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  1. Malky Mackay is not to be pitied, nor is he a victim here. What his completely hypothetical appointment as a leader within our club would say to minority groups on the southside of Glasgow is "this club isn't really for you." If it happens, it's a bunch of white folk appointing a white guy with a racist past, telling minority groups that it's not a big issue. Anyone involved in making such a decision would be completely out of step with what our local community is actually all about.
  2. Which is why I said *if* he's shown remorse. I've no idea whether he has or not. What Malky Mackay has or hasn't had to say after this hasn't really been something that's interested me. People will point to him being appointed by the SFA, but if we're using them for a benchmark of reputation, leadership and morality, then we're as well just liquidating the club.
  3. Two different scenarios. I'm not against Malky Mackay working in football again, nor am I totally against him working at Queen's Park in some capacity. However, in our circumstance of trying to build within the most diverse communities in the country, he is demonstrably unfit to take any sort of leadership role within the club. It sends out an absolutely terrible message to BAME, Jewish and LGBT communities, as well as young women. I couldn't encourage anyone to come and watch our club if he was one of the figureheads. Let's also be quite clear here. These messages were not sent in less enlightened times and Malky Mackay was not a daft kid. He was a man in his 40s. He does deserve to be forgiven and he does deserve to work again if he's shown remorse. However, something on that scale should pretty much rule you out of certain roles. I believe bank robbers should be able to work again, for example. However, I don't necessarily believe that the Royal Bank of Scotland would necessarily be the most suitable place of employment. I'm proud of the area I come from and I'm proud to be associated with Queen's Park. Those two things cannot link effectively with Malky Mackay's history hanging over the football club. It cannot and must not be allowed to happen, otherwise all this community stuff is just meaningless words.
  4. It would rubber stamp the fact that they simply don't give a f**k about the views of many supporters. Not many things would make me consider not parting with my cash for QP, but this is one of them.
  5. I'd imagine this is what the social club will look like after the ground is built.
  6. "Affordable." Agents licking their lips if Haughey thinks you need to pay £1800 per month for a decent flat.
  7. You've had your Papa Johns advert and update on availability of polo shirts. Very ungrateful.
  8. What's everyone's view on Mackay? Not that the club cares about that. Not looking to jump down the throat of anyone who isn't bothered/would welcome him. Just interested to see how strongly the opinions swing either way. My view is pretty clear on the matter. I'd be embarrassed and ashamed if we appointed him, particularly given the diversity of the local community we want to reach out to. Would absolutely piss all over the enthusiasm that I've got for where we might be heading.
  9. If I know our famous public relations as well as I think I do, we'll harness the buzz of the extraordinary victory for people power in the southside of Glasgow today by appointing Malky Mackay within twenty-four hours.
  10. Yeah, it's not advertised well at all. Need two existing members to give you the OK. Not really any great use to folk who maybe don't know any members. Not the most comfortable thing to walk up and ask someone you might only know in passing to sign you into something. There has always been a feeling of a closed shop about it, even if it's not necessarily the reality. Someone may correct me, but I've never known of anyone being knocked back!
  11. This is exactly it. It's a question of respect. The structure of the club will change because, frankly, it has to. A committee structure isn't going to work in a professional environment. I suspect discussions over this may dominate the AGM. I think some sort of community club model may be the way ahead and that's something I would be broadly in favour of. Where that will leave the membership is something that is obviously going to require debate and discussion. However, while the current structure remains in place, it should be respected. There has been no attempt to engage with the fans or membership and that, frankly, is not acceptable under any circumstance.
  12. All bets were off when we voted to turn professional. I voted for it knowing that. It was going to need investment and it was highly likely that the internal structures within the club were going to have to change. I didn't expect it to happen on this scale, of course. I'm still well on board with the direction of travel and the idea of the club being at the heart of the local community. However, the communication with fans has been so poor. Covid cannot be blamed on that. It's 2021. You can't on one hand say we need to professionalise and then refuse to use modern technology as a medium for a conversation with fans.
  13. Read what I said. It was a quote from within the club and one that I was surprised by.
  14. Think the concerns around performances against higher level opposition are legitimate. You could counter that by saying three of them were very, very early in the day. Bar an impressive opening in the League Cup against Queen of the South, we weren't at the races. It's undeniably harsh to sack, sorry "mutually consent", a manager with his record, but it's also absolutely right that performances should be held to a different standard in these exceptional circumstances. Ultimately, only time will tell whether this has been the right or wrong decision. Whether it's Stubbs or anyone else, vile racists aside, I'm happy to get behind whoever it is. We're not getting a manager to come to League One who hasn't had a bad experience or experiences elsewhere. Either that or it's going to be someone untested and inexperienced. What is does bring forward is what we're actually aiming for here. Leeann Dempster has stated on record that it's about consolidation next season. McKinnon, despite any reservations anyone might have about him, would have kept us in League One with something to spare. A change suggests those aims have shifted. If only there was some sort of technology that could allow the club to present these plans to the support, rather than occasional leaks to tabloids, followed by long periods of silence. The AGM will be interesting.
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