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  1. You'll always gain weight if your calorie intake is greater than your body's requirements. The ultimate end products of metabolism are water and urea (which you pish out) and carbon dioxide that you breath out. You essentially only lose weight by breathing it off as CO2. Exercise requires more metabolism so your CO2 production is higher.
  2. Husband crèche was Korova Bar, closed now. It's the Bridge Street Social Club (not a real social club) now. Bit of a wanky bar. True. The Grill round the corner was similar. Has a much better beer and whisky selection (and sponsors the North Junior League Cup).
  3. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Inverness having junior representation, just I don't think it was Highland Council's duty to give City a ground. They're not just responsible for facilities in Inverness, but the whole of Highland. The question @welshbairn asks about Tier 5 facilities should include the whole region really, in which case there's Station Dudgeon, KGV, Claggan and Harmsworth Parks that are licenced outwith Inverness. Then the other NCL grounds, as well as the various parks used in the amateur/welfare leagues and the school Astros. The covenant issues with the Bught have already been discussed in terms of what City's lease wasn't extended a further time. Perhaps if the NMP gets taken over by the community project, then there might be some ability to share, but Northern Counties have been there for decades, there's overlap at the ends of the cricket/football seasons and I can see why the cricket club don't want their field to be guttery and bare before they start. As for them sharing Fraser Park with Highland, they both have 2nd XI teams, plus their junior so you're asking four senior and multiple junior clubs to share the same field? That's hardly fair. Anyway, I agree with Welshbairn that we're never going to agree on this!
  4. They really don't. No-one owed City a ground. Canal Park wasn't just funded by Highland Council and is used by a club that has hundreds of all age and gender players and multiple teams. The cricket clubs are long established, so why should football get priority over their pitches?
  5. Or perhaps instead any Tayside clubs wishing to enter the pyramid can apply to the NRJFA once it's at Tier 6. SJFA/ERJFA officials have shown they have no interest in good faith negotiations.
  6. This. I wouldn't be surprised if some evidence of some of his alleged dodgy financial dealings might be about to appear.
  7. That park at Farr hall is where Athletic used to play, isn't it?
  8. On the positive side, it's got seats. Well, park benches, anyway.
  9. It's first teams. IIRC it was originally just for Shire teams in the HFL, unlike the Shire Cup which included Aberdeen and the University, then eventually Peterhead and Banks o' Dee. It's now essentially an identical competition to the Cup. The Aberdeenshire League is U20s.
  10. Ah, this old chestnut again... the clubs in our national divisions seem to manage perfectly fine playing nationally. There is no clamour from them to play in regional leagues. Why do you think they should? They won't get higher attendances and the costs won't be smaller. If the clubs thought they'd be better playing in regional leagues then they'd be pushing for it. They're not.
  11. Grow up. There is an ignore user function on this forum if you're so thin skinned and unable to tolerate dissent. HTH
  12. If you're going this summer, it'll be absolutely rammed with tourists. We were camping in the Vosges national park so weren't staying there, just visited on a day trip. Lovely old town though, plenty of cafés etc and there's plenty to see of a historical bent in the greater Alsace region, given its turbulent history.
  13. The Isle of Man Football League have even won (twice!) the FA Inter-League Cup, the competition for Step 7 league selects, so have represented England in the UEFA Regions' Cup.
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