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  1. Is the housing market about to collapse?
  2. No Boris is still PM and was it not last week he visited Ukraine and announced 54m in military aid? And made sure everyone knew that the Russians are to blame for the cost of living crisis not his rich pals nor that the crisis was already 'a done deal' when energy price regulator like Ofgem who exist to protect the consumer had their protection on button disabled. People are now being gaslit to forget that most if not all the fledgling or middle size energy companies that depended on the price cap went bust or were bought out months before the Russians invaded. Boris Johnson if I remember rubbed his hands with delight and claimed that he was glad all these 'incompetent' companies all went bust. Bigger slice of the cake for the energy companies now consumers have little or no choice. This article from a year ago, what a lying c**t. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-09-23/rising-energy-prices-creates-dilemma-for-boris-johnson-ahead-of-cop26 Energy price regulators who were denying the global energy companies even bigger profits, so now they are grabbing back what they believe was lost profits regardless of the carnage and human cost? It was said this will go on for two years (probably more) but at the end of the day the power to stop this is with the energy companies not the governments. Governments can just talk. This is what happens when global companies have too much power and have power and control over the regulators who are meant to police them and be independent and neutral. Its corruption on a world wide scale for vast profit.
  3. I find it bizarre how the unionists supporting media are raging that Nicola Sturgeon is a away for a couple of days to try to build closer working ties with another European country and the government those unionists support in Westminster has done next to nothing to help anyone for three months while they have no leadership, no leadership at all, yes three months while the infrastructure of the UK is falling apart and the financial situation is heading in the direction of a man made disaster and the outgoing PM takes a nice wee holiday in Greece with a full thumbs up. Is there not some hypocrisy there?
  4. If this is the case then the UK government aren't taking the crisis serious enough. It might be a game to them, but this is about real life damage limitation.
  5. I noticed posts missing on some of the threads. @AsimButtHitsASix and @Day of the Lords, I can't link to their profiles which leads me to believe those two. Apologies if wrong.
  6. Horrific if people lose their homes through no fault of their own. Not just rentals but unable to keep up with the mortgage. It will drain savings as well, all will end up contributing to the energy bosses next bonus and self awarded pay rises. The governments can pretend they are trying to do something but as Fletcher correctly said it won't be enough, it will never be. The projected length of time for this crisis could be two years, for much of the population it will be a lifetime. A lot of businesses are going to collapse, likely around the turn of the year and January which will put people out of work and vulnerable to poverty.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11148815/Albanian-migrants-pose-pictures-London-Eye.html Interesting take from the Mail, notice that by being 'migrants' they are not regarded as people or individuals so their names aren't mentioned regardless that their pictures are. Its a way of dehumanising them, treat them as unpeople. Calling them criminals is assumption or slander, doesn't matter if they try to defend themselves and deny this because they have no rights anyway and its neither here nor there if they are or not, its an open goal for the far right. There is also the use of the word migrants, should it not be illegal immigrants, migrants also cover those who are successful in being allowed to stay here and start a new life. We are now reaching the point were migrants are bad, all migrants are bad. What is striking about all this and any news article on Albanians is that there is nothing about the root cause of why Albanians decide to come here of all places, why would they leave their homeland and their loved ones?
  8. Its going to be an 'interesting' weekend. Any bets on this forum lasting without being locked once again and posters being emptied by 23:59 Sunday night? People need to stop responding to bait, it is obvious bait.
  9. Well, it sells guns, expensive camouflage jackets and beard oil.
  10. Funny thing is I just did a check on what Rebel News are up to and certainly they should get a lot of bites. https://www.rebelnews.com/puberty_blockers_for_8-year-olds_rebel_confronts_trudeaus_health_minister Yeah, that's going to go down well.
  11. Let's find out - Mainly vlogs, I used to watch Rebel News on Youtube when Gavin McInnes was presenter or vlogs from a certain Viking musician living his traditional life in France with his traditional family, that was until he got banned from Youtube in the great purge a few years ago. I found them Interesting, intelligent and communicate well, they both challenge the listener to think outside the box and not see yourself as being right about everything because..... The only vlog I watch much of now is the impartial Russell Brand who has had right wing intellectuals on as guests or occasionally I'll listen to a Jordan Peterson lecture or Q&A. As you can read I'm not much of a fan of cancel culture. I see it as anti learning, ignoring knowledge which is a great loss in the short time we live. Incredible that some people are proud of that and this is on both sides of the culture argument. Oh and for anyone getting the wrong idea here, the balance is that I read and like Chomsky's view point..
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