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  1. Many thanks guys and a bit of class from Alex [emoji1376]
  2. I’d prefer not to talk about that too much. I don’t like living in the past [emoji6]..... It was against Wishaw and we were down to 9 men. If Archie McPherson was commentating he would have let out a WOOOOOOOF hope to see you Saturday [emoji1303]
  3. What hairdressers are you going too. Lol [emoji85]
  4. Striker and no he didn't feature last night
  5. Very impressed with Armadale in midweek pitch was immaculate too
  6. Thanks to Robert and beastie ;-) for Having us. Thoroughly enjoyed my self.
  7. Must admit I thought that myself. All the best to you guys too
  8. So did I, a great junior match with both teams giving their all
  9. I hope it's not fake. Being local to them I'd love to see them back in the juniors
  10. Newmains will have a new gaffer https://twitter.com/newmainsutdfc/status/734109207306350601
  11. All the best for next season ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  12. Scott Murphy and Chris Dolan at Gartcairn are pretty useful with a dead ball. Barry Murdoch scored a few crackers at Royal Albert and the Gow
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