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  1. Junior Cup 18-19

    It works badly in the current setup, disrupting league fixtures for both the clubs involved and those they're supposed to be playing. @fb4 obviously means going straight to penalties plus or minus extra time. It's not an unreasonable suggestion.
  2. Fort William tomorrow

    South Lochaber Thistle play in the Greater Glasgow Premier League. They're based in Kinlochleven.
  3. Domestic violence

    Not for you to decide, mate. If someone's abusing someone else, there may be mitigating factors, but it's not your call. That's the whole point of the legal system. Call the police, let them and the fiscal's office deal with it.
  4. Number of substitutes allowed?

    SSFL regulations Since May 2017 apparently.
  5. Pyramid

    Maybe take a wee bit of time and browse some of the many threads on here (and in Highland, Lowland, East and South sections), before launching in with a new pyramid one. It's a controversial subject, as I'm fairly sure you're aware, having just lit the touchpaper...
  6. Any ammies wanting step-up for 2019-20 season?

    Really just a nominated enclosed ground for EoSFL.
  7. Games this coming week

    The Scottish Football Fixtures site is excellent for this.
  8. Pricing woes

    Clubs charge at the level that brings in the most cash, not the biggest gate. Queen's Park charging <£10 wouldn't have brought in many more fans, they'd make less cash, so wouldn't be worth it. It's simple economics.
  9. What Happens if Cove Go Up?

    There were HFL officials at the North Caley AGM the other week. There to discuss pyramid integration. Not sure if they've been in discussions with the North and Tayside Juniors yet.
  10. Pyramid working group

  11. Pyramid working group

    That's the only way I can see the SJFA continuing as a national association: along the lines of the SAFA and SWFA - for clubs outwith the pyramid. The main stalling point may be that the SJFA members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the pyramid, so the SJFA is obliged to promote this.
  12. Pyramid working group

    Aye, as a regional sub-entity of the SFA. That's why I can see the North and West Junior regions continuing (maybe under different names) - it's hard to see how a nationwide SJFA is needed in any new structure, what would their actual role be?
  13. Pyramid working group

    You can certainly see the possibility of continued roles for WRJFA and NRJFA in any new structure. There's no obvious need for the SJFA as a separate organisation, particularly since SJFA regulations will have to be aligned with those of the SFA, making the SJFA totally superfluous.
  14. Sounds like a plan to me, mate.