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  1. Bump...... Shotts Bon Accord have placed Dom OHalloran on the open to transfer list after the player asked away. Any enquiries to manager Kieran McGuinness Please DM for Kieran's contact details
  2. Shotts Bon Accord have placed Dom OHalloran on the open to transfer list after the player asked away.Any enquiries to the club Secretary Alex Hendry Please DM for Alex contact details
  3. What's being a central 1st division club got to do with anything? You sound like an ex player who's not been offered anything and spouting pish on a forum Stuart Livingstone left the club in March and finished the season with Fauldhouse Connor MacLeod left April time so again months ago More than 10 Players signed but waiting until registration has been completed before any announcement Again thanks for your interest in SBA and good luck in finding a new club
  4. Hi Wesleydale don't know who your mole is within the club but the information your putting out isn't accurate and not doing the club or players any favours. Looks a bit strange that you've been a member of P&B for years but only just started posting inaccurate information and only about SBA. All information about SBA will be released through @shottsbonaccord or www.sba.teamexpert.co.uk but thanks for your interest.
  5. That's us got opposition for tomorrow nights friendly
  6. Shotts Bon Accord are looking for opponents for a friendly tomorrow night with an 8pm KO. Our original opposition have had to pull out at short notice. DM me for details if interested
  7. Personally I'd love to see one as a source of income to the club to help secure our future and have a base for the players that we train on etc but can't see where the money would come from to pay for it in the 1st place. If it was to happen I'd welcome it with but also think you get a different game on it compared to grass.
  8. Yes mate the same area that's been giving us problems the last couple of years. Think the committee are putting plans together to sort this in the summer but until then not a lot they can do. The water just sitting on the surface and won't drain through the ground. Very disappointing as the park has been playable all week.
  9. Yes he got a straight red. The ball went out for a shettleston goal kick at the end with no spectators. Gary went for the ball and while on route shouted over to the Lino that he required a piss. He then went and did the piss against the perimeter wall and then got the ball. The referee then approached him and gave him a straight red. I don't think the referee had any option as you can't just get you [email protected] out and pee in a public place with paying spectators women and children.It'll be interesting to see what ban he gets as we have a player currently serving a 2 game ban for kicking a water bottle.
  10. I can assure you the rose v shotts game had no chance of being played. I was the 1st member from Shotts too arrive at the ground and couldn't believe the area covered by the stand was solid. When your management team arrived they couldn't believe the decision and had a heated debate with your senior committee members in front of everybody. I can understand your frustrations if this is the 3rd time but I don't think any team would go out and do it deliberately. DNE could end up being fined more than the made from hospitality. Good luck when the game does go ahead
  11. They [email protected] up trying to cash in. Get over it you didn't see all these posts when Shotts turned up at Linlithgow a few seasons ago and it was frozen solid with no chance of being played. Your whole management team couldn't believe your committee didn't call an inspection in the morning. It happens and you move on. No great for fans but it's not the 1st and won't be the last time a team takes the gamble for whatever reason. Players missing/ hospitality booked etc
  12. Shotts v Cumbernauld off waterlogged pitch
  13. Coral do a all Scottish coupon in shops with a wide range of junior games on it and you get singles the same as mcbookie do. I was in corals newmains today and they had loads of these coupons next to all the others.
  14. Neither did Shotts so that'll be another one not going ahead
  15. Face painting and bouncy castle for the kids and loads more. Get along and show your support C'monthebonny
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