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  1. You kind of expect the contents of Trumps safe to be like Michael Douglas's briefcase in falling down. A couple of cheeburgers in clingfilm, a slinky and one orange crayon.
  2. All of Brummingham could have sung Scots wha hae while eating a deep fried mars bar during medal presentations, and it wouldn't put Birmingham north of the rio Tweed. Just more politics of grievance from the fat rejected homophobe.
  3. Chasing his arse up and down the country to apologise to a racist old bag did so much damage, validating the position that the EU foreigners fixing your plumbing and working in the NHS were in fact stealing your kids music lessons and stopping you from seeing a dentist. For that alone he should be thrown into fucking space. The coward. ETA I take your point about the good he did it's just you only have to be a tory hoor, or racist agitator once, to be condemned for all eternity, in my view.
  4. Who could possibly forget Brown and his tribe terrifying pensioners and being the Tories bagmen for the right reasons? Why, beatification cannot be far away for this towering hero of the working man.
  5. Because in comparison to what came after, he's Ghandi, George Washington and Alex Ferguson reincarnated in one blind overweight Fifer's body. Also, while they'll never be so overt about its, much of "reasonable Englandshire" approve as wholeheartedly of his performance fucking over Scotland in 2014 as the frothers on the right.
  6. Often ponder this as one of the universes great what ifs. As in what if rather than help the c**t out of the smashed aircraft, what if these kind passers-by did one for civilisation by kicking him unconscious and setting fire to the wreckage.
  7. JRM: "In the middle of an enormous labour crisis we'd like to make it as hard as fucking possible to retain and recruit staff." To be an enormous cynic/objective observer of tory maneuvers against the civil service, this seems like a way to reduce headcount by making folk with kids, care responsibilities etc just say fine, I'll happily get paid better and have my entirely normal and reasonable work life balance respected in the private sector thank you and goodbye.
  8. Countryfile has always been hunter wellied, ruddy faced, the miracle of lambing season toryporn. This is the least surprising thing I've read in some time.
  9. South Britain going radio rental over a MAJAORINTERVENTIONFROMGORDONBROWN neatly showing how the non tory bits of Englandshire are just as divorced from the views of Scotland as the raspers rasping away over Rishi or Lizzy.
  10. To do this as a job you'd still need an operators licence and the majority of folk wouldn't be able to park these things in the driveway or on a residential street. So it wouldn't help "white van man" and to my mind it's a solution looking for a problem. Or a desperate attempt to find a brexit dividend that will just end up costing us a few more squidged cyclists and kiddies every year.
  11. It's an over simplification but there's a strong argument to say the current clusterfuck can be directly attributed to the industrial scale Brexit bullshitting being richly rewarded with power, patronage and no doubt filthy filthy cash rather than punished in any meaningful way. And as much as the finger can be fairly pointed at Blair, his one big lie, ended him. He can't buy a pint of milk without someone pointing out the 45 minute bollocks. Whereas most of the topcunts of brexit are either in the cabinet or the Lords, rather than say jail and all the Tories who told the truth have been made to recant or had their careers liquidated.
  12. It is the thing that must gnaw at the soul of Conservative and Unionists and Unionists as a whole. While they'll make great play of the benefits of being "one of us" or "part of this Great British family" () they know, deep down, or may even have first experience of the fact they'd ship you to the fever Islands, enslave your kids and f**k your wife, burn down your house and nick your last rolo without a moments thought if there was a smidgen of personal advantage to be gained. I hold no candle for Northern Irish Unionism but the hilarious inevitablity of seeing them strutting about Westminster post GE2017 only to get roundly shafted as soon as it was expedient to do so, was almost worthy of sympathy. Almost but not quite.
  13. No room for poppies?!!?? Hello is that Prevent? I'd like to report a dangerous extremist.
  14. Hmm no poppies, no union jacks and no story about Meghan Markle crushing the larynx of an innocent footman beneath the heel of her Jimmy Choos as she cackled about hating Britain and destroying the monarchy? Fair comment imo.
  15. Tricky moment for Anas Sarwar. After defending Liz Truss's right to insult Nicola Sturgeon and the elected government of Scotland he'll probably have to find some outrage at what she said about Mark Drakeford. Without looking like an irrelevant, hypocritical jumped-up wee no-mark fud with a habit of opening his mouth without first seeking guidance from his brain. A challenge i fear that is way beyond his means.
  16. I'm sure the UK media dutifully turning the entire summer political coverage into a 2 month long Tory advertorial hasn't been lost on the party. The fact its almost entirely absent of opposition voices, challenge or questions more difficult that "what's you favourite colour?" and yet they have still made an arse of themselves is irrelevant.
  17. 6th of September is when they're supposed to announce the results. Reasonable chance Sunak might throw in his handwoven artisan Egyptian cotton towel before then tho.
  18. This, tell me something about him other than how he parts his hair that's on the left.
  19. I think objectively you're right it's not working but they don't have the wit or courage to do anything other than "wait their turn"
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