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  1. No stopping the loser mentality when it gets a head of steam. The feeble attempts to undermine Scottish football goes on. Rangers still gunning for SPFL Chairman and Celtic FC shareholder Murdoch MacLennan to go away. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2019/02/28/murdoch-maclennans-greater-second-conflict-of-interest-being-chairman-of-the-press-association-group-and-the-spfl/
  2. Dundee v Celtic

    13:23 Dogged Dundee defending... HT: Dundee 0-0 Celtic Chick Young BBC Scotland pundit at Dens Park Quote Message: It’s a courageous defensive showing by Dundee but at times they are so deep at the Bob Shankly end that they are nearly in Tannadice... It’s a courageous defensive showing by Dundee but at times they are so deep at the Bob Shankly end that they are nearly in Tannadice...
  3. Dundee v Celtic

    I'm not going to tempt fate here
  4. They've never forgiven the BBC for telling them that Craig Whyte was a little bit dodgy.
  5. Are these the Vanguard Bears? They did this before about 8 years ago
  6. Fort William tomorrow

    The real Greatest Fans In The World must be the few that show up to support the Fort every week.
  7. Do Rangers fans boycott the BBC TV licence?
  8. DONT should be DON'T Someone from the BBC should have counterbannered right back at them with the above message
  9. Hibs vs Rangers

    The Rangers - even they were unsure if they had died or not. I mean if you died it would be a life changing event, you wouldn't be expected to carry on from where you left off.
  10. I'm old school and prefer a printed program for each match I attend. I don't know about last season but this season all the matchday programs are downloadable from the club website. Is this the same now at County? I haven't checked yet to see if anyone else does this. A bit of a shame if the classic traditional printed football program is on the way out.
  11. So I take it you never attended the other two fixtures at Inverness this season?
  12. Someone with the stats can tell us if Dundee have been relegated and indeed promoted more times than any other club in the history of Scottish football?
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    I don't see the problem. Even without your own form of transport its not even a mad rush to get over to the stadium after using public transport. The railway for example down to Queen's Street Station would leave Inverness at 06:50 and reach QSS at 10:15 unless delays, plenty of time to go and get breakfast then walk over to Glasgow Central and get the train for Mt. Florida probably arriving a good hour before K.O. Are people up here allergic to getting up before 07:00 ffs? I mean all it asks for is a little bit more effort to get down the road/rail for a Scottish Cup semi final for which it might be years before we get the chance to go to another one.
  14. Pyramid 2019/2020

    I haven't seen or heard anything either about the HL offering places in the league since the three Junior teams joined in 2009, I have no idea what he (Spyro) is on about.