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  1. What plight of the world are celtic fans looking to sort out in this fixture ?
  2. I think it's just a bit of early season banter HT , no need to get so precious about it , after our last 4 years why not , after all the simple fact that a team called rangers is simply in the same league as you and sitting above you at this point is enough to have some of your fans throttling at the mouth anyway and a nice wee get it up yae from our point of view to remind you that we , your more succesfull neighbours are still here
  3. 3 games in , plenty of times for momentum to swing and change HT did you no say we looked shite before a fixture in April aswell HT ?
  4. What are you waffling on about in regard to betfred ? The one being green at parkhead cross I am willing to bet has heehaw to do with rangers or celtic ,as I said parkhead is split fairly evenly amongst rangers and celtic fans
  5. I would say the orange order are certainly against the Catholic Church and it's various hierarchy ,think the majority who are offended and feel antagonised , and tend to make a song and dance regarding expressing their outrage at any parade by the orange order tend to be more supporters of Irish republicanism than practicing Catholics . however interestingly if you asked a selected number of practicing Catholics who have little to no interest in Irish politics what parade they would find the most offended by and against between an orange parade, a pro abortion demonstration or a gay rights parade , what do you think the outcome would be ?
  6. Why are some groups such as the orange villified for being anti Catholic Church where as other groups such as pro-abortionists , gay rights and some left wing movements etc are praised for their anti Catholic Church views . Just a genuine question?
  7. Parkhead is actually not an overly celtic area in the same way larkhall can be considered a rangers area , it's split fairly evenly with supporters from both sides
  8. So you have called one thing right out of about a dozen attempts , the one thing that was bound to go 50/50 either way more or less as it was down to simple yes or no decision on the basis of what the cva was offering? Yer no exactly meeting the criteria for a job at the financial times here ken are you ?
  9. Thanks ken , but like many of your previous false dawns and predictions al take this one with a pinch of salt
  10. Anti-Glasgow bile is the scourge of our country IMO Scotland's real secret shame
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