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  1. Another fine mess. CalMac sues Scottish government over ferry routes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-50661548
  2. Didn't see the live interview with Andrew Neil as I don't have a TV but read the BBC article. Jo Swinson admitted she got it wrong with the bedroom tax during the coalition government and forced more misery on those who are most vulnerable. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50660212 Apologies as the picture sticks, there is no problem with the sound so far.
  3. Right down to the act being repealed by Parliament. It was a shambles, SNP first and then Labour dummies spat and toys thrown everywhere. The Tories then under Margaret Thatcher absolutely loved it. It led to the SNP withdrawing support for the then Labour government and triggered a general election which was won by the Conservatives who gave us the respect we deserved right up to using us as guinea pigs for their poll tax, they never forgot nor forgave the rebellious Scots.
  4. I've seen the Tory one which was posted through my fathers letter box and it's a mess. At first glance with all that yellow and a picture of our glorious Führerin it was another SNP flyer, its only when it was unfolded did it reveal Dr Fiona Fawcett as our Scottish Conservative candidate for our area. It's like the Tories have given up hope up here and BoJo the Class Clown has ordered his minions to spoil and debunk the SNP as much as possible instead of focusing on what they can do for us. The Scottish Conservatives have an almost Old Firm like obsession with their Scottish Nationalist rivals.
  5. So far I've had SNP, Labour, Lib Dems, Green and Farmfoods. All with tackling the climate crisis as a main issue. Both Labour and SNP wanting to scrap universal credit. Lewis Ian Whyte (Labour) wants more affordable houses in the area, 5600 people either on the waiting list for a council house or are homeless. Drew Hendry (SNP) saying the Highlands could lose 320m in EU funding over the coming years due to a bad Brexit. Denis Rixon (Lib Dems) leaflet is about Jo Swinson (one and a half pages) and half a page on himself, half a page on climate change and a wee bit on the back page about how the Lib Dems are winning. Not much else. I can't find the Green one, probably chucked it out. Farmfoods promise great deals on multipacks and frozen foods like £4.99 for 12 tins of Heinz baked beans plus there's vouchers. No Tories yet.
  6. Yep! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/scottish-independence/scottish-independence-polling-station-graffiti-sparks-accusations-of-voter-intimidation-during-9741015.html Its not just one side that plays dirty, both were at it. Just part and parcel of election time in this country for decades when the party ultras/zealots come out of the woodwork to intimidate rather than reason and debate with the general public. Welcome to our so called democracy.
  7. And there's myself and many people who couldn't care less what the Unionists said and voted for Independence regardless of the fictional scare stories most of us didn't know about or if they did didn't care. Can you show me evidence of what we all missed out on? You obviously don't believe that thousands of people voted the way they wanted and they were intimidated into voting no. Its a very delusional view of the outcome and a pretty poor excuse. Don't forget there was intimidation and scaremongering from the yes side as well, were the yes voters also intimidated into making that choice?
  8. It will be interesting to see if the people of Glasgow are less apathetic about the GE than they were in the Brexit referendum.
  9. Yeah as much as I would like to see an independent Scotland at some point during my life time its not about self interest and if the country voted no back in 2014 then so be it, we as a country do not want independence and no amount of foot stamping and crying that its not fair is gong to change that. We will have to wait another generation before we have another referendum (18 or so years). There is a fair point that this call for a referendum is entirely based on the country being miss-sold Brexit but then that would hardly change the political voting map of Scotland that drastically in 2 years since two years ago this country was more than aware of the consequences of a no deal Brexit. Scottish, British or European we are still going to get fucked over regardless.
  10. Yeah smoothies for breakfast are good, not all the time. Only use milk for my coffee or tea, have started using oat drinks to go with most breakfast cereals, banana oats mmmm very nice. Occasionally using coconut milk as a milk alternative.
  11. Calexico - Crystal Frontier
  12. I think most on here have been close to correct in their predictions, Cove Rangers, Edinburgh City top or near, Annan not far away, Albion struggling again and Brechin failing to stop the rot. It does show that the new clubs are finding their feet quickly and its a warning to the clubs who are either content or simply unable to move forward to make an effort to make that move forward into pushing for promotion. These clubs will eventually be fed into the 5th tier as the ambitious, financially stronger clubs from the non leagues come up and establish themselves. Edit: I have no idea why I keep putting Stirling Albion up in the playoffs every season, they are never that good. Maybe its because Stirling is a reasonably big town and they have decent facilities. All that will happen is that they will drop down further this season and next season will be worse as the League 2 relegation conveyor belt brings them and the likes of Cowdenbeath and Elgin City closer to the drop into the Lowland or Highland League bucket.
  13. Anyone think they know where the overlaps are in quality above and below the Championship?
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