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  1. That's three guys who can play centre half to a decent standard. Morrison can also play centre mid, which is good. Really pleased with this.
  2. Looks like a possibility of limited crowds being back from September 14th. Who knows what that'll look like? I expect the club will be taking the best possible advice on how to utilise the 52,000 seats and facilities that we'll require. If we're going to maximise distancing, while still getting a reasonable crowd in, it would make more sense to me to spread that across the North Stand, rather than having folk wedged into the left hand side of the South, not necessarily with a great view. I highly doubt that hospitality and lounges will be open, so there's no real need to factor that in. Would be surprised to see kiosks in as well. Even at 10% capacity, the North Stand would hold 910, which is plenty. More toilet facilities available as well. It really depends on how strict things are. Possibility of season tickets only and potentially not having away supports. If it's not the case, and it is a wee bit less strict, absolutely everything will need to be all ticket for contact tracing purposes and away tickets and details would need to be organised through each club. Possibly ID and all that sort of thing if clubs go to absolute extremes, which you couldn't really blame them for in the circumstances.
  3. We training at Lesser, reserves etc? I'm sure I heard it would be available throughout. Is this the case?
  4. Afternoon, Percy. Could buy and sell you, Percy.
  5. Morton fans, you will go on my first whistle. Falkirk fans, you will go on my second whistle. THREE! TWO! ONE!
  6. A free role behind the striker would do that, but you'd also expect a higher return rate in terms of goals. Trouten was very rarely an out and out striker, despite being so prolific. Just a very clever footballer, who could both make things happen and finish. I think there are enough similarities to make it work.
  7. There's a first time for everything.
  8. Here's an absolutely nothing to talk about, so I'll just throw it out there musing. Could we make Galt into our Alan Trouten? He's largely been deployed on the wing and if there's one criticism you could make of is game it's his goal return. He's nearing 30 and isn't going to have the legs he has forever. When you look at Trouten, he didn't really start to deliver the goals until he was in his late 20s. In fact, he was over 30 when he had that mad season with Rovers. We know Galt can finish, we know he has a good football brain. With more quality and running in the team, could putting him in a free role at number ten transform him into a different sort of player and a potentially even bigger threaf? I look at his attributes and honestly think he could and should smash in fifteen goals per season in a good side. *edit- Pro-rata for the fifteen goals this season, obviously.
  9. Jamieson was a good defender at League Two level for us. However, you get the feeling he's going to turn into Franco Baresi as soon as we concede a goal next season. Would he have been off to Alloa if we had remained amateur or, indeed, even part-time? You'd have to think he would have been, given the jump. Nobody owes anybody anything here. If Ray McKinnon gets the calls wrong, he'll pay for them with his job. If he gets them right, we'll be trying to remember the name of the two boys from Largs who played under Roberts. That's football.
  10. We're still going to need more defenders. Have to say, the fact that Kilday was captain for four years at Morton is a huge positive. No danger of a quiet defensive line with Muir, Grant and him around, I wouldn't think.
  11. That is a magnificent picture tbf.
  12. Morton fans scrolling through QP threads and social media after every announcement, "Every Breath You Take" by The Police playing softly in the background, tear soaked team photo from 2018/19 shrivelled up on the arm of their favourite pish stained chair. Raymond has moved on to bigger and better things. Move on with your lives.
  13. Doubt it'd have influenced anything much. The youth of the younger players, who were released, is somewhat overstated. Think only Luke Main is under 20. By the time players are 20/21 they need to be playing week in, week out in order to develop. That obviously wasn't going to happen. The guys who are 16/17/18 now are the ones who will get the benefit of the new structure at the club. Hopefully they'll be ready by the time they reach the ages of a lot of the guys who've just left. Think McGrory and Magee will get clubs at league level, but the fact that the others have ended up at Cumbernauld Colts would suggest that they're maybe not week in, week out players at league level. Some may develop and get to that level with game time at a lower level, of course.
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