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  1. But, if they play that well for the rest of the season, they'll win the league! How do you win the league without scoring?
  2. Looking forward to Slippy's interview.
  3. It's not like BT to put on a comedy on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. He's sneaky and does it after the ball has gone and the ref's attention has moved on. Hopefully he gets done retrospectively.
  5. So, Celtic down to 9 now? Morelos is a cheating chunt.
  6. The more often I see that, the more I think it was a red.
  7. Up ye, Rangers. (Also had 'Up ye, Celtic' lined up, just in case)
  8. Somebody must have put something in Celtic's lunchtime cup of tea. They are awful, second to everything.
  9. Will Brown be coming on as a second-half sub?
  10. Rangers' strikers are going to be knackered by half-time. Chasing everything. Do they have a decent striker on the bench?
  11. The Rangers bodying Celtic would also be really funny. Maybe more so.
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