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  1. Anybody else pleased that we can now watch MOTD without pundits talking bollox? I always record the show and fast forward the 'analysis'. Same with BBC Scotland coverage too.
  2. Glad I didn't walk. It's about 6 miles there and back!
  3. Agree with you re Lambert. He had a bit of the Scott Allan about him, an ability to pick out teammates with his passing. Playing (well) for Darlington now, I believe and has just been joined by fellow ex-Dee, Andrew Nelson.
  4. Might have been Euan Mutale. He's been here for a wee while.
  5. That's not what Coyle will say. Queens dominate every game even when they get pumped.
  6. Thanks for that. Wasn't sure if trains were going to be running.
  7. Okay, Buddies, what bus would I get from Glasgow City Centre to St Mirren Park?
  8. Good game at Forthbank yesterday. Good crowd too, including this Dundee supporter. Deserved win for the Binos and thought the football played by both sides was pretty good. Lot of discussion re Kai Fotheringham. He was decent but I'd be surprised if United recalled him as I think they're a bit top heavy with players and need to offload some. If they do that they might recall the boy, but my guess is that he'll stay at Stirling.
  9. Went to Harp 7 Forfar WE 0 on Saturday. Dismayed to see how far FWE have fallen. One of the top teams in the area not so long ago.
  10. Great win for East Craigie. Well done, the Shipbuilders.
  11. Their history involves going bust and buying over Clydebank FC and renaming themselves.
  12. I can just see it now. Grayson's contract with Barrow runs out at the end of the season and Bowyer hands him a 2-year deal.
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