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  1. I suppose the difference there is those clubs would be playing in leagues of a different nation to the cup.
  2. rsssf.org is awesome for this kind of stuff: Minnows in Cup FInals Edit: on a really quick look I could only find third tier winners in Europe: Luxembourg: 1970/71 Jeunesse Hautcharage (3, pr.) 4-1 Jeunesse d'Esch (1) Sweden:: 1948 Råå IF (3, pr.) 6-0 BK Kenty (3) Edit again: in fact, if I'd scrolled down the page, I'd've seen this has already been done and I've missed loads. The following European clubs won domestic cups playing at the third or equivalent level: 1900/01 Tottenham Hotspur England 1917/18 RCH Netherlands 1919/20 CVV Netherlands 1920/21 Schoten Netherlands 1948 Råå IF Sweden 1970/71 Jeunesse Hautcharage Luxembourg 1982/83 Lechia Gdansk Poland 2012/13 FC Pasching Austria 2015/16 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria
  3. Too expensive to rent the Myrus Centre pitch now I think.
  4. Ship Inn down at the harbour. If you're into Belgian beer, Marine Hotel is a few doors down and also does food.
  5. I knew the Seafield was up for sale, but I didn't realise it was shut, that's a shame, it was a good pub. The social club was on its last legs last time I was in and I'm not surprised it finally shut last year. I think Rothes do their sit-down hospitality in the Station Hotel. It does have a public bar, but it would feel a bit fancy for a pre-match pint, last time I was in was an anniversary, pre-Covid. I'm not sure what the other drinking options would be, short of Elgin, Aberlour or Craigellachie. I realise this hasn't really been a helpful reply.
  6. Why is an NHS worker doing other work in their own time a problem? Are you suggesting that they can only do more hours for the NHS? That will do wonders for recruitment and retention. Bank pay rates are atrocious and completely out of keeping with market rates. What NHS employees do in their own time is none of the NHS's business, so long as it doesn't impact their NHS work. I have no obligation to do any more work than is specified in my contract and job plan. If they want me to do more work, then they can pay me for it. I don't currently do private work, but I do also work for a university one day a week (and I am paid for it). I have colleagues who do event and sports cover or do expedition medicine. Should all this be banned as well? Where do you draw the line?
  7. You don't just walk off the street. Nurses do a nursing degree, doctors go to medical school, then have a mandatory year of pre-registration in an approved setting. After that, they have full registration and coukd work anywhere that will employ them, most will complete a second year minimum. It's not indentured servitude. Doctors who are "training" in a specialty are not just supernumerary. They're providing a huge amount service to the NHS as well, far beyond what any notional "training" costs would be. Arguably, they should try to claw back money from the NHS for all the unpaid extra hours they work. I've probably paid several thousand, if not more, for all my exams, training courses, meetings etc (plus all the needed travel and accommodation), all mandatory, but the NHS doesn't cover them, I don't "owe" them the money back, since they never paid it in the first place. I have more than fulfilled my "duty" to the NHS, even if that were a thing. I meet my contractual obligations, I work full time, what I do in my free time has nothing to do with the NHS. Also, anaesthetists are doctors.
  8. Notwithstanding the fact I've worked for the NHS for over sixteen years, I'd be intrigued how much "training" you think the NHS gives its staff in reality and how you think it's delivered. Plus I am working full time. I've not left the NHS to work elsewhere, even if that were relevant.
  9. I work for the NHS, 40 hours per week with 1:6 on-call. Why am I not allowed to do some private work (or any other work) in my own time? Do I have an obligation to provide more hours to the NHS than the full-time hours I already provide? Not that I do any private work, but why should an employer be allowed to specify what you do in your own time so long as it isn't interfering with your employment?
  10. Fraserburgh v Arbroath would've been my pick, although selfishly I'm pleased it's not on the Monday night. I presume distance and costs come into the BBC's thinking at this stage of the competition.
  11. The SPFL is better and more competitive having smaller divisions playing home and away twice than having 18 team divisions playing home and away once.
  12. League clamped down a few years ago. Punishment is very specific in the league regulations:
  13. I do wonder if it's more than one player
  14. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps Montrose Roselea would have gone for the Midlands League, but as you say it wasn't on the cards at the time, but a Lothians heavy East Regional division was. To be honest, although travel would be less for them in the Midlands, aside from Nairn, Dufftown and Maud, the North Premiership is really just an Aberdeen and District league and the AWPR has significantly cut journey times. Fewer league fixtures in the North as well. I suspect travel isn't really their main concern.
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