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  1. Fair enough, I thought you were talking about the winter booster. You should speak to the haematology consultant - the Green Book guidance specifically says specialist decision, I think its entirely understandable that your GP doesn't know about this.
  2. All the information is on the NHS Inform website: https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/the-vaccines/coronavirus-covid-19-booster-vaccination
  3. It's fucking carnage in the acute sector, mate. Not a conspiracy.
  4. Fine journalism from the Courier as usual.
  5. Thought Cumnock were the better team in the first half. Formartine came out of the blocks better in the second half and bossed it in the early stages of the half. Physical game with some meaty challenges on both sides. Formartine had what looked like a perfectly good goal chalked with a late offside flag. Cumnock stepped up a bit later in the half, thought draw was a fair result in the end. Would expect Cumnock to get through at home.
  6. If Banks o' Dee wanted in the Highland League, they've had plenty of opportunity over the last decade. They even got invited when Cove went up and they turned it down.
  7. He phones them up instead and they post him out a paper copy? If his pals have managed it, I'm sure they'd give him a hand. I think the passport idea is pointless, but it's not exactly hard to get the vaccine evidence.
  8. Night to yourself in a hotel on expenses with no expectation of doing any work? Sounds awesome.
  9. Few NRJFA clubs that wouldn't have to do a ton of work ground-wise (not sure about behind the scenes), but not sure any more will be getting licenced any time soon. There's no-one in the NCL anywhere close. I believe St Duthus have longer term plans, but a lot of work to be done. Golspie have a licence currently having erected floodlights. My feeling is there'll be a seating requirement for the ground as part of licencing soon, not just cover and lights. I don't know enough about the Midland clubs to comment, really.
  10. Banks o' Dee also beat Islavale 15-0 today. Must be pretty close to being the highest scoring cup round.
  11. Oooft. Stonehaven 20(Twenty)-0 New Elgin in the North Regional Cup today. Baxter 5,16,40 Baillie 6,56,60,71,72,80,83 Horne 8,47,62,89 Metelski 24 Bremner 28(o.g.) Duthie 36 Maclennan 67,90 Anderson 79
  12. There's the aforementioned Kim's Kitchen and a decent shop, but I agree 5 days is way too long. Have you thought about visiting the other Small Isles as well?
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