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  1. I’m quite comfortable that we currently have a small support and always have done in my lifetime. Willy waving about big game supports doesn’t really matter. That’s not going to deliver anything other than a few photographs suggesting that you have a bigger support than you actually do in reality. Our core supports are not dissimilar and I think both clubs do relatively ok in that regard when you consider the local competition and level we play at.
  2. We can have a crack at it. Fan base is not the only factor in terms of sustaining full-time football. Livi and Hamilton manage it with not many more than 1000 fans. We’d still need to grow the support to make it work, but it can be done over time. The alternative is simply not trying. Why would we not, when we can?
  3. I wrote a lengthy and very possibly tedious thread on Twitter about this, but this is probably a better forum for it. The events of Saturday’s game have once again brought the societal stain of racism to the forefront of our game. One idiot shouting is part of a bigger picture and got me thinking about the question of race within the Scottish game. Part our goal as a club is to become embedded in the fabric of our local community. We cannot do that without asking ourselves some uncomfortable questions. Does our game do enough to tackle racism and racial inequality? Does our club? The answer to both would have to be a fairly resounding “No.” Condemnation and red cards are fine, but what do we * actually * do? How much talking and, more importantly, listening do we actually do with BAME and other minority groups? Not much, I’d suspect. I’m of the view that our club should reflect our area. Look around the stands on a Saturday. We don’t. It’s a very middle aged and very white picture. We need to feel uncomfortable about that as a club and as a national sport in general. It’s not very much different at any other ground. I’ve seen very few actual instances of racism over the years, but the problem is probably more structural than overt. We need to ask ourselves why that is and how we can change it? Community means exactly that. It means everyone. I really hope our club recognises this when we’re developing strategies to attract both supporters and participation.
  4. The problem is that society does not give equal value, regardless of characteristics, on any of these fronts. You’ll never hear a player in Scotland being called abused and called a “white b*****d” for example.
  5. Just read that Goodwillie scored his 100th Clyde goal last weekend. Anyone know why he hasn’t managed a move to a higher level? Must be a reason for it.
  6. Are you trying to rile me by pretending the Jobby Cup was a serious game of association football?
  7. Harsh, I think. Liverpool or not, this a completely new set of circumstances for the kid. Came on to what was a really disjointed team performance as well. A very young right hand side with him and Gillies for the spell he was on. Having Doyle behind him, back in his normal position, will help him enormously imo.
  8. Genuinely aggrieved that a club like ours has to play against shite like this. The only way we can f**k this is if we simply become too bored. It’s like asking a genius to play Connect 4.
  9. An instantly forgettable game of football. One of those ones that looked like a 0-0 very early on. We just looked a shade off it all over the park. Could actually be seen as a positive that we were pretty pish and still took a point from a team who’ll be up and around the top four.
  10. 2,500 would do us in the long term. Generally not going to sell that out. Even if we wanted more, we could surely move the pitch up further and build on the four sides?
  11. Any away support figure given for Saturday?
  12. I don’t care whether we played good football. I care about putting the ball in the net more than the other team. Good football is a bonus. Been lucky enough to have a bit of both so far this season.
  13. We didn’t have to have our best stuff to beat you. We were probably better at Alloa and didn’t win. Certainly played some really decent stuff against Cove and Dumbarton. The league table doesn’t paint pretty pictures. It’s a numbers game. If Falkirk are going to win the league, they’re going to have to grind out wins like we did yesterday. Mystifying amount of crying going on.
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