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  1. I broke my collarbone playing football a few years back. I'd been ripped for pace by my mate, and I clipped his heel and then went over. Despite an audible crack, and a few "ooooft....ooosha", I reached the conclusion that I'd torn a ligament and it that it wasn't much to worry about. The next day and spending time agony when trying to move my arm, I said "here, maw, I think this is broken". Naturally, being the caring matriarch she said "naw, I don't think it is. You can go to hospital if you want...". Sadly, this question was asked mere hours before the first Fife derby in nearly a decade, and so I decided to head off to East End Park to watch Rovers get skelped 3-1 while sitting in utter agony. The following day, and a trip to A&E happened where I said to the doctor "I don't think its broken"...which was met with a swift reply of getting telt.

    Sadly, this occurred two weeks before the start of Uni. The upside was that when heading out with my arm in a sling, I was from time to time accosted by different lassies asking if I was alright.

    Making noises like that, should have been you're clue, that something was up.

  2. As some of you may already have seen Falkirk TV have produced a short video of just some of the highlights from last season, which will remind viewers of how good it can feel to be a Falkirk fan.

    The video is hosted on YouTube so please share the link with friends and family and help spread the word...

    Click here to watch

    That is a cracking video mate, well done, and hopefully we can do even better next year.

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