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  1. I believe the SFA AGM is on Monday, where the assumption is this will be ratified. Obviously, this is all just hearsay at the moment, but the guys up here seem to think it's pretty much sorted.
  2. Still needs to be ratified by SFA, but the noises are all positive. The clubs will simply be those currently in membership of the North Caledonian League, the North Juniors and the remaining East Juniors. The North Juniors may rename themselves (Grampian League?) and the rump East Juniors will become the Midland League.
  3. Might have already been posted already but if you're in Aberdeen, over 30 and haven't yet had your 1st jag, you can just turn up to TECA today and tomorrow
  4. An amateur sports club isn't a B team, mate.
  5. You miss the main reason for this, which is that in many countries: Netherlands, Germany, Iceland etc, organised football developed differently to here. The majority of football clubs started as departments of multi-sports members' clubs and still run as such. You mention SC Feyenoord, which, as far as I know, is the multi-sport club that happens to have a football department. The professional side grew out of this but split off from the structures of the multi-sport club. @Marten will know more about this than me. There's a book about the development of German football called Tor! that is a good read about how the system started.
  6. Yes, but the marine fishing regulations are that they only need to ping every hour or two. Changing this would be an obvious thing to do.
  7. https://theferret.scot/scallop-dredgers-sabotaging-fishing-gear/ It's been going on for years, but has escalated recently, apparently. Too many vested interests in Marine Scotland. Designating zones to separate creelmen and scallopers and rotating these seems to be the obvious solution. The scallopers destroy the seabed habitats and it takes years to recover. They then encroach on the creel areas and time runs through the lanes since they know when the transponder pings are due (only every hour or so) so they can deny ever being in the lanes.
  8. You only need to go back 800ish years before everyone in Scotland has a common ancestor. Even for Europe it's only about 1300 years. https://youtu.be/Fm0hOex4psA
  9. Fort William have precious little local support and the players are split between Inverness and Lochaber. I don't doubt Skye could support an NCL side, but I think these romantic ideas about Skye United are wishful thinking. The summer evenings and influx of younger, seasonal workers allows a short, intense amateur season to be played, but come the winter, as you say, it's a slog on a weekend to play in the pishing rain and gales of Thurso.
  10. Father in law is retiring, he was going to do this in the next couple of years anyway. Not economical to fish prawns and langoustine at the moment, as it's too much paperwork but there's an okay market for crab and lobster (in Norway, bizarrely) and it's sold at a premium. The small guys are pretty screwed, there's a few bigger guys who will buy them out due to the administrative burden for exporting. There's a bit of a hope with promoting seafood here a better market might develop. However, recently, with the offshore wind development, they've been paid to abandon their traditional fishing grounds which has allowed a few to invest in tanks on shore for keeping produce fresh. A big issue currently is the scallopers who have been dredging through a lot of creel gear in protected lanes. We're talking tens of thousands of pounds worth. Marine Scotland and Police not interested, even with the transponder evidence. This is one of the current scandals of Scottish inshore fishing. Creel fishing is pretty sustainable, but scallop dredging isn't. Rotating fishing grounds allows time for species to recover, but the scallopers don't like this. Ironic, when they push themselves as sustainable, but then you can bung the MSC a few grand and they'll sign you off.
  11. They all are up here, those that are left. North Caley and Highland League are the only winter leagues. There was an attempt at an Inverness amateurs winter league recently, but only a few clubs entered.
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