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  1. Anyway, back to football. Kelty are now very much in the driving seat and i fully expect them to see it out. Valiant effort from the boys and i am sure we will be looking to take care of the remaining games we have with the hope Kelty manage to balls it up however unlikely that , may be. Still trophies to play for so season not over by a long shot
  2. Apart from the Gray brothers thats basically our starting team signed up for next year. Great work by the club to get this announced and sorted early. If we are lacking anything in the squad its maybe an option of a midfielder that is at home playing wide. Our full backs are excellent at getting high up the pitch and creating width but most of our midfielders look more comfortable in a central position. (minor issue)
  3. No snow but baltic, baltic, brass monkeys cold
  4. Over 1300 tickets sold for Scottish Cup game against Montrose, looks like we are well on our way to shifting the 2000 made available.
  5. i would rather have played but if we do have injuries and not a fully squad for whatever reason then right decision for us not to agree, why would we? Kelty Statement = We still dinni have a game on Saturday
  6. Being told both clubs have to agree and ask league to bring this forward but no sure what the benefit would be as we would just have another free Saturday in a few weeks time.... if Gala had put away Formartine we would t be having this problem. Was looking forward to a day oot in Gala.
  7. Was he shouting “your the worst team we have ever played”
  8. Can only take what u get a suppose but would like a home tie. A take it round 4 is when everyone is in
  9. Cmon the Rose, what a night, what a team, what a crowd, what a club. Not pretty but got the job done. Hoping for a home tie in the next round. Up to what level in the league enters at round 3?
  10. Enjoyed yesterday’s game. Thought the first half we were excellent. EK came into it more in second half but we had enough about us to. Never gave away many chances but the penalty awarded then cancelled was a let off. Great crowd too for such shit weather conditions. EK for me though didn’t look as good as I thought they were when we played them in a final last year. Only 1 game tbf and might have just had an off day. not a failure but think a shouted “well done Alan Horne” about thousand times, the guy is a legend.
  11. dinni sweat LL chums we will take care of the top end of the HL😁😁
  12. Oh well, got what we deserved on Saturday. Couple of cheap goals gifted in first half and we never looked like coming back. Had a slightly better second half but the damage was done in the first. BSC are a good side and did a good job on us so credit where credit is due. I will take 1 defeat in 8 league games as a start in this league, still very positive but the lads need to bounce back after this set back and I am sure they will. C`mon the Rose
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