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  1. We're being donated money. We're spending what we can afford to spend. If the money stopped being donated, we'd obviously change model and continue to spend what we could afford. Unlike Gretna, we were in a healthy financial position even before Willie Haughey became involved. We're also receiving money for Hampden, albeit a good chunk will he spent on Lesser. He's not some guy who has just appeared from nowhere. He's a serious businessman with a reputation for heading up successful projects, as is Leeann Dempster, who I would imagine is going to take us to another level off the pitch. None of these people are going to want to come out of this with their names tarnished. No club in our position would knock this back. None.
  2. Felt we deserved the win and had to work really hard to get it. Didn't look like it was going to come and the players kept battling to the end. Quitongo was excellent early on, but faded a wee bit and I thought McHugh was brilliant, coming back to link up with some great touches and intelligent play. Took his goal well as well. Can't really ask any more from Murray in his fifteen minute cameo. Assist and goal. If they can both get a run together, they should be a tremendous strike partnership. Absolutely delighted with that. Keeps momentum going and hopefully we can pick up where we left off at Central Park next week.
  3. Who do you think most people who come to the club supported before they arrived? She's a professional who has been posting photos all week of her celebrating Rangers being done in the last minute of a cup final. She will be an absolutely terrific asset to Queen's Park, as she has been at Motherwell and Hibs. We'll be extremely lucky to have her at the club.
  4. Deep undercover committee man imo.
  5. On a complete tangent, does anyone know how many of those away tops we've sold? I see it's been mentioned as the busiest the shop has ever been.
  6. Only minor complaint would be that we could have scored another couple, but it was a cigar and slippers job from the start. Pleased to see McHugh getting off the mark and Quitongo was outstanding. Thought there was some really nice passages of play from us at times. Brilliant for Wullie Muir to get the clean sheet record as well. Four point gap opened, unbeaten and no goals conceded. Happy days.
  7. We hit the bar as well, unless I'm tripping. One pretty much certain goal saved by the keeper, one off the woodwork and another good save from a moving Slater shot in the first quarter of the game, as well as a goal. Fair play to Queen of the South for their reaction. Honestly thought we looked like we were going to go on and win comfortably.
  8. Strange game. Battered Queen of the South for the first quarter, looked really good, and should have been further ahead. Lost a really poor goal from a set piece and another soft one after that. All three goals were actually really soft from our perspective. Poor ball for Baynham for the third and we just let the guy waltz. Not too downhearted. A few guys got some more minutes and a few decent performances. Quitongo looked handy and Carroll looks like he'll put himself about. Agree with Spidersmad, I thought Gillespie was our best performer as well. Tough one against St Mirren on Saturday. Not sure what sort of side we'll go with. I'd probably go full strength. Hope Slater coming off was just precautionary. Becoming a concerning pattern.
  9. Sounds like we'll be making a lot of changes from Saturday. Guys who were on the bench and a couple of kids coming in. Looking forward to seeing what they've got to offer.
  10. Construction underway. We'll be in for the start of next season.
  11. I didn't think Hester's tackle was too bad when watching live. Seeing it again, you could actually make a case for a straight red.
  12. Don't understand why this seems to be being said as if it's a negative.
  13. It's not. It's someone else's money and we're financially secure even without it. The situations aren't comparable. Anyone who looks at the details will know this. Ah, you think the Hampden money is paying for it. Almost like you don't know what you're talking about. He won't. Even if he did, we'd be able to adjust without sinking. If I didn't want to be red carded, I simply wouldn't pile into a nothing tackle a minute after being booked. It wasn't, if you enjoy winning. Cry harder.
  14. Would bite your hand off for the same score as last weekend. If we can win this and look back at three of our first four being away to Stirling, Stranraer and Elgin, and be sitting on ten points, it should be considered a fantastic start for a new squad. Two League Cup games after this would give us another couple of games to knit together, give some game time to guys who've been out/just signed. I think we'll really start to get going in the weeks following that.
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