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  1. Some of the most howling fast food I've had has been from burger king.
  2. Ye can't go 90 minutes without enjoying yersel?
  3. And as for not fleecing the tax payer, Rangers were still avoiding tax, no matter the legal details of their chosen scheme.
  4. So Rangers were euthanised to avoid this tax liability. Turns out they could have survived... Only me that finds that even funnier?
  5. Any way I can watch it thenow?? Meant to record it, no on iplayer.
  6. I also used have frequently recurring nightmares involving a guy with a wolves head who would terrorise me and my family, I'd usually "wake up" and he'd be breaking into the house etc. Used to dread going to bed as a wean because of it.
  7. I had a right mental dream the other night. Gather round kids. (Aye aye, beast n aw that) I was walking down the street when a jakey type approached me, his face was a mess, covered in newly stitched up scars. He proceeded fall to his knees in front of me and started speaking in Latin. I knew that he wanted me to kill him, either that or he was going to kill himself. I presuaded him not to and hugged him, good guy that I am. It then cut to him standing in a shitey, dark wee flat, with his right arm severed, covered in blood. He went into a room but couldn't get back out. He then pished himself (which was more sad than funny at the time). He tried to climb out his window but couldn't. Eventually he managed to get out the room, only to be met by a dark ghostlike figure, which told him to "finish it". Thanks for listening!
  8. I predict many a Sir Jimmy. Wonder if I'll get in anywhere as a sevco zombie...
  9. D&P So, they say that new Rangers is a completely different entity, then go on to say how they are delighted that they achieved their goal of keeping rangers running as a business... They also say how they're delighted to see rangers(a completely new company as they just said, and nothing to do with them) revitalised. Weren't they meant to be working for the creditors?
  10. Are you suggesting that THE PEOPLE should have been made to watch a losing team?! Made to suffer losing to THEM?! Preposterous!
  11. Apologies if this has been posted already... http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/2291-charles-green-statement CHARLES GREEN, Rangers' Chief Executive, issued the following statement today: He said: "Lord Nimmo Smith, chairman of the Commission set up by the SPL, has highlighted an extremely important issue in his recent judgement regarding the Commission. "Lord Nimmo Smith has said that Rangers FC is a recognisable entity which continued in existence notwithstanding the change in ownership. "He also stated that Rangers FC, the club, includes its owner and operator. The Commission has in effect ruled that Rangers and its history did not die on 14 June despite numerous reports to the contrary. "This means that Rangers FC and its owner, i.e. me and my consortium, remained a member of the SPL even after the change of ownership. "The bemusing part is that no-one at the SPL or SFA appeared to realise that. The SPL made the club (including its owner and operator) reapply to be a member of a league that the Commission says it was in already. "If the Commission is right then the change of ownership was frankly irrelevant to SPL status. Nevertheless we duly applied and that application was rejected. "We were also informed by the SFA that Rangers FC had never in its long existence been a member. That really left us scratching our heads because pride of place in the Boardroom at Ibrox is a framed and mounted certificate of membership signed by Jim Farry confirming that "Rangers FC is a full member of the Scottish Football Association". "So taking the Commission's reasoning and our newly acquired framed membership certificate you would have thought, not unreasonably, that Rangers FC and its owners were in the Scottish Football family. "You would have thought wrong. No we were told. We needed to apply for oldco's membership! The SFA didn't officially recognise Lord Nimmo Smith's recognisable entity. "That recognisable entity, Rangers FC, then re-appeared suddenly when the SFA demanded that we pay oldco's debts despite there being no legal obligation to do so. "The SPL then wanted Rangers FC and its new owners to admit guilt in relation to EBT breaches that had never been framed and accept five stripped titles. "Rangers FC suddenly vanished again when UEFA informed the SFA that Rangers FC were due in excess of 300,000 euros for player participation in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, the SFA have refused to confirm that the monies are due to Rangers FC despite obligations placed on them from UEFA that these monies should be distributed to member clubs. "If the Commission is correct about this recognisable entity then the SPL and SFA must be wrong in making that entity apply to join bodies it was already in. "Maybe they should both appoint Lord Nimmo Smith to form a Commission to investigate and tell them who their member is. "In our view the Commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith has been placed in an invidious position by the SPL. "The establishment of the Commission is the most striking example of the chaotic way the fate of Rangers has been handled by the football authorities. "As we stated previously, it is impossible for us as a club to participate in a process we firmly believe is fundamentally misconceived. "We believe that most people would not think it right that a football authority that was willing to horse-trade league titles and cups for league status, should then embark on the course of action it has chosen in setting up a Commission. There is no clearer case of moving the goalposts." Is it just me or is this just complete pish and he knows it. What he's saying is that Rangers never ceased to exist, they just 'changed ownership'... so clearly they should just have continued as usual... except with no debt ?!?!? He surely knows fine well that's bullshit?
  12. Cool, never knew it was an actual thing!
  13. Wee story for anyone with the moth phobia. My dad knows a guy who once got one stuck in his ear. He tried to get it out and ended up killing it and jamming it deep in his ear. He had to get it taken out in hospital. True story.
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