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  1. Special word for Wullie Muir after a rocky patch. He saved us from an absolute humiliation last week and kept us in the game with a wonderful save. Regardless of how big our budget might be next season, he gets the gloves for me. Not many better at this level.
  2. It is, but weaponising someone's mental health goes beyond "rough banter." I've no idea what happened on the pitch and neither does anyone else on here, but if anyone is found in the future to be targeting someone in that manner, the authorities should be looking at the harshest possible penalties being enforced against them. It's not really any different from mocking a cancer survivor. As a society, we're still a million miles from where we need to be when it comes to attitudes towards mental health. Football, as it is on most issues, is even further behind because of the toxic masculinity that still permeates through the game. Giving someone pelters is fine, winding someone up is fine, showing passion and having a bit of a rumble is fine. However, mental health is life/death stuff and, for all football is important, it is not life and death. There are lines that just shouldn't be crossed. I've never been a fan of the on field character of David Cox, but it's eminently possible that he's a good guy off the park. I hope he continues to get the help and support he needs. I think the best thing the wider football community can do in these situations is listen, rather than immediately go into defensive mode.
  3. Don't necessarily disagree that a draw wouldn't be a bad result. Can't afford to get carried away at this stage. We'd obviously hope to win the game, but we're still a long way away from being a team who can rock up to away games and just expect to win. Tomorrow will be a tough battle on a heavy park and be totally different in style to our previous two games. Rovers aren't having a great season, but there is danger there. They were seconds from winning at Hampden, by all accounts they were pretty hard done by at Ainslie Park and stuck four past Cove earlier in the season, although Annan stole their thunder on that front last week. If we apply ourselves in the right manner, it's a game we can certainly win. A couple of weeks ago this would have been a toss of a coin game, so there's absolutely no way we should be complacent. We'll save that for when we're the Lower League Harlem Globetrotters, next season.
  4. How much rain can the park take?...
  5. I agree with you, but I don't think he'll drop anyone. Tends to stay with a winning team unless change is forced.
  6. We've hit a purple patch having won our last two. We look pretty solid at the back and we're taking our chances. What a difference a goalscorer makes. We were the underdogs against QOS and Edinburgh and won, which will bring high expectations for this one. Rovers are no mugs, as they showed at Hampden and they've had sporadic good performances and results. We'll need to maintain the standard of recent weeks if we're to get a result. The recent record at Cliftonhill is good and the players will be full of confidence. I don't the manager will drop Purdue for Galt, simply because he usually stays loyal to a winning side and he was on the scoresheet. Useful sub to have.
  7. Great result. Not only that, but we're starting to get that wee rub of the green as well. Two free kicks off the post at 1-0. Salim playing with so much confidence just now and is showing the variation of goals in his armoury. That finish was absolutely sensational. All of that without Galt as well. A Galtless performance, if you will. *deletes account*
  8. We've barely given this mob a game. Just getting something against them would be a good result.
  9. It's actually unbelievable. An eminently winnable seat absolutely fucked because someone at HQ can't do their job properly.
  10. Joffrey Lidouren with six assists in thirteen games, Salim Koudier-Aissa with double figures, Galt doing Galt things. Now that we can, we're surely already talking to these guys about next season? Not the only ones either btw.
  11. Hampden is probably the only all seater stadium that we don't stand at. It's not conducive to creating any sort of atmosphere. We do know the stewarding policy, which is to treat pensioners as ISIS fighters returning from Northern Syria.
  12. It'll take care of itself. Folk will generally go to the same general area for most games. One of those areas will become a standing section, whether it's a bit with rail seats or not.
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