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  1. They are unembarrassable the shameless b*****ds.
  2. But if they're telling folk to do it and "Do our bit" then the fuckers might consider doing it themselves.
  3. Non civil service role, it's the Tories current Jobs For Da Boyz wheeze. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/at-least-16-tory-supporters-given-paid-independent-roles-in-government/ Oh and that Coladangelo woman Hancock is/was boffing.
  4. Not a fan tbh but I am quite partial to Bouillon
  5. Absolutely true and I think the comment about a "national mobilisation" is a criticism of government not the public. Whether you think mask wearing is effective or not, advising the wearing of masks in crowded indoor places but every day on TV ministers not wearing masks in indoor crowded places, along with multiple PM only Xmas bubbles, Barnard Castle and Hancock's hand shandy all corrode the notion of collective national effort.
  6. Her wee lean back and smirk as he just launches into a rant is priceless.
  7. Too as in "as well" is an odd statement as I'm not sure anyone has made that claim. But I am sure I haven't. At the risk of overloading you, perhaps you could consider the topic header "the normalisation of the far right continues" and whether you need to be on the far right to normalise it.
  8. Well I can thoroughly recommend to you "How not to be wrong" by James O'Brien, if that helps?
  9. This is a bizarre accusation. Social media has provided plenty of clips to highlight, among other things, their slap stick approach to news production and a defence of paedophila and I have seen the Scotty Libdems on these clips a number of times. So my conclusions are fair, proportionate and valid without ever tuning in, in the traditional sense. Please place this post at your earliest convenience into your pipe and smoke it.
  10. Pretty damning stuff from Ian Wood saying "well I hope it's not a political decision" and "Scotland is quite politically vulnerable." I wonder at what point, like jilted lovers, unionists will finally realise their sycophancy and baffling loyalty will never, ever be reciprocated by those in power down south?
  11. No, I saw a GBeebbies clip retweeted by Arsehole Coal-Scuttleson.
  12. We're not under attack tho, we're just terrible. Did enjoy the pop at Kenny McIntyre and yes credit for fronting up and going on the radio, excuse me "ray-dee-shjo" but it was a bit unhinged and I think we'd all rather this was happening to someone else.
  13. It's the tedious inevitability of it all that really gets you down. Ban anonymous social media accounts under ‘David’s Law’, murdered MP’s friend says
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