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  1. This is great stuff. Getting home is hopefully going to be a huge boost. If the feeling around the club can match the football, we’ll be flying.
  2. Strongest side for me. Can’t take any chances when we’ve a chance of a run or a few quid with a big draw. We’ve got to turn up with the right attitude and avoid any potential custard pies in the face. Scottish Cup is a big thing for the club.
  3. This league is insane. We were good yesterday, but felt we were actually better in a game we won narrowly last week! Love the way Coyle has us playing. Thomson goes from strength to strength every week, Thomas is one of the best players in the league for me, and the shift Murray is putting in on a weekly basis is tremendous. So sharp and clinical in front of goal. If the Thomas one had gone in at the end, I’d have expired on the spot. A brilliant day out, for which I’m paying back with interest today.
  4. Oh that’s absolutely lovely. Can almost taste the tears.
  5. I actually thought you were one of the better sides we’ve faced, despite the result. We’ve played better in several games and not won them. The one off the the line at the end looked a certain goal at the end as well.
  6. Aye, there’s no reason to change anything on Saturday, other than maybe Savoury in for McPake. I’m not even arguing that Eze should start, because I don’t think he should, it’s just that folk seem to be dying to jump on him for anything. The good things he’s done don’t count, the bad things he’s done are amplified and we’re even creating fantasy situations in which his presence is a negative! He obviously has horror shows in his locker, but it’s way over the top, as far as I’m concerned.
  7. These hypothetical Eze scenarios are quite something. We’d definitely have won at Arbroath anyway with an 18 year old kid at a tough venue in his place. He definitely wouldn’t have won a header during a specific piece of play against Inverness. Constructive criticism is fine, but these fantasy situations are clear scapegoat territory. I’m not entirely sure what we even really require a scapegoat for, when we’re sitting 4th in the Championship.
  8. There’s no way of knowing if that’d have been the case. We’d have been flinging a kid in on a windy day at Arbroath for example. Anything could have happened. We’ve kept three clean sheets and he’s started the three games. Of course that isn’t entirely down to him, but it does raise the question about the rest of the defence leaking and not having the same criticisms levelled at them. I absolutely think there are questions around him, but no more than I think there are questions around the right back position. Kilday’s come onto a game, but we know he has nonsense in his locker as well. Big Charlie as a good player, but not a silver bullet. As I said, if Eze plays McKay on side on Saturday, he’s getting it tight. I’m of the belief that the big guy is probably pretty average. He’s made some very good contributions and some very ropey ones. The apparent desperation to jump on anything he does, whilst others get a pass, doesn’t sit right with me, particularly when we’re going so well, though. Folk saw Nigerian caps and didn’t factor in that Lee Wilkie has eleven Scotland caps. You don’t need to be Paolo Maldini to win a few.
  9. Was told the south was going to be built after the end of this season, but who knows? Might actually make more sense to fling a couple of temp efforts up like Cove depending on what our longer term plans are.
  10. Simply don’t know what you’re going to get from us. We can both pump and be pumped in any game, at any venue, at any given time. Second half performance was phenomenal yesterday. Anyone looking at it would think 2-1 was a tight game. Really wasn’t an awful different from the 4-0 at Firhill in terms of levels. I’d have Savoury in for McPake as my only change. Felt Murray really needed that goal. Wasn’t a goalscoring crisis, but needed one to keep him ticking over and make sure the confidence level didn’t dip. Can’t see it being 0-0, but wouldn’t be predicting anything beyond that. Thought Raith Rovers were one of the better sides we’ve played and we probably got away with one against them last time.
  11. I wouldn’t be changing the defence next week and I’m a big Fox fan, but some of the Eze criticism is miles OTT for me. If he plays McKay onside last night, he’s getting absolutely slaughtered for it.
  12. Aye. In general, it’s working. Not going to win every week and we’ll throw in the odd stinker. Even when it’s not going particularly well, you can generally see what we’re trying to do, though. We’re far exceeding where I thought we’d be in terms of style and points accrued.
  13. Would have been a complete travesty if we hadn’t won that. Think that’s the first time we’ve come from 1-0 down to win? Great character and kept trying to play as well. Delighted for Murray to get the goal. It hasn’t been happening for him in front of goal and that looked to be continuing! A lot of really strong performances, none more so than the returning Charlie Fox. Really delighted with that.
  14. Really wouldn’t take an awful lot for a buzz to grow around the place. Couple of good results and the whole thing is off and running. That wee spell before Covid, after we’d turned pro, there was that rarest of windows of feel good factors and everyone pulling in the same direction. We need that again if this thing is going to be a success. Conversely, it could be a disaster because farce is in our club DNA. Let’s see how it all unfolds.
  15. A step in the right direction. A club playing outside of its community is a club without a real heartbeat. Hopefully tomorrow is the last game at Stenny, but we’ll see.
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