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  1. I see that Lance Stroll tested positive for coronavirus after the Nurburgring weekend, same for his father. Latest silly season rumours which have kicked off again due to changes in team ownership and the like - Kimi Raikkonen will race for Alfa Romeo for another season and alongside him will be Mick Schumacher, don't know if this has been confirmed yet. Williams under new ownership are looking at bringing Sergio Perez to drive next season, not sure where this leaves either George Russell or Nic Latiffi. Alex Albon's inconsistent form could see him pushed back to AlfaTauri for next season with his seat taken by Nico Hulkenberg, with Yuki Tsunoda tipped to take the other seat at AlfaTauri. Where does this leave the two current AlfaTauri drivers? Red Bull don't seem interested in promoting Pierre Gasly back up again despite being a race winner, which could mean he could be leaving since this 'B' team is now a dead end for him to progress and it looks like he has already outgrown this role. The silly rumours suggest that Renault aren't entirely happy with Ocon's performance this year, so with Alonso confirmed in the seat currently occupied by Ricciardo this is a tough one Ocon who is already signed or Gasly? More likely Albon will end up stepping aside and rested or loaned out unless he improves in the remaining races, with Gasly and Tsunoda in the junior team. Gasly for Renault, maybe not next season but for 2022 very possibly. Kvyatt also has no reason to stay at AlfaTauri as he fell out of favour sometime ago and is only in that seat now because Red Bull have been struggling to bring through young drivers over the last few seasons. I wonder if Kvyatt is one of the names on Gunther Steiner's shopping list of 10 potential drivers at Haas? Speaking of Haas, they need a lot of cash and Russian F2 driver Nikita Mazepin has been linked with the team, not sure if this is for a full race seat or third driver. He's decent and a solid racer but he's not in the same class as the Ferrari youngsters.
  2. For some ending up getting just 3-4 hours sleep a night.
  3. Daily Record blaming Ferrier for this - https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/coronavirus-outbreak-parliament-at-least-22824121 An outbreak of coronavirus has been confirmed among at least 45 parliamentary police with a deep clean now underway at Westminster. The outbreak has occurred within the Met Police’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection unit. The parliamentary cops base has had to undergo a deep clean, our sister title The Mirror reports. It comes after SNP MP Margaret Ferrier caused widespread outrage after she travelled down to London by train to attend parliament while awaiting virus test results. She then headed back to Scotland from London after testing positive. The Met Police told Mirror Online: "Should any officer test positive for Covid they will be told to take appropriate measures and those who have been in contact with them will be swiftly contacted and also advised to act accordingly, in line with Government regulations. "The Met continues to follow guidance from Public Health England and the National Police Chiefs’ Council about how to best protect and support all officers and staff during the pandemic. "The Met spends all day, every day, responding to different requirements and demands and has the resilience and resources to provide its normal service." The outbreak is the latest to hit Westminster, which has seen a number of MPs and aides infected since the start of the pandemic. With the amount of people walking in and out of Westminter why is this a surprise, maybe the place should be added to any pie chart considering tracing infection?
  4. Maybe he likes spending the evening urinating it passes the time I suppose. ffs how many f---ing time do I need to edit thjis????
  5. I've never drank Budweiser from a can which requires a glass, only from the bottle and it can only be drank at a temperature next to freezing. I used to drink it on a night out if I didn't want to feel drunk. edit I drank Carling black label on draught once. I think it was at the Barrowlands back in 1990 before watching The Pixies. The band was excellent but the beer was forgettable.
  6. See this is the kind of pie chart bollox people do when they have too much time on their hands.
  7. With this lot you might as well miss out the middle man and pour it down the toilet?
  8. Opinion: If Glasgow's music and club scene crumbles under the weight of Covid-19, then the city crumbles with it To lose those who help make Glasgow's nightclubs and music scene tick to other jobs would be to say goodbye to the real drivers of the city’s culture – simple as that. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/news-opinion/opinion-glasgows-music-club-scene-19063624
  9. Continual lockdowns are not the answer to bringing Covid under control Devi Sridhar https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/10/continual-local-lockdowns-answer-covid-control Countries such as Vietnam and New Zealand are reopening due to robust strategies. When will we learn from them? In April, cafes and restaurants opened in Vietnam full of bustle and life. In July, 10,000 baseball fans attended a match in a stadium in Taiwan. In August, thousands packed together for a music concert at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park in China. And this month, rugby internationals are going ahead in New Zealand with stadiums at full capacity. Daily life within these places has largely returned to normal. Compared to other countries, they have faced minimal economic damage. In fact, Taiwan never even had a lockdown, while lockdown measures in Vietnam, New Zealand and China were early, short and sharp. Out of a population of 1.4bn people, China has only suffered 4,634 Covid-19 deaths; Vietnam, Taiwan and New Zealand together have had 67. How are these countries keeping Covid-19 under control, their health services running, and their economies and societies afloat? That’s the question we should all be asking. Instead, seven months into this crisis, the UK remains stuck in endless cycles of lockdown measures, its media still fixated on paralysing debates about how serious the virus really is and what the optimal strategy for addressing it should be. The UK initially made the mistake of treating coronavirus like flu. It was late to lock down, initially allowing the virus to spread through the population like a common cold. Once the severity of the virus became clear and the government enforced a lockdown, it squandered time and instead waited to see what would happen. Continued in the link ......
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-54494241 Covid in Scotland: Seven deaths at West Lothian care home Relatives of people living in a West Lothian care home say seven residents have now died in a Covid-19 outbreak. It comes after four deaths were linked to Redmill care home in East Whitburn on Friday. More than 50 staff and residents at the home, which is run by HC-One, have tested positive for coronavirus since 25 September. However, delays in results has seen the home's testing regime branded a "shambles" by an MSP. Labour's Neil Findlay said it had taken six days for a complete home-testing regime to be organised after the first coronavirus case was detected at Redmill. He said he had been contacted by worried relatives and that some of the 28 staff and 20 residents had waited longer than nine days for Covid test results. Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has promised to investigate any issues with testing. The care home is one of two in the NHS Lothian area currently dealing with Covid clusters. At Redmill, 55 residents and staff have tested positive, while at Milford House in Edinburgh there have been 31 positive test results. The health board has said a "small number" of people have died but will not give precise figures because of patient confidentiality.
  11. Asda heaving right now, the alcohol section the busiest with some walking away with five bottles of wine in their trollies. The pub has moved to the house. Is this the same everywhere? There will be a lot less people following the restrictions than six months ago.
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