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  1. Aye quality establishment the "nip" But yeah great pint in it
  2. Yeah not before time CZ Well chuffed though,that it's now happening !!
  3. Not before time regarding the NCL champions now being admitted,Invergordon are over the moon !!
  4. Hopefully not Deveronvale. They'll still hav a captive audience,as they'll bleat about the injustice of it all ........
  5. Delighted this crowd won't be inflicting the HL with there nonsense any time soon. But feel sorry for the clubs in the NCL.
  6. Footy adventures rocks up to the Claggan and Fort eventually get the lawnmowers and strimmers out lol !! You couldn't make it up !!!!
  7. David Allan and John Clayton elected to the SLFL board...? Fxtures for next season out Monday 27th.
  8. True but at least CCFC actually hail from the town.
  9. Must be part of their grand groundhopping master plan of edging ever closer to Glasgow.............
  10. Heads in that Alba team already on holiday..... Woeful performance from all . On paper we are the better team but Ireland want it more and its showed....
  11. Promotion to the EoSFL 1st Division for the downdie army is all that matters next season........ If roles are reversed and Syngenta win the 2nd Division then fair play to them,as long as we are in one of the Promotion spots behind them. Thornton,St.Andrews and Heriot Watt may have something to say about all I have wrote above however.
  12. Totally agree lubo,it's more the easier access travelling to and from aspect, I was referring to as regards Westhill.
  13. Well done Whitburn on coming out on top of a very competitive conference X,with 4 teams battling it out The togetherness and never say die attitude of the squad is 2nd to none Was well impressed with both Syngenta and Bo'ness Athletic,both have very good players,some should probably be playing at a higher level. Bo'ness Athletic and Armadale will be hot favourites for promotion this time next year. On Armadale they are a very good side,but when speaking to one of their fans at the recent 2-2 draw at the Volly,the old chestnut of only wanting to play local games was raised by him............. I told him enjoy Division 3 next season then,Whitburn want up,see you at some point in the future !!
  14. Lol aye fair enough MM !!!! The Beach proposal is far better for City Centre access,particularly for Aberdeen fans. To be honest the Westhill proposal would probably suit away fans better,as its just of the AWPR. Looks like it's gonna be the beach now anyway,especially if the City Council is fully on board
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