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  1. Gigs

    Jesus And Mary Chain were excellent tonight. Honeyblood not a bad support either.
  2. Being wrong is not a point. It's being wrong.
  3. You aren't vindicated. The opposite in fact.
  4. And Aberdeen are wearing blue because?
  5. A realist would suggest he is a not very cheap tool.
  6. The Meh Derby: Kilmarnock v St. Johnstone

    Were you mentally ill before you attempted heroin?
  7. The Meh Derby: Kilmarnock v St. Johnstone

    You don't care but yet here you are seeking attention. How does that work?
  8. The Meh Derby: Kilmarnock v St. Johnstone

    Going onto Twitter to complain about being called an irritating attention-seeking p***k is the very definition of being an irritating attention-seeking p***k. It sounds to me that you're an irritating attention-seeking p***k.
  9. In 1994/95 the wee team decided, somewhat bizarrely, to have a blue away kit. An obvious kit clash in the derbies but we all know they aren't the brightest at Dense. In the first match at McD both teams wore their away kits. Problem solved. Come the second match the club told the wee team that we'd be playing in the sacred royal blue and that they'd have to solve the problem they'd created. And rightly so. So they wore our away tops with their shorts and socks. Rumour has it that the tops they'd worn were deemed beyond salvation and they were incinerated after the match, but that's never been confirmed.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    Correct again. You're on fire here.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Correct. Thank you.