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  1. The Buddies v Morton 20;11;15

    Are those morton fans with that banner??
  2. Alloa v Morton

    Speak for yourself!
  3. Hibernian vs Greenock Morton

    The first of those missed chances wasn't luck on our part. Gaston stood tall and forced Baird to go for the top corner. Excellent goalkeeping. The second one, though...ooooffft!!
  4. Hibernian vs Greenock Morton

    Excellent stuff hahaha!
  5. Really mate, don't talk shite.
  6. Most beautiful film soundtrack

    And this is cracking, too
  7. Most beautiful film soundtrack

    This is hard to beat
  8. Madchester

    Glasgow green was a phenomenal performance musically. Brown's vocals were perfect.
  9. Morton v Forfar Pathetic

    No Morton midfield worth speaking of. Well done, Forfar.
  10. Morton v Forfar Pathetic

    round of applause from mark farrell on twitter...
  11. Best First Line on an Album

    Sorry man, i tried to quote you but my phone is an imbecile.
  12. Best First Line on an Album

    John squire
  13. Madchester

    Do you have some examples of that? Not having a go but i'm a massive roses fan and other than "Velocity Girl" by the Primals i can't think of any other note for note copies. The guitar line in Fool's Gold had been round the block a few times, mind you and Tim Buckley had a similar arpeggio to Ressurection on Buzzin' Fly but that's about it
  14. Madchester

    My shitty band at the time backed them up at a gig in 1992!