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  1. This will be my first trip ever to Gayfield Park , the last time Kilmarnock played up there I wasn't born -3 year old to be precise. A bucket list moment for alot of our support as mentioned it is a shame it wasn't on the Saturday as originally planned. I fully expected 2000 Killie fans to travel up if it were to be a Saturday fixture. I still expect 1000+ to go tonight and hopefully the 260 mile round trip from Ayrshire is not in vain. I have always really admired Dick Campbell as a manager he has a brilliant character, I can see why players would want to play for his team and run through brick walls for him. Arbroath have been sensational so far this season. Nouble and McKenna have been really impressive and we will expect a tough game. I hope Murray can get at full back and provide decent service for strikers. I am hoping that now Oli Shaw is off the mark and Scott Robinson is back fit we will maybe have to much in the channels and be able to stretch Arbroath. Shame Chris Burke is injured as he is a joy to watch for any team. Good Luck to Arbroath and their supporters for the later and the rest of this season, but I secretly hope we give you a hiding later.
  2. Good win for us at a difficult venue. Thought I’ve the piece Queens played well the boy Nditi was man marking Burke very well. First half we were hitting too many aimless punts hoping the grass would hold it up behind centre backs. Also too slow in transition at times when countering. Willie Gibson was very good throughout for a 37year old he completely pocketed our left side for the vast majority of the game. With regards to the keeper getting injured it was a 50/50 infront of me in terrace, if anything Haunstrup almost kicked ball in towards keepers face. Blood running down face I think made ref book him as it was there to be won and as said Haunstrup is not a particularly dirty player. The young boy Cowie come on and did well. I think by that time Queens had tired quite a bit and had dropped 10 yards. Cowie made a great save from Alston unbelievable fingertip. Alston stuck one past post and then Cameron missed a free header from about 8 yards. Queens had a few breakaways but a lack of quality in shooting and bad decision making with final balls spared our blushes. Fortunately for us the left winger went chasing the ball instead of marking Naismith in last few minutes. Thoroughly enjoyed the terracing and the game. Queens were much better than Ayr the other night and i think with a run of games will improve and be secure mid table. Goodluck to you rest of season
  3. Ayr set up far too defensively. The boy upfront was hiding behind Euan Murray all night. The game could have been 4-0 and nobody would have complained. Surprised by the lack of fight by the Ayr side. All 22 players were making Ayrshire derby debuts. The guy O’Connor should have started he was the only player who worried us when he came in
  4. I bet you are glad you gave us £15 to print roxannes Man on back of your strip now ya fanny. Priceless to see as you say
  5. Goodnight godbless 34BC8735-8E5C-4278-9BAB-4097D7EEABB0.webp
  6. All Ayr fans on here get it right up yous Is this a Derby or a library.
  7. Hearts have 3,500 more seats than us at full capacity, we now have lost 1500 seats in Moffat as they are building offices in top tier. This leaves us east stand with 4600,Chadwick (away) 4400 and a very small section of the main stand which houses players and officials who need to socially distance from punters. To get nearly 3700 from essentially just over 10,000 available socially distanced seats is not the worst. Moffat and most of Frank Beattie main stand being wiped out drastically reduces our ability to distance. Also in east stand the rows are particularly close so to obtain 1m social distance you would require every second row with minimum of 3 seats between bubbles.
  8. Surprised you got through our new shop door with the size of your baws. Or were they in Roxannes handbag.
  9. Out of interest how do you think Ayr will line up. I expect for Killie barring a big signing upfront we will go like this. Sam Walker Jason Naismith Euan Murray Chris Stokes Brandon Haunstrup Stephen Mcginn Brad Lyons or Blair Alston Liam Polworth Chris Burke Fraser Murray Innes Cameron
  10. Spent my entire lifetime in premier league, looking forward to reigniting our hatred for Ayr it gets a little cheer when they announce your losing but we have mainly battled with old firm and hated them majority of my lifetime. Will be nice to have some time away from their sectarian bile. Ayr are back on the radar for first time since 80s, lets get torn in. 4 games plenty to play for. form is temporary, class is permanent.
  11. Ironically yous have probably seen more of him than us. He was joint 5th top scorer in this league last season. I remember he scored for yous away at Inverness and then got injured? Alloa despite getting relegated got 6/7 goals for them which is not bad considering. He’s got 2in2 during pre season. I thought he wasnt technically very good but more of a penalty box striker than a player who links up well. Is the boy Dre Wright still at Ayr ?
  12. I expect a ribbing if we make an arse of it. That is football.
  13. This may come back to haunt you, not many teams go straight back up from this championship I understand it’s a hard league and with a lot of new players it will be long season. We are clear favourites for it and should be aiming to win it. Im not saying we will definitely win it but I am saying that we should be acting like we are going too mentally, especially if as TW says we add some premier league quality attackers. Mentality is everything in football we had a team or serial losers with a coward manager last season. Wright came in too late and damage was done. We have signed well for this leve in terms of leaders and players with promise. Mix that with our own youths and existing players. A 15-20 goal striker aside we look in decent shape. Hopefully we can at least get back to games and experience the championship and it’s trips. Looking forward to a bit of needle between us and Ayr. Also out of the old firm pish for a bit
  14. We will likely exceed 4 thousand season tickets holders. After only 2700 last season. The difference is that you need a season ticket to get a chance of early games at least, the fans have stood up and financially backed us to allow us a good chance of going straight up. Also we have a very realistic chance of winning the league and diddy cup double. Ayr games will certainly be a huge draw also I hope we will be allowed in for our trips to Somerset. Partick Morton Dunfermline Kirkcaldy Dumfries will be decent trips too.
  15. Killie will finish above Ayr, no matter where that may be in the league. Only respect I have for you is that you don’t support Rangers and Celtic. Apart from that I hope we leather you four times this year. None of this friendly pish we don’t like you and you are obsessed with us. Best man win
  16. How is he underestimated the division. He’s been left with 3 players and had to build an entire squad. Players aren’t huge names but they are leaders. McGinn, Alston, Stokes, Murray were all captains. Murray/Armstrong are young with potential. Naismith is a good signing, Burke will resign. Then you spend bigger money on quality in attacking areas and GK
  17. Best player at Wembley in the Euros Stephen Odonnell while Naismith was watching him in the boozer Odonnell? That one
  18. East and North Ayrshire are the central belt. South Ayrshire is a Provence of Mordor
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