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  1. 8 minutes ago, No_Problemo said:

    Tried to download the vaccine passport app yet again - still doesn’t work, a genuine heap of shit. 

    What isn't working with it? It took me about a week before I finally got it working

    Anyway I was out Saturday night, no vaccine passport checks for me at a nightclub 

  2. On 28/09/2021 at 12:41, scottsdad said:

    Very strange episode. Why attack that particular family with that level of brutality and hop on a plane hours later? How was that dad driving around in a new car with a new house, all expensive looking and able to raise a reward, whilst working in a nail bar?

    And finally - no sentence shown at the end. I like to know the score at the end. 

    11 years in the end


  3. 37 minutes ago, Binos said:

    Dykes an Australian,  Adams  English,  Nisbet through the lower league routes

    Our top flight clubs refuse to give their young strikers any top flight game time

    Absolute shite.

    Most Scottish clubs are fairly decent at giving young players a chance (maybe with some exceptions). The problem is the players being produced by the youth system clearly aren't good enough, so the problem probably starts even younger. Probably the coaching, idk.

    If all Scottish premierships played Scottish centre forwards from the youth team who clearly weren't good enough that wouldn't make things any better for the national team. Blaming foreign players is the easy option when the issue probably starts with the quality of coaching.

  4. According to my mum I met Mike Tyson in Braehead about 20 years ago. I vaguely remember the event but still not sure I believe it was actually him. Though my mum and sister insist it happened.

    Met Billy Connolly at some point in Glasgow

    A very drunk Kevin Bridges once jumped on me on Byres Road.

    Cycled into Mikael Lustig in Gent.

    Met Swedish rapper Timbuktu in a sandwich shop in Malmö 

  5. 1 hour ago, Donathan said:

    How have Oostende managed to buy him for €1.5m and flip him for €10m within two months? 

    IIRC a loan to buy deal initially, for €1.5 million, so at the end of the season took Celtic up on the offer (I think for there record transfer fee), with the intention of perhaps selling for more anyway.

  6. 1 hour ago, RossDee01 said:

    Anyone had any issues with tests? Basically my girlfriend tested positive on Sunday and we live together in a 2 bed flat so it was pretty certain that I was going to pick it up despite our best efforts to stay in separate rooms. I’ve done daily lateral flows and a PCR on Monday all which have been negative. Developed a bit of a cough yesterday morning and as the day progressed i started feeling gradually worse and by 9pm I felt horrendous. Woke up this morning feeling so bad that I couldn’t even face going to a drive through or walk in test centre so ordered a home PCR test kit. Like I said I have been doing daily lateral flows, the latest one this morning when feeling like dogshit and all have been negative. There’s no way I don’t have it.

    My flatmate and his girlfriend both caught covid, they continued going to work despite having all the symptoms because they both had multiple negative LFT results. Eventually after 6 days they both took PCR tests and were positive. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ross. said:

    I’d say the UK has a far bigger issue with racism, both overt and covert, but having grown up in and around Glasgow you switch off to a lot of it. I tend to notice that stuff a lot more here, probably because I am somewhat of an outsider here myself, even if I’m much less of an outsider than others, if that makes sense.

    This could also possibly be true in my case

  8. 23 minutes ago, Michael W said:

    It's quite striking the amount of times racism had been mentioned in this thread as a negative feature of countries, especially in developed ones. 

    Is it noticeably worse than it is in the UK/Scotland in isolation, or is it more open/overt racism? Genuinely curious. 

    A lot of little comments about Moroccans/Turks which I can't say I hear equivalent in Glasgow about any minority, as regularly or openly. I also didn't experience the same in Sweden: From what I gather from speaking to people is the nation is still a  bit traumatised from the terrorist attacks a few years back. And my girlfriend mentions that she used to experience regularly creepy behaviour from Arab guys when just walking down the street, which she even admits has made her a bit racist towards them. 
    It is also noticeable from electoral results with Vlaams Balang doing very well here, and it was noticeable in lockdown where in my mostly white neighbourhood there was parties but no enforcement, whereas my friend who lives in more mixed neighbourhood mentioned the police were constantly punishing people for breaches.

    Also people get very sensitive when you criticise Zwarte Piet.

  9. At the minute I don't really count as I am currently in Glasgow, but hopefully by the end of the year if all goes to plan I will be back in Belgium.

    Basically went on Erasmus to Sweden when I was 19 and had a great time. I was quite actually at how few people did Erasmus as I was very keen to do it.

    Then just before Brexit I was hoping to go abroad again, was mostly hoping to go to Scandinavia or Germany. Ended up in Gent in Belgium by random chance I found job basically taking over to get training there for a year before returning to work in an office in Glasgow.

    Gent was decent enough but was quite happy to return to Glasgow as I felt I done it. Then just after lockdown 1 was finished and I was due to leave Belgium about 1-2 months later, I was on tinder hoping for one final shag. I was successful, but in the end she is now my girlfriend and I am planning on returning because of that.

    Positives: Good beer, fries and cycling and better weather. Beautiful city as well

    Negatives: Racism (and I am in probably the most liberal city in Belgium), bureaucracy, expensive

    What I miss about Scotland is just going to the pub with mates, although that seems to be getting less and less often these days

  10. 25 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    I've booked a wee trip down south on the train for later this month. Am I correct in thinking that, as soon as we cross the border, I can take my mask off?

    Not fancying wearing it all the way to Newcastle tbqh.

    If you have food and drink you can take your mask off before the border 

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