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  1. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    I respectfully submit Brother...... excuse me m'Lord: But Celtic. Defence rests.
  2. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

  3. 2016 Scottish Cup Final - Hibernian FC v Rangers

    The go-pro footage of the Hibs end, somewhere in here, is simply magnificent. Always worth a revisit.
  4. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

  5. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

  6. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

  7. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Tbf, you alcoholic head case, what I tend to take issue with is being accused of mocking stadium disasters and now, novel but a bit out of left-field, wife beating.
  8. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    The fella that follow (follows) me around the forum red dotting random posts of mine and shitepost-quoting me for attention is now accusing me of being unbalanced? Well it's a bold strategy, I'll give you that. Rest assured that this here post represents both the maximum and the final interest I have in whatever it is you've been trying to say.
  9. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    TheRangers are absolute dugshite without their wee animal mascot up front and Defoe is a past it, wage theiving cheat. Who knew?
  10. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    2 players banned for violent conduct, that Defoe song and reports of sand castles being vandalised up and down the east coast. This is now a shame game.
  11. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    Deliberately endangering a fellow professional and possibly ending a promising international standard players career? He should be flogged. First time i've seen or heard of anything like that at Pittodrie. Vile. Frankly.
  12. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    A 2 match ban is lenient but it is at least clarification that we are not only a better and bigger club, but we're better people and deserved all 3 points.
  13. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    Because Alan McGregor is a fucking scumbag at the end of his career and any normal homo sapiens watching at home last night will have had a wee chuckle and said "good lad" for leaving one in on the c**t.
  14. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    It's all relative isn't it?