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  1. Interesting, indeed. Some might even call him a lying b*****d.
  2. The noticeable thing in these pictures is how sizeable the young team contingent of the support is. We just don't have that now.
  3. As with Rangers in 2012, if it comes to it, it's the responsibility of every single supporter to make sure we're not trampled on. If the majority of fans threaten to withhold money from clubs until their club actively fights this, then it won't happen. We hold the power here.
  4. Aye, but you can't blame folk for not picking players they've never seen play. Not like we have a back catalogue of video footage from days gone by to have seen these guys either.
  5. I've never particularly liked the 'younger blood' as an excuse for pushing out more experienced campaigners. It's demonstrably ageist. You could stick someone in their 30s in and they might not make a contribution, whereas someone at 70 might. Vice-versa, of course. As a general point, though, I do think that most entities perform better with broader representation. Have we ever had a female committee member, for example? Like every club, we'll all have wee gripes, snipes and complaints at certain times. However, look at where we were, where we are, and where we're hopefully going and I don't think we can complain too much about the committee. In fact, they deserve enormous credit. Coming onto a forum and personalising the issue, as Dooflick did, is pretty below the belt tbh.
  6. Paton was a class right back. MacFarlane walks in to a centre half spot and there's plenty of options at left back. The temptation to go for Robertson would be strong, but I think Connaghan and Douglas were better left backs for us. Connaghan has a title winning medal, so that probably gives him the edge. Would need to have a good think about another centre back, mainly because my memory is dreadful and I'll probably miss someone totally obvious.
  7. He made a save against Clyde at Hampden (first game back after Airdrie) that was almost behind him. That and a David Crawford save from a header against Stenny at Hampden are two of the best saves I've seen from QP keepers. We've been very fortunate in that position down the years.
  8. That's down to the membership. If they feel that both of these lads have a contribution to make, they'll continue. Also depends on younger folk wanting/being able to step up.
  9. We've been blessed with really good goalkeepers during my time. Inglis, DC, Parry, Hart and Muir were/are outstanding for us. Think DC edges it.
  10. I'm always honest. Conference call with the lads last night.
  11. Why are you so obsessed with this? A lot of folk know who is who on here, but if folk want to be anonymous then it's their right.
  12. I'm sure anyone who is in the position to donate/buy a season ticket as normal will do so. This is a completely unprecedented situation and we're lucky enough to be in a privileged position, but we'll still need supporters to step up.
  13. Hospitals and fire stations are life and death. Factories produce things like food, which is also life and death. People also don't get money in their bank accounts on pay day without offices. That's the difference between all of those things and football.
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