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  1. Roll Up! Roll Up! Get your season tickets and macaroon bars here. Don’t miss this incredible bargain! Same price as last year but one less game to get depressed about. And, instead of facing Celtic, Rangers, United, Hearts etc, we bring you instead Hamilton Accies, Queens Park, Ayr Utd and even MorTEN. It’s a no-brainer!
  2. Was at the game last night. Whilst delighted that it wasn't a boring goalless affair in Baltic conditions, double digit scorelines like this are becoming fairly regular occurrences and do nothing for the credibility of the league. Something has to change for next season. Perhaps we need two divisions so that teams are more easily matched.
  3. Only 5 of the C Angus team that started against Lochee a few weeks ago started yesterday against E Craigie. Three subs against Lochee were in the first team yesterday but none of their seven subs against the Shipbuilders were even involved against the Chee. Suggests another massive turnover in playing staff. Either that, or they have a squad size to rival Celtic's.
  4. Was wondering that myself. Saw them beat Lochee Utd recently and they were definitely up for that game. They weren't slow to update their Facebook page then but they've been pretty quiet the past couple of weeks.
  5. And if Menzieshill try again and get elected will they all up and leave and leave CA without any players and management?
  6. Deserved win for Coupar Angus today. The Chee missing Lawson, Milne and Cavanagh didn't help matters. They'll be dancing in the streets of Coupar Angus tonight.
  7. Anyway, back to talking about this week's game. When do you think Rangers will be awarded their penalty?
  8. Great performance from Lochee United yesterday. Fully deserved win. Unbelievable half time draw prizes at Craigie. £70, £30 and £20. Most I've ever won was a tenner. Good to meet up with the Fitba Nomad. Look out for his blog with his match (and pub) report.
  9. The famous Fitba Nomad will be attending the E Craigie v Lochee Utd game tomorrow, his second trip to Dundee this season. Easily recognised by his trademark shirt. Sure he'd be happy to chat with anyone interested in junior football and E Craigie fans in particular. Look out for his blog which he posts not long after the game. Very interesting and entertaining.
  10. Always been impressed by the C Angus keeper, Lewis Coutts, even when they were taking real tankings. His performances mostly kept the score down. Must be a relief for him to have some capable defenders in front of him for a change.
  11. I was also at the East Craigie game. Talk of the terraces was about what would happen if E C win the league. Even though they won't obtain a licence would they still have to face Banks O' Dee in a playoff, the winner to meet, presumably, Fort William? And if they won both playoffs and couldn't go into Highland League, would Fort William retain their place? If they do have to take part in Playoff BOD will be crapping themselves as Craigie recently gubbed them 3-0.
  12. Can only imagine it's because he refuses to play Nelms' boy, Chapman.
  13. It would benefit both Dundee and Peterhead if the clubs were to subsidise buses for Dundee fans. That could put hundreds on the gate. As it is, I think the Dee support will be pretty low on a Monday night.
  14. Apparently some lowlife set fire to container at Dundee St James. Lost their ride on mower and line painter. 20 grand's worth of damage. What is it with these people?
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