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  1. Nice photo of Boghead on a sunny day. Any ideas on opposition or year?
  2. Chatting to a couple of lads at the game one of whom works at C&G Systems with our guys. He said that they worked on the nightshift 4 nights a week and he suggested that could be a factor in why some of the players look tired/sluggish at times.
  3. I was sitting just behind Dumbarton dugout and to be fair SA was doing a fair bit of shouting although perhaps less so in first half.
  4. Just a thought, but if the flare hadn't been thrown on would there have been 3 minutes injury time? I don't think the trainers were on 2nd half at all so maybe only 1 minute and in which case...
  5. Ah but they have those fantastic knee operated taps in the gents toilets! Assuming you can get near them in the very cramped space available.
  6. I worked with Campbell in Coulport in the 90's. Knowing me as one of the small band of Sons supporters in that establishment, he very kindly organised a signed football from the 94/95 promotion winning side for me when I left there in the summer of 1995. He always had time for a word whenever I bumped into him at the ground and always had a smile on his face. Just so sad to hear the news today, I can hardly believe it. My sympathies and condolences to Campbell's family.
  7. More slow motion replays of goals or controversial incidents e.g. Beanie's dive on Saturday. Great job your doing though and much appreciated.
  8. Just read Gilbert's statement, seems like he is having a liitle dig about how St Mirren went about their business
  9. The whole of the ball wasn't over; the linesman was looking right along the line and had a clear view. Hib's could still be playing and in no danger of scoring
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