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  1. Levelling up the north would be my guess. While giving up on winning back seats in London and other major cities probably.
  2. While I agree about the rank and file would quite happily get rid of us, and possibly at least some of there MPs, there is not a chance Boris would want to be leader responsible for splitting up the U.K.
  3. In all honesty a farce that this was never the case in the first place.
  4. People are more likely to go f**k it with no hope imo
  5. I might be talking out my arse here, but I am sure I read that the technology used in Pfizer vaccine which is apparently relatively novel could be used to more effectively tweak the flu vaccine or something like that. Other problem is that the flu has virtually disappeared for now so nobody can be confident which strain will reappear when it eventually does.
  6. Are the Greens standing in many constituency seats, I know I should be able to vote for Patrick Harvie in Glasgow Kelvin, but are they standing anywhere else?
  7. It's almost re assuring to hear that almost everyone else here has to endure overly long descriptions of there workday.
  8. He will no problems with that regard traveling from Australia. It's only South America, Portugal and Africa that that is required.
  9. Good to see I am not the only one. Probably legit then
  10. I might be wrong here but surely any player already employed in the U.K. should be fine, so Durmus should be able to get a work permit, as well as any player currently playing for any other U.K. club.
  11. I realised recently the same things happens to me. I have chosen to give up and it's even worse now whenever I have some. Shame the vegan alternatives are truly atrocious.
  12. Whenever, someone posts a link to FT article on here the link normally has a paywall but when you google the actual article title it is possible to read for free
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