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  1. So how do you propose to keep R as low as possible without social restrictions? I assume this is the point you were aiming for?
  2. It is a rock and a hard place. I know it is no consolation to you and your colleagues at the coalface in primary care, but hospital staff are massively frustrated at our inability to provide necessary and timely care as well. Most of us see healthcare as a vocation as well as a job and it is morale draining to see the impact on societal health.
  3. Herd immunity only works if a vaccine is available. You need >90% of people to be immune, either by having been infected or, more likely, vaccinated. Diseases like measles, rubella, polio were endemic until vaccines were developed. You simply can't get the immunity in the general population to such a high level, just by infecting people with the disease. The NHS will be overwhelmed and the death toll and economic impact massive.
  4. We simply cannot do the same amount of routine, non-covid elective surgery and deal with escalating admissions. Anaesthetic staff will be redeployed to staff intensive care and medical wards, as before. Surgical wards will be converted to medical wards. We have to run "hot" and "cold" sites, there just isn't the hospital real estate to do this without restricting non emergency admissions. This is without taking into account the increased time any theatre case takes due to Covid precautions. We will attempt to keep some form of elective service running, but it is really only going to be cancer surgery and life/limb threatening surgery that will be realistically done. Before anyone says "just open the Louisa Jordan": this is a field hospital in a conference centre. Staff will be redeployed from other areas. It is for when the shit really hits the fan. At this point all non emergency surgery and admissions will stop.
  5. Well, it has ramped up again here. Intensive care escalation plan activated. Medical staff redeployment from other areas about to happen. Can't wait.
  6. Policy in Grampian is you should isolate if one of your household has symptoms.
  7. Post-viral fatigue is a well recognised phenomenon. Lyme Disease is a real infectious disease, with a known cause and known complications. Chronic Lyme Disease is not backed up by any evidence. It's part of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome spectrum; what used to be called "myalgic encephalomyelitis", a rather nonsensical mishmash of medical terminology that essentially means muscle pain with inflammation of the brain and spinal cord: pathology that's never been demonstrated. There's a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of people with very extreme views. My personal feeling is that there is definitely a spectrum of various symptoms that are real and often debilitating. However, I don't think there is a common cause. Many patients want there to be a unifying physical cause, but extensive research hasn't found one. There is a huge stigma about syndromes that have no organic cause, which is perpetuated by many medical professionals, something I have been guilty of in the past. However, the symptoms are real and not imagined and can be treated in some cases with psychotherapies, which does perpetuate the stereotype of "it's all in your head".
  8. Er... she's a professor in global and public health with significant practical and research experience in epidemic planning and response. She's even got a doctorate in it from Oxford. She's the very definition of an expert in this. I'm not sure why her not being a medical doctor is relevant. I have a medical degree, that doesn't give my opinions any more weight as I'm very much not an expert in public health.
  9. After the push by the EoSFL and WoSFL, Tier 6 and 7 (including the NCL) have been recognised as "professional" leagues, they weren't initially. As much as I don't think 20 odd folk spread around a ground is that much of an issue and it's really frustrating I can't go to any games, a line has to be drawn somewhere. A mass of people turning up against advice and not appropriately distancing is not going to make the government and SFA more likely to change their mind, they'll just double down and then clubs will be penalised even more. Obviously, not just talking about the NCL here.
  10. Plenty folk from Thurso come through to watch Academy. The club even used to be sponsored by the Comm Bar.
  11. I still don't get how this is a street, it's just a hotel restaurant door that opens onto a roundabout! Good advert for Mackay's mind; one of the few places to get a decent meal in Wick.
  12. Inverness is the biggest campus, but there's satellite ones throughout the Highlands and Islands (unsurprisingly). I know Moray College have a team in the Moray Welfare League, but I don't know about any of the others.
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