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  1. Don’t disagree with you however he’s definitely worth keeping IMO as we’d struggle to get someone to replace his ability. He scored 3 pens in 20/21 and 2 in 21/22. Even without the penalties they are still good stats for someone who plays predominantly on the wing. I can’t think of many players, even in some of our good teams, who can match those statistics.
  2. Exactly. I’d imagine there would be plenty of clubs willing to take Morrison. I was gutted to see Aidan Connolly go too as thought he was a great wee player with a lot of potential. His stats since leaving have been pretty impressive as well
  3. Been reading a lot of criticism over Callum Morrison. I get the frustration but to me he is one of our most talented attacking players. He definitely has areas he can improve on but if he didn’t then he’d be nowhere near us. We need to get the best out of him in order to help us at the top end of the field. Here’s his stats for the last couple of seasons: 20/21 Played 26 Goals 9 Assists 3 21/22 Played 24 Goals 11 Assists 4 These are decent stats in 2 terrible sides. There’s a bit of chat about Kenny Miller coming in to coach the forwards(fishing trip I presume) however why not get Crunchie(if willing) to coach Morrison, McGuffie and Nesbit? If he could improve their decision making and final ball then pretty sure we’ll see a lot more goals scored.
  4. My opinion on volunteers is the same with Falkirk FC, as it is in any profitable business. If someone does work that is essential, or creates money for the business, then that person should be paid. The difference may be if someone offers to volunteer to gain experience. I had to do that many times when starting out in my line of work, which included filming matches for Falkirk in the early days of Falkirk TV. It can be an essential route to employment however you have to make sure you are getting the relevant experience you require to gain paid work elsewhere. If people are happy to do it for the sheer enjoyment then great but it definitely should be noted the value they add and how difficult it will be to replace them.
  5. It is true! https://bettermeddle.org.uk/archive/match.php?season=1972&id=307&type=3 Not a great stat though as only played them twice since then in 1974 and 2000
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/premier-sports-cup-prize-money-27345576.amp
  7. It’s £50k for the loser of the next round so £50k minimum regardless of how you qualify.
  8. Wouldn’t matter to me but I can see the point. It is a numbers game as you say but if the numbers on the other side put people off buying then reducing the value would be beneficial if it got more people investing. £500 worth of shares at any value is still £500 to the club but if lowering the share price encourages more people to buy then it could help increase the number of investors.
  9. Can the club reduce the price? Wouldn’t change much other than the FSS or others getting more bang for their buck and as you say it shouldn’t be unexpected given the current circumstances. As you say too it might appeal more to people getting X number more shares for their £500 or whatever it may be.
  10. There must be work around whereby the FSS or simply a fan can advertise them? Thats effectively being done now however a driven approach outside the club to market it could be a lot more successful at selling them and create more investment. Maybe could be done even within the FSS!? If all FSS members bought £250 worth of shares for instance then it would continue to build the fan ownership model albeit without adding to the FSS pot. Just a means in which to boost finance and put more shares amongst fans.
  11. With regards to fan ownership is there any reason the club isn’t actively offering shares deals to fans? I know a few had the chance to buy some over a year ago but it didn’t appear to be widely advertised. Think the FSS is a great concept and hope more sign up but fan ownership can also be as simple as getting more fans to buy shares. If we got 500 fans to buy £500 worth then that’s an extra £250,000 of investment to the club and another 625,000 shares held by fans. Likewise if you got 1,000 fans to buy £250 worth. The patrons done a brilliant job of creating a group of 20 odd people that created over £200,000 of new money and are represented by 2 positions on the board. Not many can afford a £10,000 buy in, however I’m sure many would pay similar in a different structure. We’re missing the third leg of the stool now with the Rawlins absent so is there room for another structure or would that cause too much chaos?
  12. Latest update 1940 tickets sold for tonight’s match.
  13. Just to say we’re now past the 1700 mark for the opening of the Kevin McAllister Stand tomorrow night. That alone is amazing but hopefully we’ll breach 2000. Don’t care what Dunfermline fans or others say, that’s an amazing turnout. We may have taken a battering on and off the field but we as a fan base we are definitely up there as one of the most loyal.
  14. No problem with the sponsor at all. If a local business is willing to put in the money to do it then they should be commended. Know the owner is a massive Falkirk fan too and a legit businessman! Besides it fits in well with it being the inaugural season of the Crunchie Stand albeit a slightly different spelling.
  15. Yeh the Crunchie Stand will have some PATG turnstiles. Best bet may be to buy online if you’re going though as there will be more automated turnstiles than cash ones as far as I’m aware.
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