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  1. I thought the council ruled it out due to traffic congestion along King Street / Ellon Road on matchdays. Seems daft as it seemed the obvious site at the time.
  2. It might offer a bit of a sop to the staunch east juniors if they were allowed to retain membership after a move "senior". Absolutely agree that the SJC would not be a priority for fixture scheduling, given the South Challenge Cup would be the primary non-league competition.
  3. With the precedent set by the West Region clubs, would the remaining West Lothian Juniors be able to retain their SJFA membership if they departed to the EoSFL? Or would the continuation of the ERJFA stop this?
  4. I appreciate what you're saying, but it's isn't all about the infection rates at the moment. The issue is the hospital capacity. As I've previously said we're sitting at 30% more Covid inpatients than we had at the peak of the last wave. We're still admitting patients at a higher rate than we're managing to discharge them (although it looks like the numbers are getting better). Because the length of stay is high, even if admissions keep coming down, we will still not have capacity until we see more movement on discharges. At the moment, any increase in admission numbers (that we'd definitely see if restrictions were lifted) would have a huge impact on hospitals. Is it Clyde?
  5. There's certainly a fairly high readmission rate. I couldn't tell you if it's 30%, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. I can probably find out.
  6. In our Tertiary Centre of Excellence we currently have about a third more Covid inpatients than we did at the peak of the first wave: patients do not bounce back quickly from this. Many are left with significant functional impairment and are awaiting community care packages or placements. Even with case numbers going down, we will still be admitting people at a higher rate than we are managing to discharge for a while.
  7. Yeah, this is what our peer-to-peer staff vaccination teams have been doing. There's no guarantee they can always squeeze another dose out of the vial, so they don't rely on it, but if they have left over doses after the booked appointments, they go looking for unvaccinated staff and offer them a jag.
  8. I'm going for Iain Kennedy... Centres have protocols in place for if there's extra doses left over for whatever reason e.g. people not turning up, extra doses in bottles etc, so you might get lucky. The local centres phone round people to see if they can get down.
  9. R is not a massively useful number to be honest, it is an easy one to report and conceptualise, but it doesn't really give a good "here and now" estimate of what's going on, its more a model for spread, not an actual measure of absolute numbers. The government won't be using just restrospective data to calculate R, they will be using a combination of the known data and future projections. R estimates the potential infectivity rate for the whole population and doesn't take into account regional and local variations, effects of restrictions, contacts etc unless these are specifically included as estimates in the calculation; therefore pretty much everything in the calculation is an estimate, each with its own error, positive and negative. These multiply up as you use more assumptions in your calculations. It would useful for you to calculate the confidence intervals in your calculation as well as for the government to report theirs: I imagine there would be some overlap. Edit to say: there's also different "types" of R, depending on what you're looking at data-wise. I don't know for sure which ones you and the government are calculating, but they may not be directly comparable. I'm not defending the government here, just saying that the old adage of "lies, damned lies and statistics" holds here.
  10. The old station at Kittybrewster is mostly still there, part of the council depot now. SHMU radio has tho old Woodside station. You'd think stations in suburbs like Kittybrewster, Woodside, Bucksburn, Ferryhill, Torry, Cove Bay, Newtonhill would be relatively easy, the line is already there. It would be great to see the line north to Fraserburgh being reinstated. Not sure how much of the old track bed is still there though.
  11. Probably being a bit optimistic there, Gordon
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