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  1. Celtic Aberdeen Hibs Rangers Motherwell St Johnstone Dundee Utd St Mirren Ross County Hamilton Livi Killie
  2. What you need is an old school ground and atmosphere; a sense of faded glory and old-world lustre; a proper football club,; baggy and a bit loose at the seams; and the best nickname. Forget the Prem glory boys. There can only be one club for you: Ayr United - the Honest Men.
  3. No-one's denying there aren't serious structural problems in the game, particularly with regard to youth development and competitiveness. The idea that somehow chucking colts teams into League 2 will make a difference, just because some other countries do it is nonsensical - a cursory glance at the number of FIFA A coaches and the quality of the coaching at U8 level and beyond will show where the main source of the problem is. And no entrenched views here - I want revolutionary change in Scottish football as much as anyone starting, as I said before, with an end to 11-1, at least an 18-team Prem, revenue sharing and limits on youth squad sizes to prevent stockpiling. You want to screw up the League "for the good of the game". What sacrifices are you prepared to make for it?
  4. I see it's time to get the 'Why Colts and B teams are Anathema 101" notes out again. Oh joy. If you put colts teams in the league, you *inevitably* destroy the integrity of the league. This is because, as several of your previous posts state, the *purpose* of them being in the league is *different* from every other club's. Consequently, decisions about tactics, team selection etc are made not with the same ends in mind as everyone else, you are not competing on an equal footing. If these teams work as planned, some of the colts might graduate to the senior side during the season, making the side considerably weaker at the end of the season than at the beginning - not for normal footballing competitive reasons but for a completely separate agenda. There's no guarantee that the colts played would be Scotland-qualified. So you are asking the league to ruin itself for the benefit of producing better players for your club. That's it. Furthermore, on the slippery-slope principle, it wouldn't be long before the criteria and minimum/maximum age requirements were relaxed and clubs started playing their reserves and not-quite-match-fit recovering injured in the teams. This situation has come about largely because of the ridiculous stockpiling and hoarding of young talent by a couple of clubs. Now the proposal is to f**k up League 2 in order to fix a problem that these two clubs created - at *no* extra cost and considerable benefit to themselves. Why's it the job of League 2 to provide practice matches for your kids/hasbeens? Above all, having established finally a pyramid that rewards sporting achievement (after a fashion) on the pitch, two clubs, or however many you think, suddenly get to have an extra team in the league, violating a basic principle of the league - one club, one team. And before you start off on 'for the good of the national team/national game' nonsense a) there's no guarantee these colts would be Scotland qualified and b) lets see the sacrifices you're prepared to make for it. How about, an equitable distribution of prize money, gate sharing and TV money, an end to the 11-1 rule and an expansion of the Prem to 18 clubs. If you want your kids to develop, loan 'em out. Even better, stop hoarding them like their loo roll.
  5. Don't know which bit of main stand you mean. I moved across for the second half in an attempt to see something and - as before - I couldn't sit properly without my legs jamming into the seat in front. And I'm barely 5'8. £20 for that is ridiculous. Not sure I'd describe two bunches of thirteen year olds screaming at each other 'a decent atmosphere' either.
  6. Was sat next to a scout on Saturday who had come to watch McDaid for Preston. He claimed to have watched him a lot; that Sunderland were also interested; that PNE had put a bid in for him in the last window (wouldn't say how much) but no director could be found to authorise the sale (srsly???). He was adamant that McDaid was the best player "by miles" in the team; that he was wasted on the right and should be on the left; that Shankland would be found out playing at a higher level ("he's playing against plumbers now - wait till he's up against full-time pros"). He left as soon as McDaid went off.
  7. Except Harkins who was his usual lazy disinterested inept self.
  8. I'd put both Crawford and Wardrope ahead of Cairney who was utterly, utterly woeful today. Almost as bad as Harkins, who seemed to think he could beat six SM players on his own, missed two (or was it three) absolute sitters and spent the rest of the game standing around looking huffy. Shocking display. On the plus side - that was the best I've seen Gilmour play. I'm usually critical of his Hollywood lightweight tendencies but he was outstanding yesterday.
  9. Not me - Morton away please. I'll be away as well, and the fewer times I have to visit Cappielow the better.
  10. sisten This for me. He's too fond of the Hollywood ball, his crossing is inconsistent and he's weak in the tackle. He can dictate the play if opposition midfielders stand off him, but deny him space and he's a passenger. I think he's well short of the quality needed to survive in the Championship - problem is, that's true of most of the squad.
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