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  1. I like a conspiracy theory as much as the next man but this is just ridiculous.
  2. I'm sure they supported the organisation that supports terrorism.
  3. Nice obfuscation. If you think the facts I post are incorrect then say so and provide evidence to the contrary.
  4. Merely stating facts, chap. At no point did I say that you'd stated anything. You're right about lying though. It's British nationalist lies that have brought us close to the abyss of Brexit.
  5. The idea that it's better to have a hard border with 500m people rather than with 50m is just bizarre. The Scottish Government are well aware of the need for greatly increased container facilities on the east coast. They've had feasibility studies on the go for sometime. From what I've heard the preference is for the south shore of the Forth, (sorry, Methil) either to the west or east of Edinburgh.
  6. For both countries. Which is why it won't happen.
  7. Marked down for evasion. Where were you educated?
  8. The Scottish Government has underspent its budget by £780m over the last two years. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17719872.snp-government-underspent-its-budget-by-450m-last-year/ How does that impact any debt?
  9. I'm merely waiting for you to tell us how much debt we have.
  10. If the US genuinely didn't want the UK to have a deterrent it could simply refuse to sell us the missiles. But of course they want us to have a deterrent not simply to spread the cost but to maintain the fiction of NATO being a genuine alliance. They would welcome the deterrent being based in Georgia. They would welcome the rent and the opportunities for integration and training.
  11. The US and UK have been allies for 200 years. Their relationship is known and predictable. UK and Scotland? A complete unknown, which is where the risk lies.
  12. If you can grasp this then you can grasp why Faslane isn't an option. The issue isn't money, supply chain or anything else. It's credibility. The rUK know they can run a 24/7/365 deterrent from Georgia. They don't know that they can from Scotland. They don't know what future Scoto-rUK relations will be like and they certainly aren't going to allow their deterrent to be used as a bargaining chip. It wouldn't take much to blockade Faslane or to prevent supplies or crews reaching the boats. That's far too much of a risk.
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