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  1. Aye and Morrison's looking to build on top of Canal Park,so School Park it is . Wonder what they're gonna call themselves
  2. European run aside,the players that were there under Gerrard looked like they wanted the exit door as soon as GVB arrived and still will be regardless of who comes in (SG apart).
  3. Lossie 2 Vale 3 Sweet just sweet Massive result for Brechin,with Fraserburgh beating Buckie .
  4. Aye the ladz hav been on it this season,promotion is the be all and end all at Central Park,after years of dillydallying in the juniors. Gonna be a tight race for the title however,some good teams at the top end of the 2nd Division.
  5. Was in attendance today,1st visit to K-Park. Tidy wee set at EK,good enough for the LL or League 2 but any higher and they'd need that new ground planned along the road. As for the game,EK were by far the better side,more quality throughout their side,the 3rd goal on half time killed the game stone dead but credit to Berwick,they kept plugging away all 2nd half. Meant to be going to Gala v EK on the 3rd December,should be an entertaining game if today was anything to go by.
  6. Agree,play raging on for god knows how long then it all gets stopped,farcial..........
  7. Nobody claimed for a pen at any of the pens,it all felt farcial to be honest,especially the 3rd pen.......... Thought Livi were gonna blow Aberdeen away first 20 mins,then they steadily came into it and got a grip of the game . A draw probably would hav been a fair result,don't know how the lad scooped that late effort over the bar . Entertaining game as I thought it would be,played like a cup tie but by god,VAR is a carry on and then some.
  8. This hopefully should be a cracker,both sides going well this season. Will probably come down to who can defend better on the nite ..........
  9. Aye ma 15yr old laddie and his buddies all made the trip down,train to Glasgow,then bus to Killie. Plus a few others i know from ma neck of the woods here in whitburn and western west lothian. Friday nite fitba must hav appealled,great result for them !!
  10. Absolute shitfest of a campaign,2 goals scored,22 conceded, minterland stuff,pleasing !!!
  11. I can speak some gaelic but we should remain Scotland as the vast majority of our country, don't speak or know the gaelic language. Welsh is everywhere in Wales,from street signs to road markings, the language is their no.1 cultural identity,so changing to Cymru for them is a no-brainer. Also a distinct lack of Union flags when I was in Wales during the summer,they're also massive on their "Dragon" national flag,it was everywhere..
  12. Will take that If Boyes had stayed on the park however,you never know
  13. Thee Scotsman........A Tory mouthpiece .
  14. Apparently that Footy Adventures guy filmed a vlog fae that today,sounds like it was mental !! Aye went Carlisle games in the national league/league 2 and league 1. Preston today in the championship. Newcastle and Liverpool in the Premier league
  15. The eff the pope and the ra belt out,was surprising,especially as some of the SCFC supporters will be of the RC faith ? Anyhows that's me been to a game in all top 5 league's in "angleland".
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