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  1. On a different note, and I know you don’t necessarily own a crystal ball, would you think the current Trussonomics mayhem is likely to have an impact on the building game?
  2. Allegedly before the end of the year. Which year, I’m not sure.
  3. A good amount of “if” involved given how tough the league is, but win on Saturday and then Tuesday night against Morton and we’re top of the league
  4. Yes. Almost as if he was being entirely dishonest.
  5. Any attendance figure for last night? Great turnout. Three or four years ago, you’d have been looking at loads of sections not even being opened for a midweek game like that. Great to see.
  6. Not looking likely. Thought Alba might cover it, but nothing has been said.
  7. Prince Andrew chant has to be in the mix.
  8. What are we all going for then? Booing? Chanting? Mixture?
  9. The SFA are requesting to UEFA that we can have a pre-match tribute to the Queen. Requesting a UEFA fine, essentially. Ten days of enforced grief was enough. Gie’s peace.
  10. Anywhere in Victoria Road/Pollokshaws Road. Save yourself some time, and an extra pint, by jumping on the train at QP to Mount Florida.
  11. To be fair, even if I liked the competition, I’d still be putting out that team. If we’re not going to give these guys vaguely competitive game time in this sort of fixture, when are we going to? Cliftonville are a part-time side and these guys are full-time pros. At minimum, we should still be highly competitive even with a good number of changes. If we’re not able trust squad players to perform in a game like this, they shouldn’t really be here.
  12. Not a real competition, though, is it? We’re one step away from inviting shinty teams in.
  13. Whilst I hope everyone involved has a great weekend and heroically disgraces themselves in a drunken manner, Ferrie, Robson, Murray and probably a couple of others shouldn’t even be getting on the flight/boat for this. I’d go with Heraghty, Boateng, Bruce, Eze, Naismith, Bannon, Jarrett, McPake, Longridge, Kenny, Williamson. Minutes for guys who haven’t had them and ones who are still settling in. Kids on the bench along with the likes of Brown, who hasn’t featured much recently. Ayr, Thistle and Dundee in October. Morton to be rearranged as well, so keep the big hitters rested for those big games and sharpen up some of the guys we’re probably going to end up needing. That team above is still more than capable of competing and winning a game like this.
  14. Ferrie and Thomson proving that Beuker and Coyle know things about football, whereas I’m an idiot with an opinion. Some progress from both of them.
  15. As an aside, the Accies young team, one in a ski mask, standing outside the away end at the end, everyone just filing past them in a bemused manner was one of the more bizarre exits from a stadium.
  16. Exactly the sort of victory we needed. Clean sheet absolutely crucial for us in terms of mentality. After we scored, I thought we were miles better than them. Everyone did their bit as well. Absolutely delighted with that.
  17. Sounds familiar. Dundee was the first of our fixtures, league or cup, without both teams scoring.
  18. Given the way the league is, you could really just copy and paste the same thing before every match. All about who turns up. Most teams capable of skelping each other if the circumstances are favourable. If the sharp QP turn up, we can beat anyone at any venue. If the toothless, slack QP turn up, we’re in bother.
  19. Think we’re behind the goals on Saturday, going by the Accies ticketing site. Last time was a bit of a nonsense with one turnstile and folk missing the start. Fair play if they’ve learnt from it.
  20. Fantastic to see the royal box taking shape, on this of all weeks.
  21. Bigmouth Strikes Again every time they spot a player who “looks like they should be in the NBA.”
  22. We will do, once our enforced period of mourning is over.
  23. Just a general musing on the politics on a Saturday afternoon thing. Whilst I don’t think football matches should turn into political rallies, it’s almost impossible to separate the two issues in some cases. For example, if we’re operating a food bank, we’re doing it because government choices have led to people becoming so impoverished that they can’t afford to feed themselves properly. There are other issues that are often seen as political by a lot of folk which, to me, are not. Things like anti-racism and pro-LGBT or any support for other marginalised groups, who are targets of bigots, should be shown support by major organisations within local communities, which includes football clubs. I’d be more than happy to see the rainbow flag or a Refugees Welcome banner among our support, not as a political act, but to say to everyone in the Southside that this club is for them. Being visually welcoming is important, I think. It puts people at ease. The likes of Bohemians in Dublin, St Pauli in Hamburg, Dulwich Hamlet in London are known as “political” clubs and I don’t really think they are. They’re just welcoming and proactive in terms of helping and welcoming marginalised sections of their communities. Where the politics starts and ends can be a grey area, but I do think our support and our club has a role to play within all of the above.
  24. The proles aren’t permitted to be sufficiently mournful enough to cease wealth production during the week, but are afforded this luxury during their rest from toil. Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you, Neil Doncaster.
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