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  1. word it like- a picture of you has been put up on pie and bovril and there is a bunch of perverts drooling over it. I like them would love to pull your breeks doon and fire the boaby right up you. so hows about it hen. this probably wont work. it never does
  2. does anyone know if it is possible for a fish to drown? or is it only some types of fish that drown? or is it that it is impossible for any type of fish to drown?
  3. i never said that's what everyone does, i was talking about her first communion not her baptism (not that this matters much for what i was trying to get across) i was pointing out that when she asked us why she was doing it we couldn't come up with anything more than "that's just what you do". i am aware that not everyone in the world does it the gift?, i don't know to be honest, it is just what you do i suppose
  4. i did notice that after i made it, this is to coincidental to be a coincidence. i carry the mark of the devil
  5. My wife got that for our wee lassie for her First Communion. we also got her a nice silver cross that she can keep as a reminder to a pointless,outdated and irrelevant religiously enforced tradition that her mother and father made her take part in just because "that's what you do".
  6. don't know how this thread is going, it has grown about 15 pages since i was on yesterday. just a couple of points fans of what used to be Rangers, lets call them Club12 for the moment, trying desperately to separate the club and the business in order to hold on to the history of the dead club. they are one in the same, and for me this is why. Rangers (the club, RIP) were successful on the pitch due solely to the dealings of the business, the business generated the money to out spend the rest of us, it also actively cheated in order to advance the position of the club. The people in charge of the newco are in a great position, they don't even need to create a new brand because they have a pre assembled support that collectively is made up of some of the most simple people that our society has shat out. what other fans would see their club die and claim that the history continues? Rangers fans are like my weans, want the good stuff for their tea but don't want to eat the veg. what i am trying to say is your fucking illustrious history was won through debt that will go unpaid, if the debt can't be transferred neither can the history, it dies with any honour your manky club had . now you all support a team that has no history, won no titles and cups. my ex-rangers friends you are now all proud supporters of a diddy club and not even a good diddy club.
  7. DAFC i feel your pain, i really do. when i lived down south me and the Mrs lived next to a couple with four weans. i could tell you some stories about what we had to put up with. your situation is bad cause the two people are disabled.some will say basically you are a heartless b*****d for victimising two vulnerable people who are not causing you any harm. that is the trouble here, disabled people are socially exempt from being cuntish, society will say that they don't know any better. when you scream about how crafty these fuckers are you will be met with a wall of outrage. if i were you i would move mate as there aint going to be any form of positive outcome for you on this one. admit the fight has been lost, pack up your fake bird of prey and move on to pastures new.
  8. first you should get them valued, a lot of the independent whisky shops value and buy. people on this thread like the whisky exchange to buy their drink from, but they also buy old and rare, the link bellow provides more details. http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/Wanted.aspx you could put the list of what you have up here and what you are looking for and see if that stimulates some interest.
  9. humanity never learns from it's mistakes. these two pics prove this to me
  10. so sporting integrity= Rangers and Celtic providing competition for each other, my word
  11. Rangers man, Rangers man, he's no a Rangers man, he's a good Rangers man. for f**k sake it is all iv'e heard for the past couple of weeks.
  12. Gordon Smith towing the party line, there's a suprise, the old firm game never was the biggest derby in the world, Smith will need some amount of bog roll to wipe the huge amount of shite off his chin
  13. who the f**k is Colin Jackson? i demand Andy Goram p.s- that lassie is a sweetheart,
  14. old guy said there "funeral with no coffin", aye cause you's never paid the undertaker.
  15. i love how Whyte is still the one getting the blame for killing Rangers. nothing to do with anyone else whatsoever? Rangers fans can't see the wood for the trees. i truly can't wait till the famous Ayrshire Killie draw the Newco in a cup, it will be fantastic to watch a successful club like my own rip this diddy outfit a new one.
  16. pissed myself laughing at that, I'm sure we can all picture what kind of guy is sitting behind that game getting angry about rangers being the most successful club in the world bar none quality trolling from the Coventry City supporter
  17. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, <br style="color: rgb(0, 21, 4); font-family: 'Times New Roman'; background-color: rgb(243, 237, 205); font-size: medium; ">And never brought to mind? <br style="color: rgb(0, 21, 4); font-family: 'Times New Roman'; background-color: rgb(243, 237, 205); font-size: medium; ">Should auld acquaintance be forgot, <br style="color: rgb(0, 21, 4); font-family: 'Times New Roman'; background-color: rgb(243, 237, 205); font-size: medium; "> get to f**k gers bye bye edit---state of that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that is what a post looks like when your laptop shoots it's load cause it is excited that rangers has died
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