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  1. Stop the bus. Just heard on the radio that Rangers* anonymous whistleblower is.....Rangers* Fabulous. More please.
  2. Sensational entertainment this. Congratulations to all involved, what a classically disgraceful Scottish Football at its most small minded and messy goat-f**k.
  3. First Piers Morgan now Neil Doncaster, this crisis has thrown up the most unlikely heroes.
  4. Statement a real let down. Very little in the way of 8 syllable words, and only the vaguest of attempts to cover the mysteriously absent evidence with threats, "sorely mistakens" and "expect nothing less's" A mere 3 raging bulldogs on flag background/10 Poor.
  5. Well it all worked out for the best in the end and I hope we can just draw a line under this now and move on for the good of the game.
  6. Best not to wait for confirmation tbphwy. Just Stop Drop And Roll. 👍
  7. Not a bucket of water or flame retardant blanket? Unorthodox.
  8. Against Rangers* and Hearts presumably? Oh sorry, not Hearts.
  9. Sportsound has assembled a crack panel of idiots to say "I dunno, what about Celtic?" over and over again to fill the first two hours of the football free abyss.
  10. Failure to achieve 10iar for any reason is a sacking offence for Lennon and considering the need for social distancing, I think he's just worried about getting the bullet in the post.
  11. Neil McCann desperately searching for something non idiotic to say about Coronavirus is so, so painful.
  12. Sensational headed clearance from Fatty Fatty Grump Grump there.
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