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  1. As said previously, bodies needed, more than initially thought.....and soon
  2. We’re just concerned you’ll spontaneously combust if Stevie May is pictured with a Dundee scarf held aloft
  3. Think Tam and him live in the same street in Hunters, he’ll look after him
  4. City Quay, canny miss it, it’s mobbed apparently
  5. I’m having a quick pint in the Lismore bar in Partick but f**k it, I’m heading up to the Apex
  6. I’m no in the Apex, should I be heading to the Apex
  7. Don’t believe anything until the deed is done
  8. May and Cummings to a championship club, no chance, unless we’ve unearthed a billionaire benefactor
  9. Correct. Been a lot of shite written on here about players ability purely based on them being the posters favourite or not. I’d have kept Miller too
  10. He noted interest in him but didn’t specifically say about him signing, he was talking in general about other targets
  11. Said it at the outset that I didn’t think May was what we needed and would be an expensive gamble. He’d get more lea way with the fans at saints but going back to an old club isn’t always the best and maybe has more to lose going there? Anyway, the laddies a Fifer and clearly no near right by the looks of him so it’s anybody’s guess where he ends up
  12. Anyone else think McPakes phrase of keeping “Andrew Nelson healthy”, rather than saying “fit” in his interview slightly odd?
  13. May surely would score goals in the championship ? As been said G Man he probably would and be hard working but I personally would like to see a poacher signed
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