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  1. Same here with the out like a light and that only after only one, poor quality sleep for about an hour on the chair in front of the computer then awake the whole or most of the night. I've decided to pass completely on drinking any alcohol in the house from now on and this set of days off work after a night shift I've had a eight hours sleep and everything is .....back to normal. Sad but has to be done.
  2. These guys had it sussed long ago before we did. Hot tub on a freezing cold clear day, temperatures down well below zero, has to go on my bucket list.
  3. I think I've become intolerant to alcohol, the insomnia I get from it the worst effect. Even just one bottle of beer or cider throws me completely for a couple of days.
  4. Looking forward to next season's self destruction at Renault. Alonso at the age of 39 going on 40 on a two contract as designated number one driver with Esteban Ocon supposedly as his rear gunner in his team. Two of the most outspoken and uncompromising drivers around at the moment in cars regardless of the promise of rule changes next season will be no better than midfield runners, why do this Fernando? Alonso was a brilliant driver and Champion but the reasoning behind this is baffling and could go down as another in the long line of his self defeating decisions he has made since leaving Renault the first time. I take it Flavio is still advising him? Why walk into a situation at his age he's not going to win any races., has no chance of a title and is up against a team mate who is hungry to prove himself, who isn't afraid to punt his own team mate out of a race, play dirty to get a result and is very likely to match him for quali and race pace and we know Alonso doesn't take well to being pressured by a team mate, he has to be number one in the team, it says so in the contract?? You just know these two are eventually going to fucking hate each other. Listening in on both drivers radios next season could be a particular highlight. I think Seb is near done, a move to another team might do him good but yeah not Mercedes. I would think Mercedes are going to be looking with interest at how Red Bull get on next season and if Verstappen is happy there not winning World Titles. Hamilton isn't going to be around forever and currently the in F1 there are two young drivers that are in their age group potential World Champions and look the part, one is Leclerc and the other is Verstappen. I don't agree that Vettel will win more races than Bottas if he drove for Mercedes and I can't see how that driver pairing with Hamilton would ever work. I also believe Bottas deals with pressure a lot better than Vettel ever has done as well and deals with Hamilton's 'competitive nature' even better than Rosberg did. This is one of the reasons Bottas was perfect as a team mate for Hamilton and it looks like its still the selling point when it comes to contract negotiations. I'm not saying Bottas is accepting that Hamilton is better, Bottas appears to just get on with his own job without allowing himself to be distracted, they are both strong characters and completely different personalities but work well together. Bottas comes across as having very mature professional personality and can think outside the box. He's a very clever guy who is very capable of outsmarting Lewis on the track and off and I think Hamilton respects him for that.
  5. I'm sure I read an article last week on the voting to who sits on the SPFL board representing the Championship and it claimed our chairman was a sure thing to be reappointed only got two votes (the other from guess who) and that Mike Mulraney of Alloa had taken his place. I see also unless funds are found we will be making drastic cuts to our youth teams, now realistically although this might not affect the 1st team in the near future as very few youngsters make it that far but it could have an effect on the numbers of young players who go on to play in the lower league levels in future years. More options for young players to have a career or simply just play football at an organised level reduced. Project Brave looks to be heading for the bin.
  6. Microsoft bothered why all these Google Chrome users aren't picking up on their redesigned all singing all dancing flagship browser Chromium Edge decided in June to add it to an 'essential Windows automatic update' and force feed it to everyone who uses Windows with no option to uninstall nor stop it from launching itself like malware regardless of current choice of browser. Microsoft clearly deciding to impose themselves yet again and remind the likes of Google and users that they own every web browsing device in the world and the competition should know their place, especially during a period when everyone is distracted by a world wide pandemic so no one would challenge them. There are still users of the now unsupported Windows 7 and 8 out there who were quite happy with what they had suddenly find out to their horror when they switch on they now have Chromium Edge with no means to remove it. Has anyone on here successfully removed it completely?
  7. Are Hearts actually relegated yet so we can get on with THE FUCKING RECRUITMENT OF OUR SQUAD!! FOR THE RIGHT LEAGUE!!
  8. I don't know what you look like. Given this I don't know any ICT supporters on any football forum by sight.
  9. His score for Once Upon A Time In America is genius, a great gangster story that was enhanced with a beautiful film score. A true legend of the 20th Century.
  10. It's a no shit Sherlock that England is heading for a second wave that NS is cautious to avoid happening in this country. Don't believe the 'science' it is corrupted and manipulated by the likes of Cummings and his cronies.
  11. Some Leicester factories stayed open and forced staff to come in, report warns https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/30/some-leicester-factories-stayed-open-and-forced-staff-to-come-in The findings from Labour Behind the Label includes allegations that workers were forced to work despite high levels of infection in factories and allegations of “furlough fraud”. And on Tuesday, testimony compiled by Labour Behind the Label set out what the report’s authors claimed was a “shameful” disregard for worker safety by the factories and the major UK brands operating in Leicester. As well as problems with factory conditions, others have suggested that the outbreak gained pace among workers in food processing sites around the city and spread quickly in part because of overcrowded housing.
  12. Why? Because MeriKa!! Imagine if this was a vaccine, the manure would certainly hit the fan. US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at least https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/30/us-buys-up-world-stock-of-key-covid-19-drug The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world. Buying up the world’s supply of remdesivir is not just a reaction to the increasing spread and death toll. The US has taken an “America first” attitude throughout the global pandemic.
  13. Marmite Pasta. https://www.dontgobaconmyheart.co.uk/marmite-pasta/ More here - https://www.buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/marmite-recipes The marmite crisps are nice as well, not tried them in a buttered roll yet.
  14. Haven't tried that yet. What other food can you add marmite to that takes it up another level?
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