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  1. On murals, I like the idea of having our ground absolutely plastered in them. Space for heritage, modern day legends, traditional murals, more mental looking ones. Something that when you're passing and entering the stadium, it's almost overbearingly Queen's Park Football Club and nobody is in any doubt about who plays there. We have to attempt to make it not just any other ground.
  2. Would argue that it's not really hindsight if there were consistent warnings that this thing was going to get worse in winter. Should there be contingency planning for a third wave or further disruption? Absolutely. It would be deeply irresponsible not to do that against the backdrop of a global pandemic and mutating virus. The clubs have to take some responsibility here. Everyone knew the risks and went into the season on the basis of nothing other than crossing their fingers and hoping the worst didn't happen. It has happened and now we're heading for a similar shambles to last summer. That didn't have to happen. Every competent organisation has disaster management plans.
  3. The food at Hampden is both extortionate and rancid. Curry pie at Ainslie Park is magnificent.
  4. The guys were mostly playing bottom of Championship/top of League One. The full-time label possibly sees things being overplayed in terms of the actual quality. Two guys in from Thistle (relegated), a couple in from Falkirk (couldn't get out of League One.) Whilst there's no excuses for not getting out of League Two, it's not like these guys were absolutely romping it in leagues that included part-time teams. I have no great problem with any of the players btw. They all look to be solid, honest pros who can do a job at the bread and butter level. Unbeaten in the league, so far.
  5. Without wanting to stray too far off topic, there's a unique set of circumstances around the situation at QP and the risk is not a substantial one. It exists, of course. Nothing is completely risk free. Even without Haughey, our books are healthy and we have assets. We're not Gretna. Although, I understand why folk from the outside with limited knowledge of the inner workings of the club would arrive at that conclusion.
  6. Again, total nonsense. Queen's Park are not crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. There are serious professionals with reputations involved. They will be implementing long term strategies and analysing possible risks at every turn. If the clubs had put procedures in place to manage the risks, we wouldn't be where we are now. Nobody knew what was going to happen. Everyone went in with their eyes closed. A leap into the unknown and an "ask questions later" attitude if it went tits up.
  7. Nobody did that, though. The argument is about planning. Proceeding on a basis of emotion and hope is for the fans, it's not for people running serious operations. Every organisation should factor worst case scenarios into a risk management strategy. I would be very, very interested to see if such a strategy existed. I suspect we both know the answer to that one. Our most successful local ex-junior clubs, Pollok, didn't kick off this season. Horrible for everyone involved. Absolutely horrible. However, it was a decision based upon risk and not hope. There was always going to be a Pollok FC in 2021/22.
  8. This is complete and utter fantasy from start to finish. Everybody knew that a vaccine/treatment was the only way out. Nobody knew, and still nobody knows, how this still very new virus is going to behave. You do not operate a business based on what you hope happens. The clubs can shout all they want about governments etc. but they need to take some responsibility. They knew the risks and to say they didn't is completely false.
  9. The decision was taken following a meeting with the Sports Minister. Whether the call was the Government, SFA, or mutual agreement will depend on the agenda of whoever is making the argument. The point still stands that the government is bailing out clubs who new the risks of starting. It was the equivalent of seeing a forecast for a risk of snow, climbing up Ben Nevis in your sambas and then blaming the mountain rescue service when they arrive in the helicopter to rescue you.
  10. Absolutely everything has been based around what clubs hoped would happen. The taxpayer is now coughing up £5million for leagues that are largely part-time, when the clubs knew the risks of going ahead with the season . The option to mothball was unpalatable, but it was there. People will criticise the Scottish Government for the league suspension, but they've stepped up to bail out clubs who started the season with their fingers crossed and their eyes closed.
  11. Yeah, I feel exactly the same. The club, and I understand why, would likely fight to get some sort of finish to the season. Guff from a punter perspective, though.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/GlasgowCC/status/1349759498441916416 Interesting.....
  13. ^ Douglas Ross account found imo
  14. Possible that construction could be paused tomorrow after the cabinet decide on further measures. Could set the timetable back further. Not ideal, but it is what it is.
  15. Think it'd have been on the cards anyway. Wouldn't surprise me if the top two leagues stopped as well. New strain has accelerated everything. Celtic going to Dubai against a backdrop of rocketing case numbers was reckless madness, though. Some clubs at the top levels in England are pushing for a break as well. My only surprise is that it didn't get binned last week. Allowing physical contact between untested players in an environment where a more contagious strain exists doesn't seem logical. Safety of the players has to come first. Some of these guys will live with vulnerable people. Is it worth the risk? Frustrating as it is, probably not.
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