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  1. Answer your phone call, if you get it, that is the only enforcement there is. And as has been said, you have buy the test for the passenger locator form. Beyond that just do you what you want
  2. Needs: 11,38,42,43,48,51,62,82,85,92,95,119,136,140,,148,151,163,165,171,184,192,209,213,225,228,231,237,242,244,262,263,266,269,273,279,285,302,305,317,319,323,324,330,331,332,333,341,344,350,351,360,379,384,389,398,405,409,410,413,414,417,424,430,434,435,444,446,450,453,454,459,462,470,480,499,504,512,514,519,550,551,557,559,566,572,577,582,588,611,612,617,618,641,647,660,662,666,668,674 Doublers: 5,16,31,33,34,37,57,87,131,149,156,158,174,175,176,178,201,202,208,220,223,227,230,238,243,246,259,261,276,283,289,296,299,300,321,334,340,348,357,359,364,368,369,370,371,378,393,403,404,407,412,451,467,472,474,483,489,490,503,508,510,526,536,539,544,546,565,592,601,602,,623,628,631,634,643,648,651,658,669,671,675
  3. https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/after-your-vaccine/get-a-record-of-your-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-status Log online to the link here and it provides details, can request a paper copy if needed
  4. Got my first appointment for the Jag on the 20th this morning. Able to rearrange to Saturday at Glasgow Central Mosque. Get the borders open.
  5. If they are still available, I need 120,182,258,307,345,346,535,539,604,619. Thanks
  6. Managed to visit Belgium to see my girlfriend for the first time in 7 months
  7. Same with me as well. I am in my 20's mind so maybe I am not a priority even though I am in plague ridden Glasgow
  8. See he is running in Batley and Spen for Workers Party GB, a pro-Brexit patriotic working class alternative to Keir Starmers Labour.
  9. Latest doubles: 5,9,16,31,33,34,37,41,64,99,122,131,156,158,170,174,175,176,178,201,208,220,227,230,238,259,261,276,289,296,299,321,334,340,359,378,404,412,451,467,472,474,483,489,490,508,510,536,544,546,570,592,601,602,609,616,623,631,634,643,648,651,658,669,675 Needs: 11,38,42,43,48,51,62,82,85,92,95,120,136,140,148,163,165,171,182,184,192,203,214,225,228,231,237,242,244,258,262,263,266,269,273,275,279,285,302,307,317,319,333,324,336,330,331,332,333,341,344,345,346,350,351,360,379,384,389,398,405,409,410,413,414,417,424,430,434,435,444,446,450,453,454,459,462,469,470,475,480,499,504,512,514,519,535,539,550,551,557,559,566,572,577,582,588,604,611,612,614,617,618,619,641,647,660,662,666,668,674
  10. Latest doubles: 5,6,8,9,31,33,34,37,39,41,59,61,87,93,99,107,131,156,158,170,173,174,175,176,178,199,201,208,219,220,227,229,230,238,239,259,276,296,299,320,321,325,340,359,378,391,404,412,447,451,468,474,483,490,510,522,532,536,544,546,547,564,570,571,592,598,601,605,609,616,629,631,634,646,651,669,675
  11. Even if Alba relatively successful andt here is a supermajority, of SNP, Alba and Green votes, if the total percentage of independence support is 50% or less, it will just be perceived as gaming the system and won't help get those extra needed voters for independence. If SNP were to get over 50% of the vote on the list but even with no benefit of additional list msps that would probably help independence far more. A Indy majority is public support, not more msps.
  12. I wouldn't think it unrealistic if the vote is split enough and with unionist tactical voting that Labour could get in. Still will be #bothvotesgreen for me.
  13. I don't know why anyone thinks they have they shut Kelvingrove, I can confirm it certainly is not. Police presence is greater than normal but still plenty in the park with carry outs today.
  14. My doubles if anyone is keen on a swap: 5,6,8,34,37,40,59,64,75,99,118,131,139,156,174,175,176,178,196,201,229,239,259,276,278,299,321,325,340,359,377,404,438,443,447,451,474,483,488,546,547,561,570,595,605,609,620,631,634,675,677 Needs: 1,2,10,11,12,13,20,27,29,38,42,43,47,48,49,50,51,54,57,60,62,65,67,70,71,74,80,81,82,85,86,88,92,97,103,105,120,122,136,138,140,143,144,148,158,160,161,163,171,172,173,177,180,181,182,183,184,185,192,203,204,205,206,207,209,210,211,213,215,216,220,225,228,231,232,233,234,235,237,240,241,242,255,245,247,248,253,254,257,258,261,262,263,264,266,269,272,273,274,275,279,281,285,286,288,291,298,300,202,304,305,307,311,312,313,314,316,317,319,323,326,327,328,330,331,332,333,335,336,341,344,345,346,350,351,352,356,360,363,368,371,373,376,379,380,381,384,386,387,389,390,391,393,398,399,401,405,408,409,410,412,414,415,417,419,422,423,424,427,430,433,435,439,441,444,445,446,450,453,454,459,462,466,469,470,471,475,480,486,489,491,497,499,504,506,508,510,512,514,516,524,525,528,529,535,539,542,550,552,552,554,557,559,564,566,568,572,573,577,579,580,582,583,586,588,590,596,599,611,622,614,616,617,618,619,622,623,635,636,640,641,642,643,646,647,648,649,652,654,659,662,664,666,668,674,676
  15. Let them go. You will regret if you don't do it.
  16. I have only been able to find it in Tesco in a pack of six like this with the magazines. If that helps at all
  17. EU deal + the fact that a big funeral an IRA member who died during the first lockdown, which leading Sinn Fein politicians went to and police decided not charge them for breaking lockdown rules + some UDA leaders got arrested for reason.
  18. Decided to do this one again, even though I normally give up just before the end without completing it. Doubles: 5, 8, 17, 30, 32, 34, 37, 40, 59, 64, 75, 76, 78, 118, 149, 152, 154, 156, 174, 175, 195, 196, 202, 221, 243, 259, 276, 278, 282, 289, 299, 303, 309, 321, 337, 359, 366, 369, 395, 404, 411, 428, 438, 456, 477, 488, 509, 518, 526, 530, 537, 546, 561, 562, 569, 570, 595, 605, 609, 620, 624, 631, 634, 673, 675, 677 If anyone is keen for a swap
  19. My problem about is this line He added: "It is impossible to measure the effect of those restrictions on those who hold religious beliefs. "It goes beyond mere loss of companionship and an inability to attend a lunch club." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-56511585 the loss companionship for myself and probably even more so for many other people is probably far greater than the loss for people not being able to attend religious services. While yes I think we should be opening, I really resent the idea that religion getting special treatment or that is more important than other things.
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