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  1. Because it has been decided that Cliftonhill is not a suitable venue on safety grounds. Like, I imagine, New Dundas Park will be. At which point we will be told where the game will be switched to. But you know this.
  2. I've never said it shouldn't be at Tynecastle if the match is moved. I've just been pointing out that: a) matches are moved on safety, not capacity/financial grounds b) the SFA decides where, based on the rules of the competition
  3. I don't think anyone is denying this, I think it's very unlikely NDP would be deemed suitable for the tie. My point was that the decision isn't made on capacity, it's made on safety grounds. You won't be the first club to have a larger potential crowd than your capacity.
  4. Because I'm fairly sure that if they weren't allowed to play Motherwell at Cliftonhill on safety grounds, then it's unlikely they'd be allowed to play Celtic at home.
  5. The capacity is irrelevant - it will be the police and council who have decided that Cliftonhill isn't safe for the fixture. New Douglas Park and Fir Park would appear to be appropriate grounds to switch to. If it is felt that NDP isn't suitable then the game will be moved to an appropriate neutral ground. You're being paranoid. I presume because the SFA will decide the venue? If Albion Rovers were going around saying they wanted to switch the venue to Hampden then I'm sure that the SFA would be reminding them the same.
  6. To be honest, I think we agree with each other. At the risk of repeating myself... should New Dundas Park be deemed suitable (however unlikely this is), then the the match should be played there. If the SFA, after discussion with clubs, police, council etc, think that NDP isn't suitable to stage the match, then the match should be moved to an alternate venue. As I've said - I, personally, have no views about where this should be, I can see why the Rose, and many neutrals, would prefer Tynecastle, but ultimately, it is a matter for the SFA. My issue is with the idea that clubs can move games purely to make more cash - I think this sets a worrying precedent and is something I'm uncomfortable with. Look at the chat about Dundee and Celtic playing in the States. In regards to Albion Rovers v Celtic, the decision will be on safety grounds and the suggested venues of Fir Park and the other NDP would presumably be the closest licenced grounds to the two.
  7. I would've thought the 'Bonnyrigg minnows' would have a better chance at their own ground...
  8. Yet again this paranoia emerges. No-one is 'against' Juniors in the cup, it's not even been mentioned on this thread. It's that moving ties on financial grounds, to my mind, sets a worrying precedent. I'd be against it if it were County moving a game to get a larger crowd. A home tie should be a home tie, unless there is some reason a game can't be played there. As I, HJ and others have said - first option should be a club's home ground, if it meets the requirements. If not, then the tie needs to be moved to a suitable neutral ground. In the case of Bonnyrigg, I personally don't care if this is Tynecastle, Meadowbank or Ainslie Park - it is a matter for the SFA. I can understand where the Rose are coming from, but I don't think financial gain should come into the decision making at all - for any club.
  9. I'm sure you could google it yourself. My gut feeling says probably yes. I do feel that a club's home ground should be the first option - if it is suitable. I don't have an issue with clubs changing ground if their own ground isn't adequate for the fixture on heath and safety or policing grounds (although for some clubs, not Bonnyrigg, obviously, this shouldn't be an excuse for not spending on facilities). If New Dundas Park isn't deemed suitable, then the game should be moved. I am ambivalent about where this should be, Tynecastle or otherwise, but I do think that the SFA's stance is reasonable. I'm sure the Rose will do well financially out of the game, whatever happens.
  10. Yes, I meant achieving club licencing, rather than joining the SFA. I've seen this mentioned a lot, but I can't find where in the regulations it states this. I'm happy to be corrected. SFA Licensing Manual 2017
  11. As has been said many times on here, the criteria for joining the SFA well documented and are not exactly onerous. If Girvan, Banks o' Dee, Burntisland and Golspie can manage it, then there's no reason that others couldn't and get access to 'more cash'.
  12. Hearts used Murrayfield because Tynecastle's pitch doesn't meet UEFA regulations and Tottenham used Wembley because preliminary work on the redevelopment of White Hart Lane meant that various backroom facilities were out of action and, again, not meeting UEFA standards. As I said before, moving the game to increase the gate sets a worrying precedent that clubs can move games purely on financial grounds.
  13. Exactly, why would Bonnyrigg want to give up home advantage?
  14. I'm with HibeeJibee on this one. It sets an awkward precedent if clubs can move simply to increase their gate. If a tie needs to be moved for health and safety or policing issues, then the the SFA's compromise of nearest appropriate ground is reasonable. Forres Mechanics managed to host Sevco a few years back, a tie which they could've moved to Inverness. If New Dundas Park can be appropriately segregated and is deemed by the authorities to be safe to host the game, then the tie should be there.
  15. If we want talent concentrated in fewer centre, why do we not just go down the route having SFA funded 'elite' academies, like the French do. If clubs want their own, they can find them themselves.
  16. NHS, 48 hour 'average' contract. Usually 10 hour days 0800-1800. But 1 in 4.5 on call so one day a week usually 0800-2030, then weekends are 0800-2030 Fri-Sun. Nights the reverse, 2000-0830. Usually get a day or two off before and after. Rota doesn't roll, so can get a load of nights or lates or weekends bunched together followed by a few weeks of normal days with the of late. Only work seven days in a row at any point though. Get half days every now and again to balance out the hours so it isn't illegal. Cheers, EWTD.
  17. It's a topic I've always found interesting given some family history. I think Eric Richard's book is probably the most balanced I've read. It gives a good overview of the whole social, political and economic changes at the time to explain the Clearances in some context.
  18. I've also noticed this problem with apps - it seems to be ones installed on the external SD card. I did get a warning about the one I stuck in being too slow. Have ordered a new one so will see if it makes a difference. Other problem I noticed but have now solved was apps resetting themselves. Most annoying being Nova launcher which I've always used for the notification icons. It seems that apps automatically get killed when the phone sleeps but you can change this in the settings under badgering task clear and set which ones you don't want killed.
  19. I work in NHS Scotland in a clinical role. It's fair to say things have got worse over the last few years. However, the main cause of this is a lack of staff and an increase in workload. This is not just a Scottish problem, but UK wide - although it is certainly worse up here. Causes? Aging population, who are living longer. Complex patients with multiple health problems. Lack of community and family care for the frail elderly. Increase in medical technology and our ability to intervene. Poor workforce planning over many years. It isn't all doom and gloom. Morale seems better up here, community/hospital relationships seem better. I think generally, the NHS here is genuinely something to be proud of.
  20. That'll be the NHS in Scotland that's always been separate from the NHS in England? Remember this isn't just an SNP policy, this has backing from various royal colleges, professional bodies and experts. Will it work? Studies elsewhere suggest it should, but we won't know until we try it. If it's unsuccessful, then something else can be tried.
  21. The situation in the north of Scotland, where teams were excluded from the the national leagues for so long allowed a strong structure to develop, with the occasional team stepping up from the NCL to HFL. When teams began to move to the national leagues, the HFL recruited teams from the NCL and juniors, weakening them - although strong reserve sides were fielded in the NCL, which has sadly now stopped. The summer playing amateur/welfare leagues are still going strong, although with the HFL teams now less willing to allow players to represent a local side during their off season.
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