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  1. You're correct about sub appearances.- looked back to find out he got 12 minutes against Albion Rovers. He played against us in February for Montrose when big Hendo scored the winner in a 1-0. I though he played well that day but then again, he played about 10 games for Montrose in his loan spell up there so was maybe finding his rhythm. Bear in mind how many games it has taken big Bob Wilson to find his feet....... Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, everyone is entitled to opinions. i'm just someone that finds it hard to slaughter any youngester after just one 90 minutes game, no matter how bad he played.
  2. Have looked back at the records. The young lad played ONE game, a 0-0 v Clyde at home so you must be getting him mixed up with someone else
  3. Exactly. Football is all about opinions. I just feel you put the "howler" tag on the wrong player. I can't remember the full back make any mistakes.
  4. Have to disagree with you. I feel we were let down by Clarke & Steeves. Although the first goal was a debateable pen, Clarke was shocking for the 2nd. For the 3rd, Martyniuk has had to sprint back from Annan's 18 yd line (past our midfield) and he's almost got to the Annan player before Clarke decides to amble across and put in a half hearted challenge. Miller saves initial shot and then Steeves is slow to react. Easy to blame the young guy but IMO, Martyniuk didn't do much wrong. I'll stand corrected however if you can highlight his mistakes. For the 4th, both Clarke & Steeves go to the ball instead of 1 going and the other dropping.....
  5. Doesn't always have the ground's post code but a great starter for 10.
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