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  1. He's just a trade envoy, not a cabinet member. Small fry.
  2. That did occur to me - first reaction was 'he has a hairdresser???'
  3. Latest rumour is that Johnson's hairdresser has had to be shipped back to Canada because she didn't stop at a blow-dry and that she might have something to declare at Canadian customs.
  4. Are we talking Galapagos turtles or fruit flies.
  5. He's an expert on the Dundee Law.
  6. Yes, they do. the maximum term of a parliament is still 5 years but, after the repeal of the 2011 Act, the PM is now allowed to call one earlier again.
  7. You're making the mistake of conflating SNP policies and Independence. Post-independence, we can whatever colour of politics we vote for. If people still vote SNP in 2024/5 then you can be sure that's the will of the people.
  8. There must be a significant number of Labour and Lib Dem voters who are also pro-Independence.
  9. Which hand? I'd like to know which one to shake.
  10. At least you won't need to replace the whole door next time you're burgled, just the lock. Win-win.
  11. I read a Twitter thread this morning that stated that Scotland already has an S30 to hold elections and referendums - an S30 is just a vehicle to move retained issues to a devolved government - but the outstanding question is whether that existing S30 allows the SG to hold a referendum impacting the UK constitution - that still needs to be tested in court. Also, all referendums and elections are 'advisory', including general elections. Any constitutional lawyers able to confirm or otherwise?
  12. James Timpson seems like a good guy.
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