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  1. Stop the bus. Just heard on the radio that Rangers* anonymous whistleblower is.....Rangers* Fabulous. More please.
  2. Sensational entertainment this. Congratulations to all involved, what a classically disgraceful Scottish Football at its most small minded and messy goat-f**k.
  3. First Piers Morgan now Neil Doncaster, this crisis has thrown up the most unlikely heroes.
  4. Statement a real let down. Very little in the way of 8 syllable words, and only the vaguest of attempts to cover the mysteriously absent evidence with threats, "sorely mistakens" and "expect nothing less's" A mere 3 raging bulldogs on flag background/10 Poor.
  5. Well it all worked out for the best in the end and I hope we can just draw a line under this now and move on for the good of the game.
  6. Best not to wait for confirmation tbphwy. Just Stop Drop And Roll. 👍
  7. Not a bucket of water or flame retardant blanket? Unorthodox.
  8. Against Rangers* and Hearts presumably? Oh sorry, not Hearts.
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