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  1. Honestly couldn’t see anything but a Thistle win after they equalised. Great attitude from us in response. We took our chances and they didn’t is really the story of the game. Fantastic day, for which I’m now suffering. Really decent Thistle support through considering the Edinburgh Fringe is on as well.
  2. Well, that’s the issue really. The stadium isn’t fit for purpose and it’s yet another failure by our highly paid Chief Executive. My argument is that away fans should have a designated section of seats. You don’t necessarily have to be disabled to struggle to stand for ninety minutes. The issue would be away fans in designated QP sections, as happened last week. It’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen on Saturday and it’s 100% on the club, the Chief Executive in particular. I don’t think “ach well” and shrugging from us is an acceptable solution for an elderly Thistle fan wanting to come and cheer on their team, whilst younger and more mobile fans pile into the terracing. It’s pretty embarrassing really, but then that’s something we’ve become used to on the issue of stadiums. An absolute mess that we’ve ended up here, yet there’s been no hands held up and no accountability. Just “we are where we are” and nobody really taking responsibility for why we are where we are. The supply chain and Covid is only part of the issue, and people at the club would like us to think that the disaster of the initial design and subsequent bin fire isn’t the real root problem.
  3. There will be, but my default position for any club would be that if you can’t provide suitable facilities for all spectators, you probably shouldn’t be playing in this league. It’s the tone that comes with it from the club and the complete lack of acknowledgement that they’re responsible for every single bit of this circus that gets me. There’s a steel shortage now, but it wasn’t a steel shortage or Covid that made a total bollocks of the original design. Completely sick of this shit, but I’m a mug and they’ve got my money and they’ll continue to get it.
  4. Incredibly, on balance, it’s probably yours. On ours, I don’t want away fans in home sections, but it’s basic decency to stick a section aside for fans who might be immobile or ill. Surely the far end uncovered terrace can take some pressure off the stand? I don’t really care about stewarding costs. Stick it in the “can’t build a stadium competently” section of the books. Fans shouldn’t be any further affected by this absolute circus of a stadium situation.
  5. Anyone found to be supporting Thistle in the stand being papped out according to the official site. Apologies to any elderly or immobile Thistle fans. I’m fairly sure that’s against league regulations as well tbh. Think you have to designate a certain number of seats? “We only have 600 seats” as if that’s anyone else’s fault at all.
  6. Took in the game last night, thinking the likes of Eze and Williamson might play. Very young side. As said, they were all wearing first team names and numbers, so no idea who anyone really was. The Eze guy and Fake Davidson probably the two standouts. Wee left winger was decent as well. Some decent stuff played.
  7. Pure hatred between both camps. Primal Scream v Belle and Sebastian, Vicky Road v Great Western Road, the Glasgow accent v the Glasgow Uni accent. The tension will be palpable.
  8. On another note, the need for some sort of temporary seating at Lesser has never been more obvious than last night. Our section was certainly oversubscribed and some away fans in the end sections. I have no issue with fans getting it up us from their own end or, in exceptional circumstances, the field of play, but away fans jumping up in the home end is asking for bother. There’s an obvious risk for that next Saturday. Away fans who can’t sit are going to need to be accommodated in a separate section, but I suppose you can’t really segregate that. Don’t know whether it’s maybe best for away fans requiring seats to contact the club direct and make necessary arrangements, but there should be a zero tolerance on random away punters or there is inevitably going to be trouble in the heat of the moment. Not sure what the situation is with standing up the other end? I’ve seen it happen at Stenny games but unclear as to whether it’s available for us.
  9. The important thing is that this doesn’t become a pattern of behaviour. It’s clear we can play a bit of football, but you need to scrap as well. As soon as Ayr decided they wanted to do that, we shat it. I’m not talking committing assaults or anything, but get in their faces, leave a wee bit on someone if you have to. Let them know you’re up for the battle. Easiest half of football they’ll ever have had. Trying not to be too knee jerk because I’ve said all along that this league is going to throw up madness. We’ll lose games we fancy winning and we’ll get results where we’re not really supposed to. Next few games will tell us a lot about the personality of the team. Are they determined not to allow that sort of thing to happen again, or do they go into their shells?
  10. Zero complaints. Ayr deserved to win that in the end. Dreadful from them in the first half and we took advantage of it. It’s not enough for us to look tidy and mildly entertaining, though. We need aggression and we showed f**k all. From the moment they scored, they were dominant. Thought Akinyemi was superb and absolutely tortured our awful defence. Even Fox was miles off it. How Lee Kilday is playing full-time football is beyond me. Nowhere near good enough. Fair play to the boy giving it the big one at the winner. You give it out, you have to take it back. Not necessarily my immediate reaction at the time, but football is nothing without shithousery? Think Murray gave it a bit at the goal to the Ayr fans as well, which I wholeheartedly approve of. Biggest sickener in many a year. Probably not felt a punch in the baws like that since Rovers scored two late ones at Hampden to draw after we’d murdered them. Big wake up call for us. Time to toughen up.
  11. He’s possibly a nice guy, but there aren’t any footballing strengths that spring to mind. Even managed to be terrible in a game where he scored a double.
  12. I regret to inform you that he’s absolute toilet. A genuine candidate for the worst ever QP XI.
  13. I don’t think we can drop Murray. He didn’t score on Saturday, but was involved in the creation of a couple of great chances and got himself into good areas as well. As you say, who does drop out? I think Williamson’s chance will inevitably come, but it doesn’t need to be rushed. Murray knows he can’t dip or there’s a guy taking his jersey.
  14. Some guff off it after flushing, right enough. A number blaming the chemicals, but I’m unconvinced.
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