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  1. Not too bad overall other than the chances they took and the ones we didn't. Second looks to be our route to the Champions League.
  2. Lennon fizzing about the referee and for apparently receiving assistance from his..... assistant referees. That does make up a bit for being held to a home draw.
  3. That's 2 points dropped against inferior opposition. No celebrations from me. Not good enough. ps girfuy.
  4. Semi decent on the break, quite dirty hard working and jammy as f**k. I love this Scotland side.
  5. Well in Well, that was neither pleasing nor entertaining.
  6. That was the worst first 45 minutes of the season since the first 45 minutes of the season.
  7. Rangers TV commentary fizzing that Hibs are on level terr-erms. Worst accent on earth that guy. Horrendous
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