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  1. so magee is banned then, i agree about being repulsed by the sex talk coming from him, once i seen what he looked like then reading posts he made about mounting his wife my minds eye took me to dark dark places. places i wish never to return too. i will hazard a guess that his borderline illegal talk involved a chicken and a 1kg tub of pipe lube.
  2. Chesney from corrie looking to replace Schmeichel
  3. when i take the dog out for a walk the cat is always right behind me. it followed me for half an hour today, it only lagged behind once when it stopped to lick it's bits, but soon caught up again. you don't tend to see a cat coming out for a walk with a guy and a dog.
  4. oh, my cock is reet hard the noo, Morrisons doing Ben and Jerry's on special, they knew something
  5. SPL chairmen talking about the old Kansas City shuffle, look left--------snap, game over,
  6. got the balblair 2001 vintage today, never tried it before. anyone had a go of this.
  7. completely right, but he then made an alias and before even making a post expressed his love for rape again.the sexual deviant was probably sweating behind the PC when typing it.
  8. Scottish football>>>FUBAR I can't be bothered anymore, was going to buy my season tickets today so glad i didn't the baws burst guys, lets go home
  9. didn't understand any of what he was saying, apart from that he was proud to play for a stadium!!!!!!! 2.15 mins in to the video, that is what he says was it a pre requisite when signing for Rangers(RIP) that players were absolute fucknuggets, the "spokesmen" that have appeard over the past few months would suggest this was the case
  10. Real Rangers men. Oh lordy Andy what i'd have given to have been a real rangers man. if only ma faither was one of ra people. when will Andy Goram and his sort realise that it was real Rangers men that killed Rangers. this guy is a simpleton of the greatest magnitude. how the f**k that clown manages to get himself through a day without getting involved in a major accident i will never know.
  11. cause we are not Brechin. our stint in the lower divisions were the exception to the rule, we have always been one of the biggest teams in this country. may i also remind you that since you have been following football Killie have won two national cup competitions and have had various European adventures.
  12. yes that would be quality, Lafferty going to Celtic would be spectacular, i would suggest that it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that Neil Lennon does a bit of Ibrox bargain basement shopping.
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