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  1. Not sure, but being linked with Bayern, Benfica and Celtic now.
  2. Think the 1,500 would be just about fine for a wee bit, but really need to be looking at getting the rest of the stadium sorted more quickly. When we played Thistle at the turn of the century, there was a crowd of 4000.
  3. I’d suggest that treating opposition fans like they don’t matter isn’t a great way to proceed for us. Would we be pleased if we couldn’t see our team because another club couldn’t build their ground competently? The fact that our ground isn’t ready is 100% on our club. I don’t see why opposition fans should be missing out in large numbers because of that. It’s up to us to find a solution to that, one way or another.
  4. Exactly this. I’m dying to get back to Lesser, but playing Thistle or Dundee at home with less than 900 tickets is not a credible option. We can’t have loads of people, either home or away fans, who would otherwise regularly attend games being locked out if there are other options.
  5. 990 seats is more than Arbroath have. I don't know whether there is an option for some limited standing round the pitch. Notwithstanding I doubt whether there will be more than 990 QP fans at the games so any ground share will either be for financial benefit (How much however would the likes of Killie or Motherwell want to ground share?) Or would it simply be to allow a bigger away support? How much will it cost QP fans to get to Broadwood or Ochilview? For me a capacity of 990 is fine. Let's go home. Arbroath had 5,000 at their game against Caley, so can’t be compared. It’ll actually be less than 990 when segregation comes into play. Every team in the league could/would bring a three figure away support. Thistle could fill our stadium themselves. Temporary stand or sharing are the only two realistic options.
  6. Aye, same tbh. Was actually someone from Motherwell who mentioned it to me. It would need to be seriously worth their while.
  7. 990 seats simply isn’t feasible in the Championship. It’d actually be less with segregation taken into consideration. We’d probably have gotten away with it in League One for a wee while, but even the smallest away supports will be in three figures next season. Hamilton is out. Airdrie is out because I think the Uni and Celtic B are also playing there. Firhill is out. Broadwood is a depressing possibility. Hampden would be the best for us, but fixtures would need to be sorted to fit around gigs until late August. Fir Park is the rumour I’ve heard and would make sense in terms of the new hybrid pitch and relationship with Leeann Dempster.
  8. Ready made Shamen chant for this one. Eze good! Eze good!
  9. Signed Dom Thomas before we were promoted, so I expect we’re not going to be shy in spending when we need to.
  10. Kerr McInroy would be my top target. Proven he can do it in the Champ with Ayr in the second half of the season. Also completely bullied Thomson, Connell and Gillespie, as well as scoring the winner in the 1-0 game earlier in the season at Airdrie. Better than anything we currently have and well within range.
  11. Can’t let the euphoria affect the judgement. Whole season needs to be taken into consideration. We finished 28 points behind Cove Rangers, so the progress and step up we have to make is self-evident. Some harsh decisions are going to have to be made. The team needs an identity next season, which we didn’t have for much of this season. Of those not contracted, Fox and Robson are my only certs. Character is as important as quality, so I’d be open to keeping Grant and Doyle as squad players.
  12. Don’t think it’d have gone down particularly well locally. Largely been used as a public park for decades and firing a stadium onto what is now a green space would not have been good PR. Probably talking dozens of trees down and neighbouring properties who didn’t buy a house next to a stadium having one dropped in their garden. It’s an important bit of history and is probably best left as that.
  13. No idea. Our crowds have held up ok considering we’ve been playing at the other side of the city and haven’t really been “home” in two years. We’ll benefit from bigger away supports and I’d expect our support to grow to an extent as well. Already seeing a few new faces as a result of commercial and community stuff being done. League football is generally too expensive, though.
  14. I think a lot of fans of a lot of clubs will be nodding along at this. We stayed amateur because we could, counted the rental money and sat in our big palace not really needing to attract any more fans than we already had. Things have obviously changed to an enormous extreme from us at QP, but we sailed along because the system allowed us to. There is absolutely no doubt we’d have been in the Lowland League with no prospect of return, in the near future, if we hadn’t voted as we did. Certainly not taking any of the current stuff for granted. Never know what’s round the corner.
  15. Thistle are a well established big Championship club with a tradition of playing top flight football. They’re part of the fabric of their area and have a good fanbase. We’re miles off that just now, even if we manage to compete with or better them in league positions in the next few years. Will be interesting to see if it develops into a rivalry. Have no ill will towards them, other than maybe wanting to beat them that wee bit more because we share a city. If we can get Lesser into shape, the games will be sold out and great occasions. I don’t know how much working together clubs do from a marketing perspective, but there’s definitely some mileage in an alternative Glasgow derby for the neutral or casual fan.
  16. I see we’ve been included in one of those clickbaity “five possible clubs for Scott Allan” now that he’s leaving Hibs. It’s going to be a particularly silly “silly season” I reckon.
  17. The initial plans are under 2000, but the potential if it being just under 4000 with all four sides built was mentioned on a recent podcast. I’d expect we’ll be looking to hurry this along. Getting back home is so important. Sunday night was really the first time everyone at the club has been together since the huge changes at the club. It’s nearly impossible to build connections between club, support and community if you don’t have a focal point.
  18. Think Leeann Dempster mentioned it as having a potential capacity of just under 4,000. That will do fine. Even Thistle average under that with and they have a decent support. I’d rather have a stadium where demand very occasionally outstripped supply than be sitting somewhere with loads of empty seats every other week.
  19. Been talk of Fir Park and it would make more sense than most. They’ll also have a new hybrid pitch and we might want consistency of surface. Leeann Dempster’s relationship with the club a possible factor as well. In terms of travel time, it’s not actually that much longer than Firhill if you’re trundling through the city centre on a bus. Can get a train from the Southside, quick change at Newton, and be in Motherwell in half an hour. The best solution would be Hampden, but there are gigs there in July and August, so you’re looking at immediately probably having to play the League Cup elsewhere anyway. We cannot play Championship football with 990 seats. Going to need to fire a golf stand/gazebo type stand up the north side, whilst the south is being built or something. Will be folk more qualified than I am who’ll know how feasible that is and the various criteria that’d likely have to be met.
  20. You could probably have signed me up to wearing one at every game next season in exchange for promotion. Simply couldn’t see us having enough to get past either opponent, but we timed our run well. Defensively spectacular over the playoffs. Simon Murray has been plagued by injuries, but he has a knack for the dramatic. Still major changes needed for next season to compete in the Championship, as there would have been if we’d stayed down, and we’ll need to be ruthless, but credit to the players. They delivered scenes I didn’t think possible two weeks ago. The main lesson for me is don’t post with a Sunday hangover. Some may even argue that the first half of that sentence would suffice!
  21. Tarred. Feathered. Sitting wearing a dunces cap.
  22. Would be surprised tbh. Likely be rammed and rightly prioritising home fans. I’ll be sitting on board a vehicle with my own bar until near kick off.
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