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  1. 1. Not to the point she didn't endorse then accept a job shielded from the electorare for life from the b*****d. 2. Agree.
  2. Sorry about your dad. We lost mum last year and also went through chemo during the pandemic. There was lots of things we wanted to do but didn't a) because she was so vulnerable b) we abided by the rules. Given half a chance I'd wear my fist down to the elbow on his face and balls.
  3. The banter outcome will be the Met reopening their investigation and delaying Sue Gray by another 4 months. Then not fining him again.
  4. Hopelessly optimistic. A minimum of 2 years of fucking about and folk being shamed for not wearing black or smiling too much in public. Then there'll be the national embarrassment of a coronation.
  5. When are you going to give SANTAN his dog and couch back? I note you seem less keen to dwell on that particular arse/plate handing.
  6. Maybe the FM is a lesbian probably, is really not the strongest attack line from the frothy little flag-shaggers is it?
  7. A personal opinion perhaps but I think he's an unprincipled little shit who'd privatise your granny and her false teeth if it suited his ends.
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