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  1. Demented Zebra is having a normal one on the St Mirren thread
  2. In fairness, the Women's football thing would be the story above. This comes under "news", as if it's like real important non sports news.
  3. He was shite and overweight for St Mirren when we had Alex Rae as manager. Then went to Morton and was also shite for them. Clubs weren't exactly desperate to sign him when he went to Ayr United, at the time most Championship clubs would have considered him at best an average signing.
  4. Agreed. Shame I'm going to have to miss tomorrow's game tho. Might be able to make a game over Christmas or next May if I'm lucky
  5. This will probably be my first (depending on my hangover) and maybe only game this season. Therefore I would appreciate it if St Mirren won.
  6. Don't forget Scotland, where these issues are regularly swept under the carpet
  7. 3-1 in Salzburg. As good a game as I've watched in a while. No defending on display.
  8. 2-0 to Red Bull against Genk. Been an entertaining game, really open. Can see more goals coming. and 3-0 now. Genk defence is getting cut open
  9. FFS, already out. I've shown clear lack of faith in the Yemeni's.
  10. I would like to add people who take the lift up one floor, when they are perfectly capable of taking the stairs
  11. I thought I would try and play it smart, and go with the home team no matter what. Didn't work for me.
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