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  1. That’s fucking amateurish! Everyone knew the forecast and if those pics are the extent of the flooding then that’s just shite and someone needs their balls booted! Should I be surprised though at DFC .......nah!
  2. Exactly this, John Nelms appears to be killing this club. I've never known so many who have had enough and can't get arsed anymore. You really couldn't make up how incompetent his decisions have been
  3. 7 points off the relegation playoff spot is a bigger concern than us making the playoffs at the top end! Once again we have a decent team on paper who are shite on grass, with a rookie manager and we all know how that goes..........except John Nelms that is
  4. I won't be travelling through to this. Have spent years throwing money at the club just to see poor decision after poor decision at boardroom level and am just about at the point of not giving a f**k anymore. Might just be my thinking and how I feel about DFC at the moment but it's been a constant downward spiral for a long long time now with the occasional blips of optimism and hope, a succession of owners who for one reason or another seem to f**k it up and any momentum quickly diminished by bonkers off field decisions. May sound harsh but I doubt DFC will exist in its current form in 10/20yrs time
  5. Really couldn't make it up and just emphasises my point of amateurs playing at running a professional club! Frightening really
  6. Funny how quickly it's gone from big jazza to get this c**t out now! Nelms is the biggest problem at the club. As I've said before, amateurs playing at it
  7. Probably old news but see a couple of Dabs charged with possession and assaulting staff at the derby , one staff member female! Unsurprising really but about their vile level
  8. Easiest and cheapest option. I haven't a fucking clue what the c***s running the club are thinking, don't think they do either! Think they're just playing at it and making it up as they go. If we're 6th or 7th soon I don't think we can complain one bit, the football's been utter shite and if nothing changes we can forget about a playoff place too
  9. Surely though that’s down to the manager and the players he brought in to his squad? It has been poor all season and doesn’t seem to be improving, the pieces of quality in the team have just got us by in some games and covered up the cracks a bit. This is a poor league in terms of quality and for the money we’ve obviously spent I’m expecting a bit more, regardless of it being a new team or not considering the opposition
  10. Money is no excuse for a display like that, our style of play is just absolute crap. Far too slow and laboured, no real decent width and fragile at the back. Strikers have no chance in that team. In any case, Hemmings and Byrne are on more money than any Utd player bar shankland! Mcpake has been another gamble by Nelms, another mistake
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