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  1. 8 for Wednesday. The quiz is starting to get guessier. ETA: and a personal best of 9 in the Comedy quiz.
  2. Lord Sainsbury checks out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60003334
  3. Spoiled for me by the twee MAN-woman love story subtext. Good as an adventure though.
  4. Chris Fowler's Bryant & May for the Two Daves. Well worth reading BTW.
  5. Points please. Sad to see him go (loved him in To Sir With Love) but to have Tutu go before the New Year only to have his substitute score points a week later...
  6. 9 for Thursday. Cathedral spire. I was thinking I;d had a couple of good score and might be in contention for promotion - and then Slippy posted the tables and I remembered Monday's 5.
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