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  1. It boils down to cost effectiveness: will it save money targeting an intervention at a group, i.e. is it cheaper to try to prevent infection than treat it once it's established. It's a question for the health economists.
  2. County usually play at the Highland Football Academy pitches, which are next to Victoria Park. I think Caley sometimes play there as well if they're not at Grant Street Park?
  3. I suspect Roselea are hoping for a quick promotion from what is a relatively weak West division - most of the Superleague are within 30 mins of Aberdeen
  4. Well yes, I get that - still not sure how Thurso's population fits in there. Try quoting the posts you're replying to.
  5. At the risk of actually being serious in this thread - speaking from a professional point of view - if your relative has capacity to grant a power of attorney (welfare and financial) then get it done ASAP. Equally, if not then start guardianship proceedings. It will make things much easier when things like care homes, finances and medical decisions need organised. Speak to a solicitor.
  6. Tor! Is a great history of the development of German football. Published by the When Saturday Comes folk.
  7. I think the funding and planning permission is now in place. Forgive me for being a cynic, but the announcement that 'we're moving back to Darlo' has been heard every Summer for the last three years... Blackwell Meadows looks like it'll be a nice wee ground. Played rugby there, will take a bit of work to get to Conference standard though and a bit of a walk from the town centre.
  8. Darlington Mowden Park RUFC play at the Arena now, a different team to Darlington RUFC. Darlington FC have been playing home matches in Bishop Auckland last few seasons. They're hoping to move back to Darlington to groundshare with Darlington RUFC at Blackwell Meadows now they've been promoted to the Conference North.
  9. I'd agree: uninstall McAfee and make sure your drivers are up to date. Have you checked on task manager what's running in the background?
  10. I think we already have an excellent candidate for a central bank in the Airdrie Savings Bank
  11. Nah, it's orientated with east at the top. North coast of France is on right and South of England on left:
  12. Given that the SJFA was planning on abandoning the North Region with their Superduperleague idea the other year, I suspect this would not be too much of an issue.
  13. The old Tayside district is part of the East Region, covering Angus, Perthshire and the City of Dundee. The North Region is pretty much just Aberdeenshire and Moray, with the Highlands currently having only one club - the North Caledonian League holding sway up here. Interestingly, Montrose Roselea have switched Regions and will now play in the North Region.
  14. Parkvale and Stoneywood to merge (https://twitter.com/parkvalejuniors/status/736218910203236354), new club called Stoneywood Parkvale and will play out of Clark Commercial Park. Rumours on Fitba North that Bridge of Don Thistle are renaming themselves (again) to Newburgh Thistle. Given that they took out a ten year groundshare with Newburgh Thistle Amateurs, presumably this is merger too.
  15. It's the commercial version of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyanogenMod Based on Android, but with less restrictions on what you can do with your phone. Can still install Android apps.
  16. Nairn will still be around, look at the problems at Rothes this season.
  17. Ross-shire Welfare or Inverness Amateurs play summer season. You'd be better posting on fitbanorth.com, more likely to get a response.
  18. I agree that logically, based on population and geography, there would be a western senior league. The issue is the current spread of licenced clubs. Only recently has the number in the Lowland area exceeded that in the Highland. SPFL feeders certainly need to be licenced and I think the current requirements are appropriate, perhaps even too lenient!
  19. I'm fairly sure they're not licenced.
  20. Either do as above and use a hard drive caddy to get your data off the drive or download something like Knoppix and burn a CD and boot from that. Definitely back up before fiddling around. It may be the problem is your USB ports are USB 3.0 standard, which Windows 7 doesn't support out-of-the-box, although there are drivers available. Are your new mouse and keyboard USB 3.0 only? Can you get hold of older ones. The ports should be backward compatible to USB 2.0 which is supported by 7.
  21. I do think Cove want promotion. They were just outclassed by a side that were well prepared and knew how to neutralise Cove.
  22. There was a certain amount of schadenfreude in that... City manager did his homework on Cove and their tactics were spot on. The seeth of the Cove fans was fantastic.
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