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  1. I mean, Aberdeen is further north as well
  2. A lesson for a certain Lochaber based team there...
  3. Pretty sure the Lowland League didn't set up the South Challenge Cup. The North and South Challenge Cups were brought in when the North and South Qualifying Cups were scrapped back in 2007 as the Scottish Cup went all in for licenced clubs. The Lowland League wasn't founded until 2013.
  4. Of course it is. Really not sure what point you're trying to prove here.
  5. They play in the Scottish Junior Football Association North Region Superleague. North and East Regions still exist and are in the pyramid. This is an odd hill to choose to die on.
  6. It's still there, I think it got taken over.
  7. I've previously done the HAC in the cup forum, so just did it in there. I don't think it really matters - HAC is summer football, so it's often the only thing going on in any of the competition forums anyway, one of the advantages of being up north is getting year round football!
  8. Highland Hospice are unable to raise a team and have withdrawn from their postponed match against Portree next weekend.
  9. I didn't realise you had made this thread, I have been posting in the Domestic Cup Football subforum. Harris beat United on Friday night and Maryburgh beat Culloden yesterday. Portree v Highland Hospice was postponed due to a funeral and is to be played next weekend. The second round weekend is 4th June.
  10. That's a good point, I guess the NRJFA and Midlands have the Junior Cup route, however unlikely that would be...
  11. If there's going to be parity between qualification opportunities in the Highland/Lowland areas, then arguably the NCL, NRJFA and Midlands also need a way for non-champion, non-licenced teams to qualify for the Scottish Cup (like the Alex Jack Cup in the EoSFL, Alba Cup in the SoSFL and Strathclyde Cup in the WoSFL) leading to some sort of playoff competition for the cup place.
  12. Not any more. I don't think it's published anywhere what the minimum requirement would be, but as @FairWeatherFan says, it certainly needs to be enclosed, so that admission can be taken and access controlled. The Amateur Cup winners have previously used non-licenced junior grounds - Colville Park used New Tinto Park several times over the years (including in their run to the second round in 2017) and Harestanes used Duncansfield. Preliminary rounds have been mid-August and early-September recently, so pretty much as the NCL season starts. I'd think if Golspie (and Fort William...) can do it, then there's no reason the other NCL clubs couldn't give it a go.
  13. The current Culloden team are sponsored by them. Prior to that I think they were Culloden Moor Inn FC. Will be an intriguing game, Groats are a decent team and current cup holders, winner here would definitely be amongst the favourites to take the cup. Swifts got dumped out unceremoniously by Staxigoe, so that's my personal interest out, but hoping to see a Caithness team go all the way again. The county league is always pretty competitive.
  14. Big wins as expected for Avoch, Pentland Utd and Wick Groats. Loch Ness also humping rivals Inverness Athletic. Loch Ness v Wick Groats looking to be the tie of the second round, now it goes all in. No controversy as yet, but I'm sure it'll come. Portree v Highland Hospice was sadly postponed until Saturday 21st May due to a funeral.
  15. It's not that bad, Pitmedden is served by Aberdeen and Ellon buses so there's a couple every hour or so. The ground is less than ten minutes walk from the village centre, there is a path although it can be pretty muddy.
  16. The target is officially 62 days to diagnosis and first treatment.
  17. There are rapid cancer diagnosis pathways, suspected cancer will be fast-tracked down one of these dependent on what/where the mass is plus other symptoms.
  18. They renamed themselves Bridge of Don Thistle whilst playing out of Keith Park/Hillhead. Previously they were Hillhead Juniors (and before that Wilson's XI). I suppose technically, when they renamed themselves Newburgh Thistle, they were playing in Newburgh (even if Newburgh already had a Newburgh Thistle), but since moving to ASV and reverting back to Bridge of Don Thistle, they're still not in Bridge of Don. Maybe once the new park they're supposedly getting in alongside the new houses in Cloverhill, they'll actually be truly a Bridge of Don team...
  19. ...and like Bridge of Don Thistle, Broomhill have also never actually played in the area they're named after
  20. I can certainly imagine it being mentioned, particularly in the context of a two parallel East and West Lowland League scenario. I'm not clear if this is what @Voice of Reason is referring to,.or if they're talking about a two division structure with relegation/promotion, the Lowland League 2 scenario. The three Tier 5 Highland/Lowland East/Lowland West suggestion would've quickly been nixed and I can't imagine it was ever a serious plan put to the members, even if geographically it makes sense.
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