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  1. Israel v Scotland

    TBF if I was that drunk and responsible for that, I'd probably have gone with "well it's a game of two halves" as well.
  2. Israel v Scotland

    Tierney OG. Spectacular up-fuckery.
  3. Israel v Scotland

    Fair play to the c**t. McGregor kneeing it up in the air to himself on the edge of the box, when the team is having a collective meltdown, impressive. Souttar, oopsie, that's fucked it.
  4. Israel v Scotland

    Plenenalty!! Idiotic challenge tbf
  5. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    BTW "the optics" of the SFA* citing mental health as the reason for dangling an award in front of someone then whipping it away are horrendous. Clownshoe stuff. *Or whoever these roasters are.
  6. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Agree it's a classic idiotic SFA shambles but the correct situation has been reached.
  7. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Sense prevails, nothing against the guy (more or less than any other Rangers (RIP) player of that generation) but you couldn't find a less appropriate honour for him outside of crufts.
  8. Betfred Semi-Finals

    The absolute state Celtic and tbf this one Celtic p&b-er are getting themselves into after having their game moved to a better time, in a better stadium in a better city is fucking breathtaking.
  9. Betfred Semi-Finals

  10. Betfred Semi-Finals

    Celtic aren't happy for some reason. Good.
  11. Celtic V Aberdeen (29th September)

    It is better to booteth your opponents squarely up the fundament than it is to make an honest & fair challenge that annoyeths ra sellik or ra bearz. Here endeth the lesson.
  12. Betfred Semi-Finals

    For the first time ever, the suits are on the verge of changing their minds and actually averting one of their periodic public acts of fuckwitted football self-harm. And because Celtic weren't being talked about for all of 30 seconds they've demanded something stupid for attention?
  13. Livi v The Rangers

    Brilliant by Livingston, an absolutely tremendous performance.
  14. Livi v The Rangers

    4th official donning a motorcycle helmet for the 2 minutes of injury time he's about to hold up.