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  1. Think we'll look back on this game as a clujial moment in Celtics season.
  2. They're not doing any of this shit with proper football, surely?
  3. Hearts ace John Souttar is the best centre-back in Scotland, insists boss Craig Levein
  4. Well for Broons sake I hope the boy in hospital pulls through. With a culpable homicide charge he might get out in 5.
  5. Amazing that not only are the ugly sisters not responsible for the actions of their fans but now they're not responsible for the actions of their players and staff either. Fascinating.
  6. I know I'm being a bit vindictive, Ryan Jack did nothing all game
  7. Scott Brown, Andy Haliday, Ryan Kent, Ryan Jack, Alfredo Morelos, Neil Lennon and Steven Gerrard are responsible for the shocking scenes across the country after yesterday's shame game. There is blood on their hands this morning. If you rattle the bars of the monkey enclosure, you're the one responsible for all the shit throwing.
  8. Nah that's pish. Much earlier start with Morelos hands up pointing and Brown tracking him as he walks past. Please and thank you.
  9. I hate Scott Brown but I can't wait to see that Morelos walk off/broon laugh in gif format.
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