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  1. OF Yoof Cup Final

    Can we sign Hughes before the play-offs?
  2. OF Yoof Cup Final

    Well done, Sideshow Bob.
  3. OF Yoof Cup Final

    I've no sympathy for either side but this referee certainly seems to have, erhm... loyal leanings.
  4. OF Yoof Cup Final

    The coaches will soon knock that out of them.
  5. OF Yoof Cup Final

    Interesting game, this. Some of the play from both sides suggests the gap between the senior sides will close quickly - assuming Rangers are still around and Celtic don't just spend.
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Oh dear, so it begins. I suppose I'd settle for Pavon or Benedetto. At a push.
  7. 9 for Wednesday. Embarrassed to say that I got the HTTP question wrong.
  8. I thought Dundee claimed that scalp. Anyway. Partick fans, what are they like? Luvvy Tarquins and Camerons on the outside but sweary-mouthed c***s after drink or two.
  9. Lee Wallace agrees with you.
  10. You'd better hope Lee Wallace isn't scanning the forums tonight.
  11. C'mon, Partick. Knock the morale out of them please.
  12. Celtic mole

    Apparently there's molehills all over the Celtic pitch. Explains why they've been playing so poorly this season.