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  1. The NCFA is a well run (thanks, @NiallFH et al!) and generally competitive organisation and has a rightful role within the pyramid. It's impossible to subdivide Scotland into equitable regions in terms of geography and population and the depth in the Far North is always going to be shallower than the North East, as the depth in the Highland footprint is shallower than the Lowland.
  2. It think it's "švietimo ir sporto paslaugų centras" which translates to "education and sports services centre". True diddies.
  3. Only Huntly/Turriff, Formartine/Brora and Locos/Keith still standing the now in the 'Shire. Fancy a trip up North to Caithness instead?
  4. Aberdeenshire Council seemingly played a blinder here - Tesco wanted to build a store on Canal Park in Banff, so the council signed a deal with them, so long as they built what is now the Myrus Sports Centre. Tesco decided not to build, but the council held them to their agreement to build the sports centre. So they got the hall and astro pitch, complete with floodlights and a tiny stand*, mostly funded by a supermarket. It's a nice wee facility.
  5. a.k.a. the Inter-Regional Cup
  6. As much as I want to see Johnson gone, I can't help but be a little concerned by the way this is materialising. This stuff about the Christmas parties has obviously been known about since last year. I can't imagine whoever in the shadowy cabal behind the scenes is leaking this has our best interests at heart. The whole Tory party, save a few folk whom I think may still have some principles left are rotten to the core.
  7. "Contractual issue" with the Commonwealth (Emirates) Arena in Glasgow. Supposedly they wouldn't host an event with a gambling company as sponsor. Llandudno was the only venue available at such short notice.
  8. Yeah, I do that as well. I've got a Scottish pyramid that I put together a few years ago that is pretty good, even after a decade or two. I do add a bit of flexibility, e.g. for Tier 6, I allowed a bit of an overlap in regions, so I wasn't too fussed if Ayrshire clubs ended up in SoSFL or Fife clubs in Midlands. Edit: I also put Shetland in the NRJFA region and Orkney in the NCL area. Makes a bit of sense with ferries and flights...
  9. Staying off topic on FM Editor... As well as putting in the league boundaries, you can also specify leagues in Competitions → Regional Divisions for each club which makes things a bit less unpredictable, although you'll still get some odd movements, but significantly fewer. It would be better if you could specify by region, but that's never been implemented.
  10. To be honest, a South Uist team is probably more in West of Scotland League territory, given the ferry goes to Oban
  11. From what I've heard, it sounds more likely it's going to be a grass pitch-in-a-cage like Stoneywood ended up with after the developers built on Polo Park.
  12. Robert, you're prone to presenting your personal opinions and wishes as truth, and then being very defensive when you're called out on some of the inconsistencies. It's not a competition, everyone up here is well aware of comings and goings in the NCL, just we don't feel the need to post unsubstantiated rumours and Football Manager-esque fantasies about Skye United or Ness and Point joining the NCL...
  13. You used to be able to select "get specific team", but I don't think you can do this in the basic editor any more, only in the advanced.
  14. I asked my egg-chasing friend about it a couple of years ago and it wasn't that pricey, about £45 an hour then. Rugby club have priority over bookings though and with first XV, second XV, development side, youths, kids, women's teams plus training, etc, it doesn't leave much flexibility.
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