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  1. As someone who works in critical care, I think some in senior management Health Boards have not been as on the ball as they could have been. However, our local response now has been pretty good. I think of we'd started what we did two weeks ago, a month ago, we could have been even better prepared, but I think we're pretty much there now. We're training and attempting to simulate scenarios. We have redeployed staff, reconfigured wards and sourced equipment. We seem to have adequate stocks of PPE currently. I would point out that PPE shouldn't be described as "full" or "partial" as this isn't very helpful. It needs to be described by the exposure risk: i.e. contact, droplet or airborne. The majority of exposure will not be airborne, unless an aerosolising procedure is being performed. Hence the current WHO, UK and Scottish guidance says surgical mask, apron, eye protection and gloves are adequate. FFP3 masks and waterproof gowns are not necessary, if e.g. examining a patient. I don't think any country has anticipated such a worldwide crisis. Most planing has been based on local outbreaks and therefore no stockpiles of PPE existed, as it was assumed that this could be sourced out with the outbreak area.
  2. Please don't clap. It's already embarrassing enough with all the free food and other stuff being delivered. We're lucky enough to have secure jobs and keep getting paid. I'd prefer the food and donations to go to those who are actually needing it.
  3. Seems a fairly pragmatic approach in the circumstances. However, I'm unsure if it's in the gift of the WRJFA to unilaterally alter the rules of the Junior Cup. Would this not require agreement from the other regions or a vote of clubs at a SJFA meeting?
  4. I flatly refused to go to Cowal again this year, even before this coronavirus thing. Dance teacher is continuing remote teaching them all on Zoom. Concerned the living floor won't hold up much longer to the jumping...
  5. At the risk that I'm being wooshed here... Holm Park is in Clydebank, it's Yoker Athletic that play outwith (just) their local boundary.
  6. You don't need to be a dick about it. It's hardly howling at the moon to question the appropriateness of having a face to face meeting, in the current circumstances. Glad they have made the correct choice in having a virtual meeting.
  7. Arent those involved following the governments advice? Whilst I'm all for the pyramid getting fixed I'm not sure a pwg meeting is a vital meeting to be held in the current climate, unless it's getting done remotely? This. Seems irresponsible in the current circumstances to meet face-to-face. As much as many on here would like to say the Scottish football pyramid is a vital service, it really isn't.
  8. So you support pro-rape laws, then?
  9. We're not testing everyone because the current test has a relatively high false negative rate, i.e. it says you don't have the virus when you actually do. This is a reason why we're not swabbing the general public (and NHS staff in particular) and why if you've got symptoms you're not being swabbed, because you're assumed to have it.
  10. Why? Fairly pragmatic decision.
  11. Easy enough for the HFL to do this. Will be interesting to see if there's any form of LL/SPFL playoffs. I'm guessing the Challenge Cup is likely to be cancelled next season, so don't need to identify the rest of the top four.
  12. There's some theoretical (very theoretical) reasons why these drugs might work. Other ones have been used as well. None of them seem to be particularly effective and there have been no proper trials, just some case report and series. We'll probably be throwing them at some patients at some point. To be honest, if you've got to the point of us considering them, the outcome is probably extremely bleak. The mortality rates for people requiring intensive care are astronomical.
  13. They can both (but particularly hydroxychloroquine) have severe side effects and there's as yet no evidence that they actually work, so perhaps not the best idea outwith a clinical trial or last gasp treatment.
  14. Highland Amateur Cup 2020 The draw was to have taken place this Saturday 21st March, however, with the current coronavirus situation, it's been postponed indefinitely.
  15. We still have one in use in the hyperbaric chamber. No electronics, all mechanical. No spark risk.
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