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  1. Shit like this is just unnecessarily cruel almost. I feel some people are almost taking pleasure in having the chance to treat students like shit. Test the students and if they are not positive they should be freed, or at least allowed to socialise amongst each other or something.
  2. If the rules aren't backed up by serious enforcement and fines etc, then they will still not bother. Rather than tightening of the rules, which if anything should be relaxed imo, what should be done is more serious punishment for those who do actually breach them. Including those who refuse to wear masks. With almost no exemptions
  3. I would say the opposite. Better not to be a time waster, especially when he is symptomless. And when there are already problems with testing capacity.
  4. Walking is one thing I do a lot of already. I cycled a lot in Belgium. Don't know how safe I would feel in Glasgow, maybe I should do it
  5. I've maybe needed to write this for a while. I think it's probably good for me to get my thoughts down. I feel like I am developing an alcohol problem. Until a couple of years ago I would almost never drink by myself, and would only drink when with friends and get incredibly drunk. I started occasionally having a few beers by myself at the weekend if I had nothing better to do. But the problem I have is I cannot control myself, once I start I don't stop. I can't just have one. And since I quit smoking a year ago it got even worse since, I now drink when I'm stressed rather than smoking. And more and more often I've found myself drinking midweek alone and got worse since the lockdown started. It was never a problem, when I was working in the office but now I'm working from, I feel no one notices if I have a hangover. Although at the same time I'm not feeling the need to drink everyday. I guess I have a problem, but at what point am I a full blown alcoholic. I feel I can stop, which when I was smoker I never felt (yet somehow managed to), but I almost don't want to. Like, I still want to be able to have beers have the lads or a glass of wine with my parents, but I don't want to be alone doing it. A few years ago I was quite fucked up. I was overweight, not taking care of my looks, not really socialising much, no self-confidence, I was a weird person. No where near ever getting a girlfriend. Not even trying tbh. In a shite job, etc. I have managed to sort all of these issues out. I remember over Christmas speaking to a number of people who hadn't seen for a few years who described me as looking 'healthy'. I am now in a decent job where I am getting paid well, it's not exciting and I don't love it but it doesn't leave me stressed either. Which I know is better than many. And honestly I having a bit of feeling of is this it. I have sorted out many of my issues in life and I still feel like is this it. Even pre lockdown I had a bit of feeling of what am I doing with my life when I am not working. If people asked what my hobbies are, I feel like I have nothing to say. One day a week I would see friends, maybe and then the rest of the time doing f**k all. I lost interest in football ages ago, I am happy going to games but beyond that I have little interest in sitting watching a game anymore. Especially by myself, and I used to watch football all the time. I don't read, I don't do any sports. I don't play video games. Don't have much interest in watching tv. And have no interest in doing it, even if I used to. I was living in Belgium until July, returning to Glasgow. It was ok over there, I had many of the thoughts I mentioned above even then. But in May just after the lockdown started to get lifted, I met my girlfriend on tinder. It has been a short relationship. I don't know if she is the one, it's not been a longtime, and she is actually my first girlfriend (I'm 27 ffs) but I'm already wanting to move back. I can talk to her easily, I enjoy every minute with her, even if we have got nothing really in common. At the same time, if I go back and things quickly dont work out then potentially my problems will end up even worse. My worry with moving back, would be, we haven't really dealt with each other in situation which is anything like resembling normality. I am supposed to see her in Germany next week, hopefully that can still happen. Kind of feeling I'm stuck with what decision to make. This is also the first time in about three years that I have lived in Glasgow and I've not seen friends maybe as much as I was expecting, while partially down to covid and all that. I think there are other factors of people growing older and starting to have there own lives. Maybe since I was previously back home so infrequently, I have rose tinted views. Compared to many I think objectively my life is going well. I have got friends, family, no financial difficulties. It just feels like for all that, I'm just so very bored. And everything feels like kind of pointless. I am not actively hating life, like I was a few years ago. Not even close, but I feel bad habits returning with the drinking, my diet is getting bad again after being healthy for a while, and losing a lot of weight. But for all my improvements, I still feel like my life is just nothing, I feel during the bad years (idk when I was maybe 17-24), I didn't make the most of life because of my own lack of self confidence meant I missed out of things and it annoys me. At the same time I feel stupid complaining, cause actually writing things down, I feel I have got so much going well for me. It's a bit of a rambling post, but I don't know. I feel I need to say something somewhere. Edit: this post was far longer than I had any intention of it being. Surprised I can write so much
  6. But most of these people will be drinking heavily enough before the game. Watery overpriced beer in the stadium won't make a difference, or somehow make people behave worse. And the bigger problem is probably those doing ching in the toilets.
  7. And my new worst enemy, Bami. I am not sure if the photo truly represents the hate in his eyes for me
  8. Can this bubble be with someone living in another country?
  9. About two months ago I had some fat balding mess, quite possibly younger than me as well, pull up beside me and shout from his car for me to "get a fucking haircut". Considering that my long flowing curly locks had helped me get my hole with a relatively fit burd from tinder/my now girlfriend about a month earlier. I don't know who I should be listening to.
  10. Some junkie told me to shave today. Apparently it doesn't suit me. I was actually planning on, but now I don't want to.
  11. Supposed to be going on holiday next week, and she still hasn't actually got the time off work confirmed because she doesn't like to ask
  12. In the West End of Glasgow at least mask compliance tends to be good. Only time I've seen more than one person disobeying, was about 9pm at Friday night. Had friends visiting from London and Somerset and they were saying mask compliance was much better in Scotland than England. Well at least where they were.
  13. As a now ex smoker(although that probably won't last). These became easy to ignore, especially if you don't look at the box, also I took the view I'm young it's a problem for later.
  14. Went into Glasgow city centre today the first time this year. Fucking hell there is a lot of pigeons. I always remember it being bad but it seems to have got so much worse.
  15. I don't think we have ever interacted on here before, but I fucking knew you would be the first to reply
  16. Was walking along Great Western Road, at quite a narrow and busy point. Guy overtook me cycling and walking his dog at the same time, while constantly saying "bring bring". No chance I was moving for him mind. In front of me there was two girls walking a dog together, he proceeds to hit the dogs leash, fall off his bike and land on there dog. I called him a c**t to his face. I am a cyclist but actually left me raging.
  17. Adding to this I think it's all about networking as well right from a young age. So you know all correct people when you grow to help get and good jobs and marry the right types.
  18. Given they are teenagers the parents probably didn't even know where they were
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