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  1. The nick of them having a days long meltdown at being gifted yet another point. 'unreal.
  2. No I understand Stu Campbell is a "a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor." ffs
  3. Here's a classic lifted from the binfire thread. Who is doing the accusing? Liz Toryfuckface Smith MSP. A long time ago Stu Campbell (who is correctly a pariah now) wrote an article called The Some Arsehole Doctrine in which he observed how much of the Shortbread press is devoted to nothing articles based solely on something Some Arsehole has said. The more things change the more they stay the same etc.
  4. Not sure if demanding I pop in to share my wisdom is creepy or lovely, or a bit of both. Having had tickets for ER and given them up so I could make family Xmas with the hope of going to Pittodrie for Dundee instead I'm not very happy. Also, having taken a few peeks at the roaring bin fire in here I decided I'd just not bother sharing. But thanks for letting me know that you care (more). smooches x
  5. Reckon I'll wait to see what she has to say first, if that's alright with you.
  6. Raab is a terrible communicator, he constantly let's his mouth run so gets caught out saying really really stupid things. This, as an example made me laugh.
  7. One thing I will criticise the Scottish Government for is not imposing mandatory education on how this idiot fucking country works and that the treasuries of sovereign states like the United Kingdom don't work the same as your momma's purse.
  8. Can't see it happening today unfortunately but every right minded sports fan is hoping for an embarrassing home defeat here. Mon the Hibs.
  9. With funding from the UK treasury, we are still in the UK as much as I would prefer that not to be the case, and it's not like it's just Scottish business thanks to that bad Nicola who are rightly demanding support. But please do continue with your very clever pixie dust arguments to rebut my claim your position is facile, adjective: "ignoring the true complexities of an issue, superficial."
  10. I do care its just I agree with her that public health and the economy aren't either/or choices and that while both are critically important one takes precedence, certainly in terms of timing, over the other. It's totally reductive and pretty facile to frame the discussion in that way but it does suit those with a particular point of view. And the next time you want to try and guilt trip me for having a more nuanced opinion than WHY DONT YOU PHONE SAD PEOPLE WHO ARE SAD AT SAD THINGS, instead consider the impact on folk who have needed care or treatment and haven't had it or had it delayed, then roll your faux outrage and grandstanding up into a little ball and poke it directly up your hoop.
  11. Or that he would/should be needing to do so down south, which indeed he does.
  12. No, you won't be surprised to hear I'm sure. It's not fair to suggest there's "no evidence whatsoever this new variant is a problem" nor that the FM didn't think about how to provide support. But I didn't expect much by way of a reply so my hangover isn't going to be exacerbated by disappointment.
  13. “Rob, you seem to misunderstand,” says Andrew Hurley. “If Stokes contributed to winning some games with big centuries, and still only averages 36, that indicates quite clearly he contributed to losing many more games - granted, these low scores don’t make the headlines or stay in people’s memories, but he’s nowhere near a great batsman, not even a good one - good batsmen at 5/6 do not average 36.” All runs aren’t equal, surely. If Stokes comes out at 400 for three and gets a duck, who cares. He has hot and cold periods - when he’s out of form he can look awful - but I don’t accept that you can judge him purelyon statistics. What’s next, quantifying orgasms? Sorry, my love, I’ll give you a hug in a minute but I just need to put that knee-trembler through the database.
  14. Thanks pal, delighted to confirm that i've finished that wine had a few more beers and now considering a Balvenie while pondering if this new Star Trek is actually shite after all.
  15. I dunno man, you claim to be a dark professor of computational magic but you managed to get scientific modelling and crystal balls mixed up earlier, was that trolling? How about the devolved settlement? What sofa is it you think Nicola should be looking down the back of? And do you think she is responsible for the drop in trade in England too? It's nearly Christmas, half the family are isolating from positive tests on the 14th so we're all under strict orders to stay in so we won't run the risk of missing the family get together. I have a full and superbly stocked cellar at my disposal (minus 2 Estrella and 2/3 of a bottle of properly exceptional Shiraz/ Cabernet Sauvignon). Mon then.
  16. Perhaps we won't see eye to eye but I also treat people as I find them as I imagine the FM does. This is not their first rodeo, he knew what he was doing and I approve of her response. If anything she was generous.
  17. I think she was pretty fair and restrained considering. If I turned up to a meeting and asked a question that had been well covered multiple times, in front of other departments, never mind the nation, and asked it anyway because I didn't bother my hole to tune in at the beginning, my balls would get booted into outer space. And being rude to The Sun or The Daily Mail is a virtue that would all by itself, earn my vote.
  18. The Daily Mail and the The Sun giving each other Twitter hand shandy's for making c***s of themselves isn't news, Personally, I'm delighted our First Minister treats these ambulance-chasing bin-raking phone-hacking gutter-dwelling minks with the absolute contempt they and their behaviour during this pandemic deserves. Vermin.
  19. The problem with always deferring to tradition and established culture and using this as the reason for keeping things the same is that some traditions and culture are horrible hateful backward neanderthal shite and a modern confident society should be able to put these things in the bin. It's not tolerable and ludicrous to compare a charity run or protest march with cosplay toy soldiers wandering shit-faced and spewing racist or sectarian filth through town after town every year metaphorically and literally cocking their legs against each lamppost they pass to mark their territory.
  20. The #IStandWithLewisHamilton hashtag is a great read. Highly recommend.
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