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  1. Tired looking performance from us today & no wonder, had to expect it'd catch up eventually. Despite that still nearly nicked a point in the end, but can't really complain about the result. Other results went our way and we've now the near luxury of 3 whole days before having to play again.
  2. Looking at our fixture list, at a guess I reckon if we manage to beat Forfar tonight we'll go to Falkirk then Firhill with a formation looking to grind out draws, keeping some players back for the remaining two matches against Dumbarton and Forfar.
  3. Can't see that either, was a theory suggested by someone else. PPV on the other hand, different story. Whatever it is, they couldn't feasibly argue it's in the interests of sport, an attempt to make the league "fairer". If anything, it's the other way round. Survival of the fittest, literally.
  4. It might change with Aberdeen's move away out to Kingswells and how successful they are or not ! Not entirely sure they've thought that through and taking folk who decide to go to a game relatively last minute into account. As for tonight, I suppose with the situation we're in we have to view the home games as "must wins" and just look to grind out whatever we can in the away games and hope by the end of it all we're in a decent position. Just don't know how long the players can sustain the energy levels, even with rotation, of another two weeks playing a game every two days or so. Absolutely unbelievable that this schedule was agreed by the clubs to accommodate another 4 games which have no obvious reason other than to either avoid season ticket refunds or more likely, squeeze some more Pay Per View income.
  5. If there's a cup shock today & Cove go out, this becomes a huge game for both sides, the winner earning effectively a bye into the semis given the shower o shite that would be waiting for them next Can see us cruising this, a couple of Rab Reilly free kicks curling high past 3 foot George Tulloch. 😏
  6. Aye the Wee Mill. Long gone, the new road to the motorway runs right through it now. It was the clubs themselves who decided all this, afaik the 'powers that be' only insisted all clubs could fulfill the first 18 to be allowed to play these extra 4 games.
  7. Whatever the reason for the 4 extra games they certainly can't argue it's got anything to do with sporting integrity or 'fairness'. Could be as you're saying to do with season ticket refunds or even just a case of squeezing as much pay per view pounds out as they think they can get away with Wouldn't be surprised if a memo was sent downstairs reminding Danny that yet again we're financially Donald Ducked, so if he could see his way clear & put out as strong a side as possible as we really need that 20k now. But would have to think it'll be a weakened side, few full time clubs could sustain that schedule let alone part time
  8. I'm sure the Ayr lads have a fair idea of our situation, but to put in context. Instead of all our clubs deciding under the circumstances that completing 18 games would be enough, each team playing each other home and away once, they decided to put what are in the vast majority of cases part time players through the most ridiculous fixture schedule ever specifically so they could then play another 4 games each, the purpose for which absolutely nobody knows. To the point that if something truly bizarre happened today and we beat Ayr, most of our support would likely be, and it seems incredible to say this, 'disappointed' because it adds yet another game into the mix. When you've got to that stage you know the game's fucked.
  9. Had been looking forward to these two games on the back of the style of performances in October, pressing high from the kick off, good energy, imposing our game on the opposition. Unfortunately seemed to revert to type for the first 60 minutes against Austria and 45 against Israel. Just don't get it. Two decent sides, but you could see the difference when we did finally get our act together in both, they were forced into mistakes and we probably could have won both. But you can't waste a large part of the game sitting too deep and really deserve much more than the draws we got. Disappointing to say the least and will need some huge results now to have any realistic chance of either winning the group or making the playoff. We do have the players but they need to change that mentality.
  10. Would think they must be on the basis the only reason I can think we have this ridiculous fixture schedule is to accommodate the 4 extra games taking it to the 22. I'm assuming we still have playoffs after those. The only reason I can think the clubs wanted these extra 4 games was to squeeze as much out of PPV on Youtube as possible. So they're driving their own players into the ground for the sake of a few extra quid on a platform the majority of supporters don't even use. Insane.
  11. That's an absolutely horrendous schedule. I thought originally it was all to be completed by around late May. 2 or 3 days between each game for a full time team would be bad enough. Totally farcical
  12. Agree with others, it's unfortunate news. First at a personal level for CJ, seem to remember picking up on the fact he was struggling a little bit in the early days of the lockdown last year, so hope he's getting the support needed. Wish him well. Also in a football sense, the year we got promoted a big factor in that was the role Norway & Banks played out wide. Full backs aren't so used to that now, it's a nightmare for them & was good to watch. Think the idea was CJ would fill Banks' roll but then Norway gets injured etc, real pity. Don't know if his latest injury is a recurrence of the one he got early last season because if it is, that suggests it could be a pretty serious problem for him. No idea what to expect really after all the disruption. Would still like to see Craig Howie given more of a chance. He benefited from getting a run of games, was looking the part and then yet another injury hit. He's been unlucky, still think he could be a good player for us. Suppose the best to hope for is they put a run of decent results together and get secure in the league, then like most teams take stock over the summer. If there's playoffs, not sure of the thinking behind the 4 extra games after the 18 is completed when there's already a tight deadline to meet. Also don't know if a Scottish Cup run would benefit financially in the circumstances should we get through against Keith. TV or prize money for getting through each stage maybe ? Whole thing's a bit farcical but hopefully come out the other side relatively unscathed and get a proper pre season under their belts in the summer.
  13. OK, so is their role to source quality young players over a longer period with a view to developing a youth structure, or are they an enhanced scouting network to source a better standard of player ready to step into the first team over whatever period of time ? If it's the latter, will we have the budget to offer a better standard of player than we already have ? I don't mind the longer term angle, but presumably the club themselves will also have to grow their income streams to match that ambition.
  14. In theory that's fine, but there's the practical side of it. First of all, who would we be looking to ship out, and of those who would be willing to rip up their contract especially in these times with Covid, unless they'd another club lined up ? Secondly, if we did manage to free up wages, who would be available that would improve what we have, because presumably they'd be free transfers ? Or is the idea that that Diamond & Corr would be able to secure better youth players from SPFL sides than they've done already ? I really don't know much about those two and what they do, that's why I'm asking. My suggestion on formation was based on what we know for a fact we have and I don't remember being tried. It might not work either, but that's different from saying maybe we can ship out x, y & z, and maybe we can find replacements. Certainly with Diamond & Corr, if they're being paid a wage it'll be for a specific remit, and if they're not achieving that then it would be one way to free up wages. But I don't know what their remit is. Seems to be they have a background in youth football, but can only imagine that would be worthwhile if we're looking to build a long term youth set up which as far as I know isn't part of the plan.
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