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  1. There was on Tuesday against Dundeh. But none on Saturday.
  2. We sponsor him at Livi. Cracking player. His dad kindly sent us a voice message with how to pronounce his name!
  3. The correct answer is and always will be Stevie May. Shite haircut. Shite player.
  4. Didn't know you guys signed Erling Haaland, changed his name to Declan Drysdale and played him at centre half. He was, for me one of the best players for County today. Taking the ball from defence to attack on a number of occasions. However was lucky to remain on the oark as previously stated. Spittal was also good. Really would have liked to have seen him sign for us when he was supposed to but distanced himself from Livingston due to his brothers arrest. Other than that, County were pish. Could be still playing us now and never score today. For us, Bailey was outstanding until he took his knock and was my motm. Holt and Omeonga are fucking brilliant however are stick ons every game now for needless, early first half yellow cards which is really starting to grate on me. Chuck was pants today, but the guy showed good control but with 0 completed passes, was rightfully hooked at HT. Nouble is not a number 9. However will be frightening I think once up to speed. It's just a shame after all of that that we have to play and inevitably lose to Hearts.
  5. Stadium car park charges about a fiver for parking. Free parking at St Margarets school or in a wee industrial estate nearby that I cant remember the name of.
  6. Never thought of that before till just then. But aye, that's an old squad likes!
  7. For those beelin' about Nouble being missing. He has covid.
  8. And today they say happy birthday to "Parkesy". Mingin.
  9. My point being if Gastings was a far superior coach then he would be in a far superior coaching position.
  10. Thats why Imrie is a first team manager at a decent sized championship club, but Hastings has been managing Gala Fairydean? Have a word.
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