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  1. Surely bringing on one of the strikers instead of Corfe playing up front would have been a good idea?
  2. Not really a big deal as your not going to get anything actually sensitive at a public meeting but why not just record it and make it available for season ticket holders on Arbroath TV. Keeps most happy then and easy to do.
  3. Quarter final also on the Friday night at 7pm so can't be that.
  4. Just watched the highlights and confirmed most of what I thought yesterday. Shanks does very well at the first goal to hold it up and feed Linn even though the officials allowed the defenders to manhandle him all day. TOB gets booked for a great tackle and then no foul on Gold for a kick to the face. DC is correct that we didn't do well enough to hold the ball up in their half later on but fails to mention that was down to the subs he made. Linn can keep the ball up the park. Hilson can't play as a lone central forward and Isiaka would have been a better option with Hilson deeper. Fosu gives the ball away far to much. We also lost Gold energy in the middle when Oakley went off. There is still hope. We are not getting gubbed every week and we have some potential to kick on if we can get the best team on the park every week and get a forward.
  5. I wouldn't disagree we need some better attacking options but we have to give those that we have a run in the team as they are better than not having any. Shanks scored against Queens and could have got a second. Give him a run of games and see if he can build a partnership and get some confidence. We are getting in some great positions but nobody in the striker area to bag the goals.
  6. There is definitely pressure there and some expectations that are not currently being met but just because we finished 2nd last year doesn't mean we should have the expectation of being a top half championship side every season. Last year was massively above expectations. The season before it went down to the last game to ensure we weren't in the relegation play offs and realistically were going to be in the relegation fight in this league. I'm not happy with some of the tactics and team selections but suggesting sacking him is just heads gone for me. We have been unlucky with injuries this season and being able to put the same team on the park most weeks. My main criticism is we should be playing our strikers when we need to score goals. Give them a run in the team and let them try and build some confidence. DC is not above criticism and being held accountable but let him try and fix his mistakes. When we were relageted to L2 under Sheerin we were willing to give him another chance due to his previous achievements and this is no different to me.
  7. 13 games into a season and some fans just want to sack the most successful manager we have had. Be careful what you wish for.
  8. Time to go to the back 3 of Little, TOB, Hammy with Oakley and Hancock as wing backs.
  9. I take it you didn't watch any of those games and just going by stats.
  10. Why not try and get a Jamie Vardy at the same time. A Nouble and Vardy would be nice to get the goals.
  11. Surprised Queens went for this considering the amount of games you have on a Friday and fans travelling etc.
  12. Just that they are the same age and that shouldn't be looked at as a factor to being played or not played. Tommy Bryce played for us when he was 40.
  13. Age is totally irrelevant. If your fit enough and you have the ability then what's the issue. Plenty of top players are older including Modric at Real Madrid who is slightly older than Bobby and is the main man there. He is fit and has the stamina and has the ability to score out of nothing. I'm not worried about how old he is.
  14. Shanks is probably our best striker option at the moment in terms of a natural goal scorer. Get him in the team and give him a run of games.
  15. We only have 1 player on loan from England.
  16. Thought it was a great start to the game and then we just started going through the motions a bit which is understandable. I thought Isiaka had something about him considering he's had little game time. Allan started well but faded second half but that should improve. Linn still the standout for me. Play him until he's unable anymore.
  17. WTF was the defender doing at that penalty! I never get why attackers are desperate to get the ball after a goal when the other team kicks off anyway. Doesn't save any time and ultimately ends in handbags.
  18. Does it count as cross border if he's coming from Livingston though?
  19. I think we actually have a squad to play a back 3 now and would like to see us try it but can't see us abandoning a tried and tested defence and formation. Hopefully that doesn't mean Hancock on the left wing though.
  20. I wonder if moving the challenge cup games to midweek and playing the league matches the weekend of the 24th would be the best plan of action.
  21. I see the cricket is back on tomorrow and I think the golf is also planning on returning. Makes this decision even stranger imo.
  22. Seemingly all fixtures will be postponed over the next 9 days
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