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  1. Yeah, but they are not actively promoting or in anyway involved violence. So while they may be "extreme" which is debatable, they are not anyway close to being like violent neo Nazis or isis types, which is the point of prevent.
  2. Don't really normally post, more of a lurker, but I'll just add my choices 1. @hearthammer 2. @WATTOO 3. @Munoz 4. @Monkey Tennis 5. @Pet Jeden
  3. My Swedish mates view tends more to be that only fascists fly the Sweden flag.
  4. Had a similar one this morning, forgot my password to the bus app. It Sent the verification code to my email, but when I left the app to go to my email to check the code, it went back to the start of the process. In the end just didn't pay for the bus. To add that to that I fell off my bike this morning and broke it, trying to avoid someone on a scooter. In front of a lot of people. Which is annoying.
  5. While I guess they have no chance in whatever seat you are in. Why not the Lib Dem's?
  6. Gent 2-2 Wolfsburg. Enjoyable game which arguably Gent should of won. Last minute equaliser gave a decent atmosphere at the end. Wolfsburg looked like they were playing fairly half-arsed though, no idea how strong the team they put out was. Away fans were loud, but in the kind of shite typical German ultras style with no appreciation of the flow of the game. As always stadium is very good, with a decent view of the pitch even from the cheap seats.
  7. Gent v Wolfsburg for me tomorrow. Don't know if Gent actually counts as random anymore tho
  8. Demented Zebra is having a normal one on the St Mirren thread
  9. In fairness, the Women's football thing would be the story above. This comes under "news", as if it's like real important non sports news.
  10. He was shite and overweight for St Mirren when we had Alex Rae as manager. Then went to Morton and was also shite for them. Clubs weren't exactly desperate to sign him when he went to Ayr United, at the time most Championship clubs would have considered him at best an average signing.
  11. Agreed. Shame I'm going to have to miss tomorrow's game tho. Might be able to make a game over Christmas or next May if I'm lucky
  12. This will probably be my first (depending on my hangover) and maybe only game this season. Therefore I would appreciate it if St Mirren won.
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