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  1. We've lost one league game at home and some folk on here have absolutely lost the heid on the back of a recent losing run. We lost to two full time sides and the top team in the league in those four games. What was the realistic expectation from these games? Cowdenbeath would be the only one that we'd have been realistically expecting to be taking points from and we were really poor. Performance wise, Saturday was OK and may have been good enough to win other games. I think we can let the top three go. It's a case of who'll win the league between Edinburgh City and Peterhead with Clyde probably having enough for third. Sadly for Albion Rovers, they look doomed to a playoff. We're in the middle pack where everyone can beat each other. Other teams around us have more players who have been over the course before, whereas we've a lot of inexperience at league level. I don't think we'll have enough for the playoffs, but I don't think we're going to be dragged into anything at the other end either. In terms of the manager, he's just in the door and trying to implement ideas and put his mark on the team. He needs time to do that. Proper time. We have to accept where we are and that we're going to have ups and downs. There's a tendancy to get too carried away when we win a couple of games and proclaim disaster when we lose a couple.
  2. Your main striker is a rapist. The comparison is clear.
  3. Queen's Park v Stirling Albion

    Christmas nights out, expensive month, pissing down, baltic etc. Nevertheless, that must have been one of the most poorly attended Saturday home matches I can remember. Stirling had not a bad crowd, but there's no way there was anything close to the near 500 figure published.
  4. Queen's Park v Stirling Albion

    That wasn't far off being decent. Just need that wee bit of quality and composure in the final third when it comes to a final ball and finishing. Couple that with losing a really soft goal, albeit a great finish, and that's why we didn't take the three points. Martin did well before tiring, a great assist for the goal. Thought Magee looked composed as well. Gow showed some decent touches but will need more games before getting up to speed. I assume he'll be signed up during the week. Unlikely that he'd be starting today if he was offski. Some positives, some things to work on. Disappointing to lose Gerry for next week. First yellow would be termed a "good" foul. Second was rash after the boy beat him. Still think we can go down there and get a result if we click.
  5. Best of luck to him. Guy gave his best and scored one of the best QP goals I've ever seen, but the usual snides will be out in force. Wonder who they'll go for now? The manager will be the heavy favourite if we lose tomorrow.
  6. Not sure this is a debate for a Clyde fan to be getting involved in given who your main striker is.
  7. Queen's Park v Stirling Albion

    Think there's been a wee bit of overreaction in some quarters over our recent form. I'd say only Cowdenbeath was truly disappointing. We were pretty major underdogs against Connahs Quay, Raith Rovers and Edinburgh City. Anything from those games would have been a bonus. The next few games are ones that we should be looking to pick up points from. We've come up against Stirling twice and know we can beat them if we play well. They also know they can beat us. There won't be a lot in this and it'll all be down to which team shows up on the day. Could be time to freshen things up. Would like to see Adam Martin given a couple of games to show what he can do. It was a fairly strong Strollers side last night going by the team sheet. Both Kindlans, Mortimer, Peters and Osadolor all played. Any of them could be in contention depending on performances.
  8. Quite disappointing to see barbs at the manager when he's only just in the door. Players are always coming and going at Queen's. Always been the way and probably always will be.
  9. 2020 Group Draw

    How easy are tickets in Brussels likely to be to get a hold of?
  10. Lachlan away officially announced. A shame. Thought he looked the part early on.
  11. 2020 Group Draw

    Kazakhstan is no gimme. We *should* beat them, but we should have won in Georgia as well.
  12. Tickets

    England at home on a Saturday evening went to a public sale, so I'd be amazed if these didn't.
  13. Not so much just about the back four, but how we defend as a team. For the most part, I feel that we look more solid with a sitter in front of the defence. Having said that, I think it's important to give the manager time to put his stamp on things in terms of systems etc. That takes time. Important to have a bit of perspective. We've lost the last four, but we've been heavy underdogs in three of those. The next few weeks will bring fixtures against teams around our level in the league, which will hopefully bring some positive results.
  14. 2020 Group Draw

    When are the fixtures likely to be announced?
  15. "We know the facts." Remind us of the facts. What was he found guilty of? In light of what he was found guilty of, is it appropriate for him to be employed by an organisation who seek to attract young fans?