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  1. Who replaces Cove?

    I mind back a few years to that last time the HL had an odd number and the team that 'rested' on the weekend sometimes found bounce games or friendlies against the Junior sides who were also free that weekend. Maybe there was a few against freed up Scottish League sides as well. Not so much now but in the carnage that came with the pyramid system in England when clubs gambled over a hundred years of history against small term success the Conference and the leagues below levels 6 & 7 would often run with an odd number. The leagues would try and balance the numbers for the following season but again there would be up to four or five clubs in financial trouble who would either get points deducted, booted down a division or die and they would be left yet again with an odd number.
  2. Who replaces Cove?

    It's the OCD. Walls will be driven up.
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    A bit embarrassing if we did offer Nathan Austin a further year deal and he knocked it back for Kelty Hearts. Same goes for the offer from Airdrie, maybes it shows the ambition of the club if they have signed Austin plus a couple of Forfar players who played regularly and the back up left back from East Fife to have a real go at winning the Lowland League. Fair play to them even if Barry Ferguson is their manager.
  4. We welcome the Mexican Chilli Cheese pie to the Championship. Is it that good or simply a myth?
  5. Cove Rangers Champions

    I don't think its complacency, its possible they can't do any better without improved financial support. Clubs have ups and downs over the years and all three you mention are perfectly capable of going up a league but over the next few years with the gradual filter of teams from the 5th tier who will be comparatively financially better off, most of the clubs who frequent the bottom of the four leagues will find it harder and harder as the seasons go on to maintain a Scottish League place.
  6. Cove Rangers Champions

    Cove Rangers have no class and neither do their fans and I doubt they will be missed from the HL. I suppose its football progress, Cove haven't reached their full potential or their ceiling where as Berwick Rangers haven't done anything for years. Sad to see Berwick Rangers lose their place in the Scottish League after decades of being a part, maybe this might wake the club up and they can turn themselves around in what's going to be an increasingly more competitive and harder Lowland League.
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    LOL So many takers for the Caley Thistle curse??? I take it all these players our rivals are falling over themselves to sign will automatically be first choice and not bench warmers or simply squad players and the fans will get behind them and have the patience to give them time to get up to the standard required at their new bigger club.
  8. Cove Rangers Champions

    Probably more likely to be Elgin City coming down before any new boys join from Juniors, NCL etc. League 2 is going to get tougher and more competitive over the next few years and the clubs who struggle year after year to even make the playoffs in that league will find it increasingly harder to sustain their place in that league. I hope not,but given how little they have progressed since entering the Scottish League if no step up soon on and off the pitch, this will increasingly become a reality.
  9. Milk

    I've never seen anyone ever buy or drink the red topped one and its always left till last in the canteen chiller. Does it have any real uses?
  10. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Chris Sutton claims to talk on behalf of neutrals. No club deserves or is entitled to be in the top flight, they earn the right on the pitch not because they are a bigger club or have more fans than their opponents. It's great to see the underdogs like Livingston and Accies in the top flight, its healthy for Scottish football and less predictable and less boring. If you were really neutral you wouldn't prefer one or other and not give a toss who goes up or down. Surely a Dundee derby next season would look as attractive as having a club from Dundee in the top flight and I'm sure there are those that would like to see the team from Paisley remain in the top flight just as much regardless of the big club and crowd sizes bollox. This should be decided on the pitch and the club that gets the spot in the Premiership earns it through being the better team over the two legs. Dundee Utd fans should be more concerned about St. Mirren than they were against ICT as this is a team that has battled and scrapped for points at the end of the season in the top flight and now understands what it means to survive. This Dundee Utd team hasn't, having practically cigared their way to 2nd in the Championship against clubs with much smaller budgets bar County. How's the United bottle?
  11. Close Not in comparison You're not even trying The answer is 11
  12. A wee pop quiz. Made me think as a starting point since 1971 when Jim MacLean became manager of Utd and then on to the present day how many times have Dundee finished above Utd in the leagues?
  13. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

  14. Should be easy title grab for Dundee next season
  15. Spot on, I think also moving the disinterested Dougie Imrie was also a factor creating a space in the first 11 for Hayes to establish himself. The difference between Eagle and Hayes was day and night. Eagles although reasonably quick was too lightweight and tended to disappear during games, Hayes although a bit raw worked his socks of even if he lost the ball and had that determination to win and challenge everything the deciding factor must have been how both he and Rooney worked hard together to create chances and score goals. Dropping Barrowman for Rooney was also a good one, Dropping our eccentric left back and bringing back the no nonsense Golabeck was a factor as well. Lee Cox, and Dani Sanchez both decent enough to avoid the promotion summer cull. Our loanee center back Bulvitis was very very slow and seeing him getting skinned for pace and reaction time against Kilmarnock in the cup was painful to watch (thank goodness for a conga). Its interesting to see how we compare with that 2009/10 team now. We are certainly weaker in most departments, but where as now we have younger players who have time to develop that Butcher's team had players, many experienced who were not going to improve any further.