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  1. Surprised to see the SNP winning in Cornwall and Isle and Wight
  2. Nope. Mine, which predates Brexit is just a British flag (it is not me in the picture)
  3. Most reliable measurement for me Donathan
  4. Excess deaths is still something like 5th in Europe behind Scotland, England, Spain and maybe Italy. They fucked the care homes situation as badly as here
  5. https://twitter.com/EddieZandqoy/status/1006803203822891010?s=20
  6. My girlfriend was telling when she was a student, and occasionally still does, keep keys between her fingers when she is out at night. I genuinely had no idea. Until we are out once together, and a guy actually asked her out for drinks, while we were out together. As you say a shite state of affairs.
  7. Was thinking someone might comment on that. I'll say no more
  8. All that's going to do is discourage people from being honest when contact tracing is done. Make the rules too strict on compliance will go done. In Belgium when they tightened the rules for second wave, all they found was when the rules got too strict people stopped caring, and things didn't get any better, and stopped being honest about who they had been in contact with. So they've actually had to loosen rules while things are getting worse.
  9. Having communities on that line I would like to nominate Drumgelloch as the bleakest station I've seen. Except perhaps, one of the Port Glasgow stations (Woodhall I think it was)
  10. I was of course referring to fines for not wearing masks, rather than the complete toleration of not wearing, which is happening. Jailing everyone is a very Brexit supporting Tory policy. I also said I think rules should be relaxed, and that would include allowing house parties(how many people are required for it to become a party). Maybe, just for young people. Older people should be making sacrifices for our economic future.
  11. Not a Tory. Not popular enough to be invited or organise parties Disageee with the authoritarian nature of your post HTH
  12. Shit like this is just unnecessarily cruel almost. I feel some people are almost taking pleasure in having the chance to treat students like shit. Test the students and if they are not positive they should be freed, or at least allowed to socialise amongst each other or something.
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