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  1. Meeting up tomorrow with my best friend from primary school to play Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64
  2. I have had my booster and I currently have it. Very mild symptoms, but still. Also the friend who gave me it, I think also had his booster.
  3. The husband of an Irish TV presenter who has MS. A CNN journalist A director of commercials A trust fund manager in Jersey
  4. Cops have found a haul of fearsome weapons on a ship docked in Glasgow ahead of the major COP26 climate conference. The vessel was searched in Govan on Thursday where a penknife, a Swiss pocket tool, a hammer and set of nun chucks were discovered.
  5. What isn't working with it? It took me about a week before I finally got it working Anyway I was out Saturday night, no vaccine passport checks for me at a nightclub
  6. 11 years in the end https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-58915375
  7. Absolute shite. Most Scottish clubs are fairly decent at giving young players a chance (maybe with some exceptions). The problem is the players being produced by the youth system clearly aren't good enough, so the problem probably starts even younger. Probably the coaching, idk. If all Scottish premierships played Scottish centre forwards from the youth team who clearly weren't good enough that wouldn't make things any better for the national team. Blaming foreign players is the easy option when the issue probably starts with the quality of coaching.
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