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  1. I live in a city which is around 20% non white and work in a office of maybe 200 people and I have one colleague who is of Chinese origin and everyone else is white. Working in IT, I'm used to where I work being quite diverse and it was noticeable when I first started how white the office really was. This then leaves the question, is that do we have a racist hiring policy, or are problems starting earlier because everyone I work with is I assume to be university educated. So does the problem go back to schools/universities, and bringing in quotas would really mean bringing in someone substandard, or are ethnic minorities getting overlooked for roles for racist, whether consciously or subconscious reasons. Idk
  2. I would be looking for a new job as soon as all of this is over
  3. It was always going to be somewhere non-Tory like London or Manchester that was going to get the blame as well.
  4. I completely forgot about them They were briefly my favourite band. Will relisten later
  5. I might have missed something but is the difference between pillar 1 and pillar 2 data?
  6. Isn't it more down to poor ventilation and recycled air, rather than temperatures in the meat processing plants
  7. I've started to doing it recently, even though I notice far less are wearing them than in the past. I wouldn't surprised if it soon becomes compulsory so might as well get practise in.
  8. I did, but have never had one before. I thought it was worth experimenting Though it was definitely a nasty shock
  9. Just fucking go to Ayr then. Honestly, no one is stopping you
  10. Nope. They are going far more cautious than is necessary. Wrecking everything else) Ive been able to go to the pub for almost three weeks now here in Belgium (the only country worse effected in Europe than U.K., maybe not anymore). I've been to visit other households for a month and a half now. Schools are open. And guess what no Second wave. Only thing I can't do is go clubbing or to gigs. And much of the shite that some people say claiming the British are uniquely irresponsible somehow, is just applicable here. Anyway I got my state supplied face mask a few days ago, which will be compulsory for public transport and supermarkets.
  11. 17 new cases a day. Some second wave. Some people seem desperate for there to be a second wave in these countries that have loosened restrictions to justify to Scottish governments caution source: https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/118166/coronavirus-what-turns-an-outbreak-into-a-second-wave/
  12. In fairness, I do know people with health problems, it can be quite important to have a chair set up in particular way. if that is the case then it is fair enough.
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