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  1. One of our legends used to cut hair whilst playing for the team!
  2. Not too knowledgable about their back catalogue but did see them at the SECC in 2007 along with Joan Jett as support for Alice Cooper. Fantastic gig! Will definitely have a listen to the album you suggest. Any other recommendations are appreciated. Have the wealth of choice on Spotify but never know what to listen to!
  3. Yeh that’s him. Just Googled and says his nickname is Eagle which he mentioned.
  4. Apparently, the speakers donated were the bands monitors however he did say they were pretty much done as they were blasted due to the usual range that they band used in their songs.
  5. Just off topic but a work colleague relayed to me a wee story about how the old PA system at Brockville once belonged to Motörhead and was donated to the club by one of the roadies who was a big Falkirk fan. Said his name was Ian apparently but couldn’t remember his surname. First time I’ve heard of it but good wee bit of trivia. One of the many reasons to love Brockville.
  6. Funny, I’ve had a couple of conversations myself although the outcome on the last one wasn’t quite agree to disagree. Anyway the Webinar we hosted for the Crunchie Initiative/FFC Heritage event cost us around £150 and could host up to 500 people. We were able to choose who would be on screen and we had it linked to PayPal so people could buy a ticket. Each person who bought a ticket would be sent a unique link. We did a Q and A session at the end and already had some pre-submitted questions but those who attended could also ask questions via the Q and A box. You can set up the webinar without linking to PayPal and you can monitor who joins with a waiting room. So long as you verify people’s email addresses beforehand then there should be no problem and pretty sure you can remove people if you think they’re being abusive. They could also do it live via YouTube, Facebook, Falkirk TV or other formats, even if still meant submitting questions beforehand. I’m sure the club could cover the cost of £150 for the webinar. It’s also for a whole month so put it to use and do an online event to recoup the money and give the rest to charity. What I’m concerned with is the delay between asking questions and the recorded Q and A. Colin said ‘We will group the questions’. Surely it doesn’t take too long to sift through emails to group questions and what did he mean by we? I thought Lewis was the only one privileged to view the emails, hence why they have to be sent to an address under his name? I understand it would be good for Lewis to ask a variety of questions however to be truly independent there shouldn’t be any instruction from the board. If one topic draws more attention than others then Lewis should be allowed to press on that for a bit. There should also be trust in Lewis to ask questions on a number of topics, as he definitely would. For what it’s worth too I think he’s been put in a very unfair position and fair play to you for trying to convince them otherwise but it’s an impossible task.
  7. Yeh pretty much. Here’s a FH article about it… https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-supporters-asked-help-shape-future-new-fans-led-organisation-3111584?fbclid=IwAR1Hj-EEx48m8y4zhTmb7fH-pEDH4pia88ieSLzHbHQqnhVWaHOYum7PNRU
  8. https://www.facebook.com/ffcsupporterssociety/
  9. As far as the CI goes we felt that we’ve said what we had to, as a group. If the board continue to treat us in a similar fashion in the future then maybe we’ll need to decide further. We are a fan led group though and have spoken privately to some of our main contributors throughout this about some issues we’ve had to help gain a consensus of opinion. I’m not on here to deny what has already been said anyway. At the end of the day though we will have to work with the club if we are to achieve this so we don’t plan on sharing any details in public. Think we’ve said what we had to and hope to achieve our project next Summer. Till then we’re all quite happy to have a break from it all. This is the last I’ll say on it, for now. Sorry if you were hoping for more detail.
  10. Yeh totally agree with that mate. Bit of a risk. Hopefully be more than good enough for this level though.
  11. Thought you be against a 3 year deal to someone with poor references from fans at previous clubs. Has your account been hacked Shadwell? 😆 To be fair, I do agree that it can go either way just think a 3 year deal is a bit risky.
  12. Why did they issue all those new shares? if anyone buys them then the Rawlins will automatically have their stake diluted and have to invest more if they want to maintain 26%.
  13. I know people in the fans group and although I’m not privileged to know exactly how the negotiations were held, suggesting it was a bull in a China shop approach is unfair? As far as I’m aware they put forward a good reasonable proposal and their requests were gradually refused till eventually they were dismissed with petulant disregard. What would be helpful though is if the patrons themselves could release a statement stating a bit more about what occurred. Think it would be good for fans to see rather than hearing it second hand.
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