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  1. Ventilation. The SG wanting to spending thousands cutting a few inches of the bottom of classroom doors.
  2. Fair play for Rishi Sunak for being open and honest, admitting to us what the Tories what we have always knew they were about, which is transferring money from the poor to the wealthy. Or maybe he like Truss aren't that bothered about hiding it anymore. A real vote winner there. Really shows how disconnected the the new further to the right Conservatives are from the rest of us, they aren't living in the real world. Just horrible people. You probably saw this earlier in the week but I couldn't find the piece anywhere. These bloggers have a good take on his confession.
  3. Amazon staff in Tilbury walk out after being offered a 35p per hour pay rise https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-62421758
  4. Worse than Boris, no one could be as worse as Boris, could they?
  5. I like the idea of Fernando the rogue driver, no team orders just driving for himself and the guys who work on his car. it will be funny if he scores a podium for Alpine just to show Otmar what could have been.
  6. Added to this I was unaware that Oscar's contract with Alpine ended 31st July but he is still listed as reserve driver. Looks like Fernando Alonso has fallen out big time with Alpine's team bosses, he also posted a thumbs up videoafter reading Oscar's tweet on Tuesday. edit - not contract, there's a rumour that within that contract was an agreement that Alpine needed to assure Piastri a F1 drive this season or next season by that date 31st July 2022 or he could be a free agent to talk to another team. The plan was initially for Alonso to sign for another season and Piastri would be loaned to Williams in 2023. All neat and tidy, except that Fernando wasn't happy with a one year deal and looks likely Alpine didn't budge, so when the news that Vettel was retiring the timing couldn't have been better. There's obviously been some friction between Alonso and the Alpine management for some time and he seems to be enjoying the carnage that has kicked off in his wake, starting with that rather panicked announcement on promoting Piastri to the race seat. This will probably burn for a few weeks until Daniel Ricciardo decides on his plans for next season and or we get an announcement from McLaren on their driver line up in 2023.
  7. We have a good idea of should do by now how good Kevin Magnussen is so where does this leave Mick Schumacher? K-Mag is a far better benchmark to compare on how good MS really is and in his second season Mick really needs to start delivering, he needs that big result and to consistently be up there matching K-Mag every weekend otherwise he could be another one looking around for other employment at end of season Does anyone think that Mick Schumacher is good enough for another season with Haas?
  8. Who do you think out of the current line up of F1 drivers will be out of F1 next season and looking for employment in another series?
  9. A multi-year contract? Is this a bit silly or has he been released from his Red Bull contract?
  10. Williams announcement at 15:00 - Its probably about retaining Alex Albon for next season and announcing Logan Sergeant as Latifi's replacement.
  11. Apparently not, because watertight contracts with Alpine are watertight contracts. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/alpine-stands-firm-over-piastri-race-contract-for-f1-2023/10348106/ Otmar Szafnauer - "I am not aware of any agreements he would have made with McLaren, if any," the Alpine chief told Motorsport.com. “I hear the same rumors as you in the pit lane. What I know is that he has a contractual obligation to us. And we to him too. "We meet these obligations throughout the year. Those obligations will continue into 2023, and possibly until 2024 if some options are exercised. We had to make him reserve driver this year and let him drive last year's car for a significant number of hours. "We are already well over halfway through that 5,000-kilometre program in preparation for a race seat next year. Also VT1s and simulation work is performed by both parties. He fulfills his obligations, so do we. So we have a watertight contract with him for 2023 and with an option for 2024. So I don't know what he has agreed with McLaren." So Piastri is under contract to Alpine as a driver but there is that belief that makes him automatically their choice without negotiation their driver in the F1 car in 2023? Unlike with Alex Palou, Piastri hasn't signed for anyone else yet, probably best that he doesn't until this is resolved. Regardless what anyone thinks of Szafnauer if Piastri is under contract next season as an Alpine driver then they Alpine can decide whether to put him in the other car or loan him out to another team, he cannot sign for another team without consent from Alpine. It's possible that this is getting blown out of proportion and that there seems to be some confusion over what his contract covers whether its being an Alpine supported driver or does driving for the team in F1 next season require a separate contract. The mistake so far was that press release from Alpine confirming Oscar Piastri would be driving for the team before speaking to him first. Alpine are angry as they have invested a lot in him to become their F1 driver and their biggest asset, but as I said this might be getting blown out of proportion.
  12. McLaren sign Goatifi but don't tell us what for.
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