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  1. Similarly Independence is not about making Nicola MegaIndyQueenForLife. There is simply zero Scottish political talent outside of the SNP and Greens, and what would you rather? Alister Jack or Ian Murray representing the party interests of whichever flavour of English Nationalism is holding the regal jiggly stick in negotiations with nobody, or folk we actually elect representing us negotiating a far far better and far far more accountable way for us to be governed?
  2. Victroria Derbyshire on Newsnight to Daniel Kawcynski "Every question I ask you are just ignoring so I'm just going to leave it there" I'd have gone out and bought a TV licence in greasy notes with IThe Beeb written on each of them if she'd actually just binned him there and there instead of still giving the c**t more airtime. So close, so close.
  3. Apart from the ultra Brexit, the flagshagging and the rabid hatred of immigrants. The Tory c**t will keep them alright.
  4. Hilarious polling. But this means there won't be a GE until January 2025.
  5. She clearly went to a Tufton Street drinks do, was told she was just the sort of idiot they could really work (with), they gave her a party bag and a balloon, and she's been their creature ever since.
  6. Also, Graham Brady smugly fists himself with unbridled joy everytime Kay Burley asks him how many letters he has received and he has to reply "Now Kay *inserts fist* you know as well as I do *grunting* that this is a confidential process *gag reflex* and I cannot comment on *shuddering sigh* anything until a threshold is reached *wrist breaches own threshold* and a carefully established process is enacted *brays and whinnies like a newly geldes horse* as is normal *spattering sound*.
  7. In a way, this is actually quite impressive. Despite a ludicrously well packed field on consecutive nonsenses this first 3 weeks of Truss might well be the maddest. I hope not too many people die as a result.
  8. This i accept is going to hurt your sensibilities but, Starmer has, with the exception of a few commendable policies, occupied the centre right ground which Truss has so recenlty vacated and which up until a few days ago was dominated by Alexander Boris de Peffle Johnson. And this is something I know a little about, "boosting the jobs market" sounds like a good thing, in normal times it would be, but we don't need to boost the market. Up until Trussenomics we had jobs coming out of our fucking ears but hee haw people to fill them. What we need is not a byzantine points based immigration system, which is fundamentally a policy of the right, designed to keep them 'orroble forriers out. What we need is a large, flexible, diverse and easily accessible pool of talent and the means to attract them. I'll let you work out what that's called.
  9. We need new ferries and we're getting them from Poland instead of the Clyde. Unionists: This story and all the faux outrage can absolutely f**k off.
  10. Hopefully, and not before fucking time. Actual heads, on actual fucking spikes.
  11. Again one of the foundations of the UK economy getting the Dynamic runs sounds pretty bad.
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