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  1. LiviLion00 is a Failkirk fan in disguise. He misses us so invented a shite persona to post on our threads and just be a dick in general.
  2. 1. David Bingham. 2. David Fernandez. 3. Jim Leishman. 4. David Hopkin 5.........
  3. Matthew "The next big thing" Knox not even getting onto the bench in a pre season game and Dylan Mackin still being picked is a strange one on me.
  4. At least when Crystal Palace released their kit, they stated, "The sash is back". The The Rangers press release described it as a red and blue band or some shit.
  5. I think it's a little unfair to say Hopkin had no experience. He was caretaker manager at Morton for a couple of games I'm sure? Also he worked with Burchill for over a year. In fairness he inherited the worst Livi squad ever from Burchill but Hopkin definately had experience.
  6. Are development loans not considered a different style of loan?
  7. 99% of **** wouldn't realise if the flag was wrong....
  8. Rangers were signing players before Gerrard was appointed. In fact they even signed up Ryan Hardie to another year when he clearly does not feature in Gerrards plans......
  9. Highly expect Mackin to be released or loaned out. Gavin Reilly being linked too. Never any idea what to expect from us just now. It's pretty good an exciting for a change.
  10. Cheers for giving us Hardie back!
  11. We need at least 2 strikers now. And maybe dip into the loan market for another keeper. I'm positive premiership rules state that we have to have 3 registered keepers. At the moment that would be Kelly and Pettigrew. Doesn't fill me with much enthusiasm. We need another experienced keeper. Michael McGovern signed for anyone yet?
  12. Another year of his career wasted in my opinion. The signing likely wasn't made my Gerrard, and he'll be bringing in all his ex Liverpool mates to play. Hardie won't get into the The Rangers team with Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler ahead of him....
  13. If you read any of the past 100 posts on this thread, or read fully the BBC statements about the club's signing policy, then you would have seen that it's our assistant David Martindale who is signing the players. The new manager will work closely with Him just as Hopkin did. Sent from my SM-G950F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  14. Played already in the Prem with hearts and killie so knows the league. Hopefully he can properly kick on this season. Had a great game against Partick away. Sent from my SM-G950F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  15. Some times we couldn't fill a subs bench because Maley was working overtime. Mackin is a league 1 footballer at best at this current moment. His work rate is non existent. His pace is slower than a sloth taking a shite. If we signed Kenny Miller as a player, he'd be a better option that Mackin. Cadden would be a decent backup from the bench. He at least has skill and pace. Can't really shoot worth a f**k as always goes for the spectacular but I'd like to see him stick around if not for a little while longer. More signing news today apparently and it'll be interesting to see who that could be. It won't be a manager we know that already. Sent from my SM-G950F using Pie and Bovril mobile app