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  1. More sour grapes. I don't understand why they can't just take defeat with good grace. We've been gracious on all of the occasions when Clyde have won at Hampden in recent years.
  2. Why are people talking about the game next week? This is strictly about our 3-0 win. Given that it's another goalless and winless season at Hampden, I can understand the deflection tactics.
  3. QP v ANNAN

    Annan are a good side, but we're playing with confidence. Go with the same attitude and see where it takes us
  4. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Here. Mind that time we had a full squad of players signed up on £1 contracts to avoid registration loopholes and absolutely nothing happened to us? Some laugh.
  5. Appeal unsuccessful. 3-0.
  6. Anyone care to spark any wild rumours about who is staying/going?
  7. Very much so. The questions being asked of Roberts during the poor run were perfectly legitimate ones in the circumstances, but he's thankfully answered them in style. No doubt at all that he gets a crack at it next season.
  8. The Albion Rovers Thread

    It's in your hands, which is remarkable in itself. There was a real end of days vibe around Shielfield, yesterday. Home support, understandably, making their feelings known and their team going down with a whimper. They're going to need to pull something from somewhere.
  9. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Not sure what the Latin is for "win at all costs" is, but I'd be on board with it.
  10. But there are other sanctions available to deal with this. Dock them 5 points? Relegate them, like Rangers a few years ago? Rangers weren't relegated. They were liquidated and the new club was placed in League Two.
  11. We scored four without reply at the weekend and they lost six second half goals and their manager invited an elderly fan in to lecture the players at the end. All of this, coupled with the fact that we scored seven against them and recently came from behind to win down there, should point to an away win. This makes me feel quite uneasy. Great team performance on Saturday. 4-0 win without being absolutely spectacular. Everyone did their job and we took our chances. No reason not to keep faith with the same XI. Our old chums in Coatbridge will have a keen eye on this as well. We've got to anticipate a tough game and not let the standard drop. I don't think we'll do that. 2-1 QP.
  12. Rovers v QP

    For me, Roberts had questions to answer after the sparse run. However, I said I'd be happy enough if he got to around 42 points from this run of games. We're more or less there and on a positive trajectory. He's weathered the storm and answered those questions and we've signed up our best player for next season, along with at least one promising young player. Credit to him.
  13. Rovers v QP

    I still maintain it was a penalty and will do so until I'm forced into an embarrassing climb down by footage.
  14. Rovers v QP

    Galt got in front of the defender, felt the contact and went down. Stonewaller? Probably not. Dive? Probably not, also. Played for it. Every team on the planet wins those penalties. Thought it was a good performance without being spectacular. Every single player did their job well. Didn't feel Rovers were ever scoring at any point. Gerry, Dom and Gibby will have long balls for breakfast if there's no runners in behind. Can't remember a single Rovers chance. Best of luck to Rovers for the rest of the season. Wouldn't like to see them go.