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  1. He'll eventually get banned so might as well drop all this in here. Classic Pep. It was at this point he realised he'd f**ked up.
  2. 45's to 50 year olds in England now being offered the vaccine. Just got my own appointment sorted.
  3. I would say there's probably more people who are in a genuine situation and need vaccinated than there are queue jumpers misusing the system. Everyone that wants to be vaccinated will get vaccinated anyway within the next few months.
  4. So why don't you philipy them in if it bothers you so much.
  5. It's not that difficult. I went through an ordeal of a two and a half hour phone call to the DWP last week to chase up the letter on this year's pension increase as I need it for the NHS Highland payment side of her care home fee. Still waiting for that but I received an application for the attendance allowance which I don't need since everything she needs from day to day is at the care home. I used to receive attendance allowance when I looked after her at home, I never used it on myself only to assist in her needs and I stopped the benefit immediately when she left for the care home. I can see how easy it can be abused if the DWP just throw money at everything that moves.
  6. There are other factors in why Australia had less cases and less deaths nothing to do with the measures the government took, they still locked down at the same time as we did. Maybe next time we have a mere hint of a virus outbreak in China (for example) we should respond immediately by setting fire to the countryside to scare the tourists into not coming here. There's probably thousands of people there climbing the walls and hating that c**t Morrison for wanting to keep us locked down forever and completely f**king the economy. But the grass is greener over there right now, at least until the next round of bushfires.
  7. You don't half spout some pish. The grass is always greener everywhere else but here isn't it? These countries are probably looking over at us as a success story due to how far into our vaccination program we are right now and this and the restrictions we have had to put up with have driven infection levels right down to extremely low figures and this is all of the UK. This while the rest of Europe and most of the world are taking a hit right now, while they dither on their vaccination programs or do nothing about it. Experience has taught us that restrictions by themselves only delay this virus, all those countries that have not vaccinated the majority of their population and have lifted are extremely vulnerable to another wave regardless if they have a zero covid policy or not. New Zealand for example never really achieved real zero covid because of a cluster outbreak after 3 months of no reported cases, not linked to over seas travel. This is what Leitch was on about when referring to no cases in our Northern Isles a month ago, despite how few people live up there compared to New Zealand ffs My thoughts on that is that the virus is still there in NZ but going around younger unvaccinated people who have no or extremely minor symptoms, or that some people have been traveling around with no symptoms but not being pulled up for it. I remember that being the case there. Zero covid just isn't possible by policy and strategy, the virus itself will die off on its own when it runs out of people to infect, same as any other virus. This is why the most important thing we are doing against the virus is vaccination. Despite all the difference in opinion of our leaders, the vaccination program and progress is something we are getting spot on right now. Testing is flagging up those who are infected but with no or minor symptoms. We have this under control it seems, we still need to get to the end. And because of this it is possible normality in our lives apart from overseas travel will return earlier than most of the world without fear of another wave of infection, despite the buckled opinions of SAGE and our feargasm motivated media. Clusters will happen there's no avoiding it, its happening now in parts of Scotland hopefully without any serious risk to those people's health, so far. Pints and cigars with zero covid in the bin.
  8. They weren't called Inverness Caledonian, they were called Caledonian or Caledonian F.C. Stop pretending you know anything.
  9. These are people over 50, the article mentions people not returning for their second jag. There can't be many areas that are that far on they are already vaccinating 40 somethings.
  10. ................ .....Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that photo. All the furniture is wrong.
  11. Back in the old days, you were lucky if you got an orange or a banana for your birthday.
  12. Dumfries & Galloway 1.3 to 0.0 Congratulations to the Tories of Dumfries & Galloway, they become the first on the mainland to go zero cases. Can they keep it going?
  13. I miss these old meme and gif websites. Used to spend hours going through pages and pages of them. Funnily enough first time I ever heard the words clown and shoes being used together to describe someone it was in a Russian accent and from Fallout 3. So every time someone mentions Clownshoes on here, it gets read in a Russian accent.
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