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  1. Thought Dom and Ciaran did OK. I think the busy run will give us a chance to rotate. There's at least couple of guys who will be taking a shift off work to go to Elgin and not get off the bench. Would hope any outfielder that happened to would be looked upon favourably for a run out at some point.
  2. That's Kurtis Roberts, who scored a couple of pearlers against Berwick. Useful player. Hart was good, as were Galt and McLean. Think it's clear that Clyde have the better players this season, but we dug in well. We've shown great character in the past couple of home games with two late equalisers. Clyde could and maybe should have been out of sight, but big Dom should burst the net after the equaliser as well. As you say, a good game for the neutral.
  3. Definitely the mentalist I've seen the Clyde support go at Hampden. Understandably so. Not won a league game here since 2010 and the fact that it'd have been a massive three points in terms of the title race.
  4. Incidentally, the filming at the front was for "A View From the Terrace" on the new BBC Scotland channel. Same guys who do The Terrace Podcast.
  5. Out of interest do the home fans enter via the big flight of stairs ? Cause a lot were coming out there at the end no turnstiles there or is this the freebies Club members can go through that way. Season tickets as well, maybe. Not sure.
  6. Absolutely furious. Pleasing.
  7. 977. Actually thought it was decent considering Pollok and Auchinleck were playing the Junior Cup quarters just up the road. Nearly 1800 at that.
  8. I'll take Clyde consistently shitting their pants at Hampden over bothering about what goes on in the stand. Decent Clyde support tbf anyway. Couple of hundred.
  9. Queen's Park 1 (East, 85) Clyde 1 (Beast, 81)
  10. Talk me through your feelings when Euan East's majestic strike nestled in the corner. In great detail, if possible. Thanks.
  11. Clyde goal is coming if the pattern of the game continues.
  12. Prefer Clyde fans when they're over confident and underestimating the opposition. Not enjoying the nerves coming from them. In all seriousness, it is the sort of game they have to win if they're going to win the league.
  13. Smallest Support In SPFL

    There was 534 at the first game v Cowdenbeath. We also had 642 against Albion Rovers in January. You see how it works? We'll definitely have a sub 400 before the season is over because we're not playing for anything.