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  1. There's a couple of threads on licencing in the EoSFL and WoSFL fora and the criteria are available here: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/club-licensing/. Most of the criteria apart from groundworks including floodlights aren't particularly onerous, but clubs' individual circumstances will vary. In terms of the NCL, Golspie are already licenced. The rest would have to do significant work to their grounds.
  2. You choose which colour you are if this happens, I think. Same if no balls are potted. Don't think you can hit other colour once you've nominated.
  3. But as @FairWeatherFan says, an unlicensed club will qualify via the champions' route when NCL and Midland become recognised tier 6 leagues. North Juniors already have this in place. There may also be a route via a competition similar to the South & East of Scotland Cup, to keep the qualifying chances even between Highland and Lowland regions.
  4. Having observed the mother-in-law making a cup of tea, the teabag-sink behaviour is definitely genetic.
  5. Why are they too hot for the bin? Before we had the food waste bucket, she said the teabags were too hot for the bin. I can't claim any understanding of her logic on this, I've just come to accept it as an unchallengeable belief and tried to move on.
  6. Don't get me started on this. She just leaves them in the sink. They'd be left indefinitely if I didn't fish them out. Her logic is the teabags are too hot for the food waste bucket when you take them straight out of the mug so they need to cool down first. Apparently this means leaving them in the sink forever.
  7. I actually don't mind this because then I can actually stack the dishwasher in a logical fashion so it only needs to go on a few times a week.
  8. A set of very good infographics here, summarising why the advice was to pause AZ in under 30 age group. Still important note that the risk is being compared between serious side-effect of the vaccine and risk of ICU admission. It doesn't include risk of things like severe Covid not requiring ICU admission and long-term complications of Covid.
  9. I think pretty much all the houses they built at the High Burnside development ended up as holiday homes. Locals are completely priced out.
  10. Aviemore is an odd place population-wise, massive number of second homes and holiday homes. There'd be the ground issue as well, I'd imagine a lot of call offs with weather in winter (when everyone's skiing anyway). There's an astro park behind the GP surgery next to the new school, but it's just a generic 3G cage. I think the welfare teams used to play in Carrbridge though.
  11. Pretty much spot on. I don't work in primary care like @Tynierose, but I was a junior in ENT for a bit* before starting gassing. *Fourteen years ago. Shite. Seems like last week.
  12. You need to bite the bullet and go cold turkey. It will be shite for a while, undoubtedly, longer than 3/4 days. There are options of things like steroid sprays or saline to make it easier, but ultimately, your nose blood vessels have become dependent on the vasoconstrictors so need to relearn how to function without it. I'd have a chat with your GP.
  13. My spot diagnosis: rhinitis medicamentosa
  14. Unlikely, given the duration of symptoms and lack of progression. Sleep hygiene probably key here.
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