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  1. Sleeves spoil it, would have been a classic otherwise
  2. He’s not coming out of this too well but I suppose it depends on who you believe, they’re all at I think
  3. I was slated on here for saying Nelms was slowly killing this club, I Stick by that. I’m not sure what he’s qualified as but he seems to make a hash of most things he has a say in
  4. Inverness seem to be the only club coming out of this with real credit, fair play to them. Even more surprising as Scott Gardiners there
  5. That may be so but they're still better than us
  6. Even if we did make the playoffs Inverness would batter us over two legs anyway. They’re a mile better than us
  7. 8 hours solid shooting practice for these useless c***s
  8. What are the Perth teuchters gonna do when we finally do bite the dust and are no more? They’ll be heartbroken
  9. Can’t remember Dens being notorious for flooding or that many games being off over the years. This to me seems to be a more recent problem but hardly a surprise with the amateurish way the clubs run
  10. First half was awful yesterday, wind played a part but both teams were pretty poor and didn’t think there was too much in it. Second half we definitely looked sharper and took more control of the game but still wasn’t convinced we’d score despite the possession we had. A bit baffling substitutions for me and would have had Crankshaw on earlier. Elliot did nothing really but finished the game and Mcdaid looked kind of lost and was often last man in defence! Didn’t quite get his tactics but the 3 centre backs looked as solid as I’ve seen them, especially Forster. 3 points is 3 points though. On Queens, didn’t think they looked that bad, I sat in the main stand to avoid the wind and rain and they definitely had it in for Devine but the rest of the defence looked solid enough and quite liked the boy Wilson in the middle of the park, put himself about a bit
  11. From what I've heard we're a shambles from top to bottom and the new left back looked suspect when we shipped 5 against Stirling Albion midweek
  12. Pay the £5.99 a month, cheaper than the day out and you'll get a good laugh for the next year
  13. This is where I am right now unfortunately. Never use to be last wee while but can only take so much ... Know exactly what you mean. Apparently the clubs a shambles, hard to argue with that
  14. Still, another point gained on Thistle Beyond pathetic
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