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  1. Club Statement - https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2273 The fighting fund remains open to those who are in a position to donate.
  2. International clearance now through for McLaughlin and Watt.
  3. You've failed to score against the worst side you've seen this season on THREE occasions. Interesting.
  4. Because our camera man was focusing on the corner taker as opposed to what was going on in the box. Same with Stenny footage.
  5. Fusco was there but it was with regards to his testimonial.
  6. The lad that edited the highlights must have left the Forfar bench on there. [emoji23]
  7. That's the lowest I've felt after a game for quite some time and that includes all of last season. We had ONE effort on goal which was actually a cross which sneaked in at the back post. This is at home, in a local derby, against a side bottom of the league and without a win since we played them back in August. That is completely unacceptable. It is staggering just how defensive we are. On numerous occasions during the game I observed every single City player in our own half. We had five at the back with two defensive players sitting right in front of them. Our supposed attacking players (Tapping, Jackson, Melingui) all far too deep and when they did receive the ball, they had very little in the way of support. Now there is the major factor of compensation should Dods be relieved of his duties - that's obviously got to be taken into account. On the flip side there is an alarming number of loyal supporters who are completely disillusioned and vowing not to return. These are not any run-of-the-mill supporters making a knee jerk reaction, these are are kind of guys who have followed the club through thick and thin. The type of guys that travel to Stranraer mid-winter. I personally can't turn my back on the club regardless of how fed up I am with the current management, but I certainly can't blame those that are a choosing not to go. It really is dire.
  8. Since moving to wing back Orsi has undoubtedly been one of our best players, why would he be dropped?
  9. He’s playing Orsi at wing back where I think he has been very impressive. Two assists against Dumbarton and heavily involved in the other goal coupled with another assist yesterday would suggest he has found a position where he is very effective. The problem for me is the fact he continued with 3 centre backs despite the fact he only had one available!
  10. My eyes are bleeding. Can someone just close this thread please.
  11. I can’t take any credit for the video, that’s entirely the work of our graphic designer Corrie who compliments the media team very well. It is indeed an excellent piece of work and deserves all the exposure it’s been getting. Appreciate the kind words - a lot of work goes on behind the scenes but it’s all for the benefit of the club.
  12. Tapping has been excellent through pre-season and the two competitive games so far. For the first time in his career he’s had a decent injury-free run and long may it continue. He’ll be a huge player for us this season.
  13. Ex Aberdeen U20 captain Jamie Henry signs for Brechin. https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2046
  14. French striker Boris Melingui signs for Brechin - https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2045
  15. Unless Dene has rapidly gone downhill since 2 years ago he will probably be one of our fittest players, so don’t have any concerns about him playing week in week out. We shall see though.
  16. A lot of people reading a bit too much into Dene’s age. Unless he’s gone rapidly downhill in the last year or so since he was last at Brechin he is strong and fit as a fiddle. Looked excellent for us in a struggling side at the time until he picked up an injury. If he can stay fit I think he’ll be a good signing for us.
  17. The opposite of the current away kit. Red and white as opposed to red and black from last season. Thought it was a really poor turnout last night with a lot of regular faces nowhere to be seen - probably not helped by the fact the Supporters Club AGM was going on at the same time through in the Platinum Lounge. Last season was a difficult one to take and in all honesty it’s still hurting but hopefully plenty of City fans snap up season tickets to help with the budget for this season.
  18. Unlike some other clubs we only announce signings once the paperwork is signed. Despite the fact it’s been quiet in terms of signings being confirmed there will be plenty of activity going on with a few close to being completed.
  19. BRECHIN CITY Goalkeepers Conor Brennan Patrick O’Neil Defenders Euan Spark Paul McLean [emoji767] Ryan McGeever Dougie Hill Euan Smith Aron Lynas Sean Burns Jordan Tapping Midfielders Callum Tapping Jordan Sinclair Kalvin Orsi Giuliano Morena Jamie Henry Forwards Andy Jackson Dene Shields Boris Melingui Contract has been offered to Finn Graham.
  20. Where does it say you don’t get into friendlies with the season ticket? Friendlies have always been included on it and I don’t see anything to suggest that has changed.
  21. Why? Our season ticket prices will be cheaper than Airdrie, Dumbarton, Raith, Stranraer, East Fife and Arbroath whilst they will probably be on par with Montrose, Forfar and Stenhousemuir. The prices have remained the same but in my opinion the season tickets were hugely underpriced for Championship football last season (although in hindsight we may feel we didn't get our moneys worth!). The season tickets has always allowed you into friendlies for free for as long as I can remember as well. The walk up prices of £15 and £8 are slightly steeper than I'd have expected but unfortunately this is the going rate for League 1 football...at least half of the division will be charging the same if not more with several clubs yet to announce their admission prices. If you have problems with the prices then bring this up at the AGM as they need to be agreed by the members, but I really fail to see why you'd have a problem with the season ticket pricing.
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