchange link- http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-11489.aspx
  9. i have had the Snow Phoenix, drink or keep? i drank it, it was smashing. it all depends on what you want to do, at near £100 a pop it is an expensive dram, it is certain to increase in worth so is a sound investment in the long long term, you will not see much profit on it for years so be prepared for a long wait, i heard that they got very near 20,000 bottles out the salvaged casks, so limited but not that limited if you get me.
  10. ah, it has all worked out in the end. time to sit back for some quiet reflection, or if your sheldon-
  11. whit the effin f**k has happened here, the gimpy snow white has joined Pie and Bovril, surely not? i smells my self an alias boys
  12. Snow White? mair like Joe White. that is probably a sexual fetish to him, his face says miserable but his libido is screaming with ecstasy. his cock was as hard as Chuck Norris's punch bag when he was getting that photo taken, the other two took turns kicking his nuts to orgasm later on that night the one at the right hand side has the biggest eye brow iv'e ever seen
  13. i am drinking Stienlager right now. lovely stuff
  14. ^^^^^^^^^ someone had a good day^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  15. Rangers, just like the person who is about to fall of a cliff to certain death and grabs whoever is next to them. cuntish, absolutely cuntish. my Rangers voodoo doll is getting pinned to f**k tonight, and i'm not even kidding on
  16. aw darn it, i forgot that BBC thing was on tonight, when is it on the iplayer. is it worth a look?
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