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  1. From what I hear, Fort are likely to and Cove are making 'arrangements' with a licenced team if when they can't build their new stadium before next season. Not sure who, Banks o'Dee would probably be the most sensible, but I suppose Locos/Formartine not out of the question. I assuming it's not going to be Pittodrie (or Glebe Park...)
  2. I would think that the North Juniors would be more on board with a feeder system than down south, especially given the contempt they seem to have been shown by the SJFA and the whole Southern Scotland SooperDooperLeague situation. I guess the question is would the North Premier sit under the HFL or would the HFL form a new intermediate division? What would the licencing requirements for this division be in terms of facilities and youth set-up. Some North grounds would not take too much to bring them up to entry licence, but the majority in the North are fenced off public parks and this gets even worse in the NCL... As for league numbers, HibeeJibee is right in pointing out the issue with more games - the season is already being cut short to allow the play-offs and there are a significant number of mid week matches early this season - impacting on the cups too. I can't see more than the current 34 being workable, so a 10/10 is probably out. 16/16...? 30 league games is probably a sensible number. Who would take the lead? Who would step up?
  3. They are groundsharing this season, half the matches at Hillhead and half at the Sports Village. I think the Grill Cup match is at Hillhead - at least the referee's appointment says so.
  4. I wouldn't worry about promotion to the Highland League. Given the SJFA's contempt for the North Juniors in their planned SooperDooperLeague I would expect an HFL feeder from the North sides +/- the NCL teams to be a reasonably simple prospect...
  5. Christ, Wick go to Aberdeen - 205 miles; Inverurie - 190 miles; Pitmedden 195 miles... etc etc etc. Now think about Brora and Fort Bill... too - do I need to go on? They seem to manage, and manage pretty well.
  6. But this is the whole point - if clubs are not sustainable, they go down and another club goes up. If they're not sustainable then they go down again and someone else comes up - it's all about finding a level. What is unacceptable is 'big fish' clubs treading water, denying other clubs the opportunity to progress - this is what Brora seem to want, it's all having your cake and eating it. Part of playing in league, which, let's remember, voted to accept the SFA's proposals is that you follow both the rules and spirit of the rules.
  7. Abolition of the senior/junior/amateur/welfare divide would come under there for me as well, but I think you're spot on there.
  8. There's no reason the uni and thistle can't groundshare. The uni would be playing its 2nd XI games at Balgownie and BUCS and SUSF fixtures are Wednesday afternoons. Hopefully some common sense will prevail...
  9. Good point, since technically, Bridge of Don groundshare with the university at the moment!
  10. Last I heard was Cove and Fort William, with Rothes appealing.
  11. It is a stupid rule, especially when the university have said they are happy to groundshare (as they do now!). Not sure if it's mainly targeted at Junior teams groundsharing with Senior teams in the HFL from a fixture priority point-of-view. Sadly, the university do own Hillhead and their other pitches at Balgownie and King's College are basically unenclosed playing fields. Doesn't much help in the potential development of facilities in the North, you'd think a couple of Aberdeen teams could groundshare at the sports village, especially when the new 3G is built.
  12. Heard that Lossiemouth Utd are now under the wing of Lossiemouth and will be their Under 20s?
  13. Usual round of friendlies then... Wick Academy Vs Ross County, Saturday 12th July (15:00) Rothes Vs Ross County, Tuesday 15th July (19:30) Elgin City Vs Ross County, Saturday 19th July (15:00) Clachnacuddin Vs Ross County, Tuesday 22nd July (19:30) Nairn County Vs Ross County, Saturday 26th July (15:00) FC Twente XI Vs Ross County, Friday 1st August (TBC)
  14. What's wrong with loaning out your players if you're wanting them to have game time? Or develop a more competitive reserve league. B teams are a terrible idea.
  15. Maybe if we had footballing unity... given that the North Premier has 14 teams, two down from the HFL would make two sensible sized leagues - I guess you could consider having the NCL alongside the East/West First Divisions (or split up the teams into two divisions) below that as well.
  16. http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/3526251 Not sure I can see this working. Not keen on an 18 game season, with what is going to be a sectional league cup - allegedly a 'minimum of six' further games. So that's swapping a guaranteed 17 home games for 12, why not a straight 4 x playing, if we're going that way. I think there should be promotion/relegation from the HFL, but surely better to start discussions with the North Juniors and NCL regarding a North pyramid.
  17. There was a general pardon in 2006, although mainly symbolic.
  18. Yeah, to be fair, it was one of those work rumours from someone's brother's mate's sister's best friend, kind of thing. Didn't think there'd be much in it given we've had one lot of big news already today and the VIctoria Park PR machine needs to drag things out as long as possible... Edited to say that Cyclizine ≠ Vigurs. Plus my mum claims to support Berwick
  19. WTF... are you on acid or something? Or just poorly trolling...?
  20. Just because their chairman's a fanny doesn't mean the fans, who've unanimously been against a newco, should be punished.
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