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  1. He hasn't kicked a ball competatively since he left you guys. That's concerning. But we all know how good he is. Pretty happy but will wait to see how it turns out.
  2. Tbh we deserved a Pen for the fact McCarthy tucks his shirt into his shorts.
  3. The bbc pundits put in their place before the game by Richard Gordon bringing the facts the the USA have evidence to prove that more injuries are sustained on grass pitches than on artificial surfaces because they have been using them longer than we have. Anyways Marvin out for the **** game is a bit of a worry however was he not going to miss it through suspension anyway? Or was that the Hibs game? We have beaten the **** and the hubs before without Bartley I'm sure we can again. Feeling positive going into saturdays game now with the **** there for the taking. Ref was shite the night btw.
  4. Theres zero debate. He is miles offside. Same with first goal.
  5. Interesting to see on sportscene. But that seriously looked about 6 yards off on sky sports.
  6. Just seen it on sky sports. Miles. Off.
  7. Second defo offside. By a number of yards.
  8. We were soundly beaten tonight. The refs were awful but that doesnt say much. The 5 at the back and quick pressing from County was akin to us in league 1 and championship. We just couldnt play football tonight. Pretty sure first goal was offside and second might also be questionable. But Erwin and McKay were brilliant. Paton can f**k off coz hes a wee dick. Menga was good when he came on. Sibbs was shite. That's about it.
  9. Hes gone to play in their under 23s which is even weirder
  10. He was contracted to Morton we signed him and loaned him back to Morton for the season.
  11. In addition to the 4 people I know who are at the game.
  12. Livi Twitter, Carson and BBC all reporting ATS.
  13. But yet against Raith, Dykes took 3 long throws. The second one in the second half was a fuckin belter mind you. Given as a foul throw [emoji23]
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